inktober #18 - W.I.T.C.H. - Escape

I don’t think she can escape right now … :’(

WITCH was one of the first comic I ever read and follow every month! In France it was published in the Minnie Magazine, soon renamed WITCH Mag’ because of the success of the series! I really enjoyed reading it, I still have lots of memories of the adventures of the 5 high schoolers who fought so many monsters ♥ I identified a lot with Will and she’s still my fav~


Now, don’t you worry about my strength. I have plenty.

So I decided to ask Bryke something really important to me, if there are any characters in the Avatar universe besides Korra and Asami who are part of the lgbtqia+ community.

“Sure there are!” Was Mike’s response.

“We’ve thought about it a lot!” Bryan concurred. “Kya, and Aiwei! And MORE. Some good, some bad!”

I repeat. Kya is confirmed queer. Whether lesbian, Bisexual, pansexual, asexual or anything else, I’m not sure. We were right. (Also Aiwei, didn’t see THAT coming!)
Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Bryan.