Trailing 2-1, Kyle Blanks hit a 2-run homer into the 2nd deck of right-center field in the 4th inning, allowing the Pads to take the lead 2-3.

“It’s always nice to hit one out at home, where the people make you feel better,” Blanks said. “But whether it’s an infield hit or a home run, you just want to put the ball in play and contribute.”

Prospect Invasion

Kyle Blanks Called Up, Anthony Rizzo Sent Down: Kyle Blanks is listed at 6'6" and is considered a baseball giant. Anthony Rizzo stands at 6'3" and no one thinks much of his height. Other than spam advertisements, never has three inches been this big of a deal. After a disappointing and injury ravaged 2010, Blanks has returned to the status that made him the 50th best prospect in 2009, hitting .312 with 15 HR across AA and AAA. He’ll need to improve upon his .212/.325/.436 career Major League line that is not much different than Rizzo’s mark of .143/.282/.265, though. 

Jason Kipnis Called Up To Cleveland: Kipnis, another of the Indians prospects whose futures are that of spectacular averagedom, has been called to the front lines to defend their position in the AL Central. Don’t take “averagedom” as an insult either; while Kipnis does not profile to be a superstar, people like Kevin Goldstein and Jason Parks of the Baseball Prospectus podcast firmly believe that he is going to be an everyday second baseman, though not a superstar. To field a winning ballclub, you need a lot of those players. Even better, Kipnis replaces Luis Valbuena and his .530 OPS across the last two seasons on the 25 man roster. With Kipnis and Chisenhall playing in Cleveland, the future has officially begun. 

10 questions with Kyle Blanks

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t a baseball player?
A: I‘ve actually thought about if baseball were over I’d consider going back to culinary school and being a chef. I really enjoy cooking.

Q: What’s your favorite meal to cook?
A: I like making pizzas, barbecue chicken pizza, Mexican pizza.

Q: Do you bake?
A: No. A lot more can go wrong with baking if your timing’s wrong. I feel like cooking and baking are two different animals. Baking’s just a little out of my range right now.

Q: You’ve got $100 in your pocket. You’re at the mall. What are you buying?
A: Movies.

Q: Favorite all- time film?
A: “Dogma” with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris Rock. It’s a satire on religion. A lot of sharp humor.

Q: Any can’t-miss TV?
A: “Seinfeld.” I have all of the DVDs of “Seinfeld.” I have all the “Family Guys” and most of “The Office.”

Q: You can invite any four people to dinner. Who are you breaking bread with?
A: Roger Maris. After I saw the movie “61*” I just thought he was an unbelievable player. I thought his story was great. I wish I knew more about him. Seth McFarland, the creator of “Family Guy.” Steven Spielberg and Albert Einstein. It’d be fun to talk to somebody that smart.

Q: You underwent Tommy John surgery on your right elbow. What was the most difficult part about the recovery?
A: Boredom. A lot of movies, a lot of TV shows. A lot of walking.

Q: You’ve gone from 278 pounds to 255 since 2009. What’s your advice to the person trying to drop 10 pounds?
A: Eat right. Eat at the right time and don’t overeat. A lot of vegetables, a lot of low glycemic carbs.

Q: Your most embarrassing baseball moment?
A: I was in Lake Elsinore and hit into a double play, and when I hit the base I slipped and sling-shotted myself. I got a video of it, called it Big Tree Fall Hard and put it on YouTube. I was wearing plastic (cleats). My knee hyperextended and I popped up, spun and landed on my back. I missed three games and was hurt the rest of the year. But it was pretty funny.

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