Skye Bridge by Moonlight by David McHutchison
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While out checking for an aurora, what does one do during the waiting? Well, taking a few shots of the Skye Bridge can pass the time nicely :o)

producingconsciousness  asked:

What is an "arcology"?

An Arcology is self contained city, basically a complete ecosystem within a single building. The concept was invented by architect Paolo Soleri, who currently resides in Arcosanti, a prototype Arcology in Arizona. 

The arcologies mentioned in my first novel are fairly small, only a couple hundred stories high. There are two in Kyle city in Scotland, Acrolochalsh (In Kyle of Lochalsh) and Arcoakin (In Kyleakin across the loch). Both house around 300,000 people, and together they make up most of the city.

In the upcoming third book, you’ll get a good look at a million resident Arcology in “Texark,” formerly the southern United States and see some of its social functionality.

The Skye Bridge comes of age today reaching the 21st anniversary of it opening.

Prior to the bridge being built, crossings to Skye had been made by ferry, for at least 400 years. Proposals for a bridge had been made during the 19th century, as road and rail transport was developing, but the island’s small population meant that the suggestion was never seriously considered.

Construction on the bridge began in 1992 a toll was charged and years of protests followed, the toll scheme was ended on 21 December 2004. The majority of Islanders who used to use the old  ferry from Kyle of Lochalsh to Kyleakin were not charged for the short journey to and from the mainland, one story even goes that after Germany had beaten England in a football match ferry staff let cars with the D for Deutschland onto the ferry for free!