Lunch for January 25, 2017

I genuinely couldn’t make a Yuri Katsuki lunch without pork katsu (my first time making it). It’s nice getting back into making character bento, and Yuri on Ice is a delightful inspiration to work with.

We’ve got white rice and peas and pork katsu in the top box. Yuri himself is made from hand-cut nori and turkey sandwich meat.

And, because @embalming-queen pointed out the ideal pun, I feel obligated to say that this is Yuri on Rice.

The other layer is salad and grapes. Not shown is salad dressing.

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Lunch for March 16, 2016.

I’ve been calling this one “This Meeting’s At Dawn.” The subject matter is the duel that ended Hamilton’s life. Here in silhouette I’ve tried to represent Aaron Burr and Hamilton as their duel was portrayed in the musical (I won’t get into the discussion of why Hamilton’s shot went into the air, as this is a food blog and not a history blog).

Burr and Hamilton are made from nori, placed on top of rice that has been colored with a wash of food coloring. The sun is egg.

The other half of the lunch is a spinach salad and strawberries.

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