Build A Boyfriend - G-Dragon

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It was crowded, loud, and smelt of alcohol. It was one of the lamest parties you had ever been to and all you wanted was to leave. Your friends were all dancing and having fun with their boyfriends and you sat alone at the bar. You didn’t drink besides soda, weren’t really in the mood for it. You just watched as groups danced, or flopped rather, around with each other and other groups laugh and have a good time. So many couples were there and you were alone. Honestly you liked it that way but it did get lonely. Seeing them happy and knowing you don’t have that. It especially hurt when the only time your friends hung out was when they were with there boyfriends.

“ ‘We will just be dancing.’ ‘We won’t leave you’ Yeah right.” You mocked your friends word. You rolled your eyes in annoyance towards them.

You were pulled out of your thoughts when a hand rested on your thigh. You swatted it off and looked to who it was. It was a man, about your age, who was totally wasted. He had a smirk and just smelt horrible, like he’d been here for a while. He sat on the stool next to you and ordered another drink. He put his hand on your thigh again, making you push it off again. He gave you a dirty look and grabbed your thigh once more, this time squeezing it, hard. You hissed and tried to pry his grip off but couldn’t. You knew bruises would be forming soon. You yelped and caught the attention of a few people. Next you saw him on the floor and one of your friends boyfriend, (f/bf/n), was on top of him beating him. Your friends ran up and asked if you were alright. You just dismissed it and asked to go home. You could still feel the pressure of the man’s hand on your thigh.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Your friend stammered once in the car. It was just you, her, and her boyfriend. She continuously checked your thigh and winced when the bruise started to form.

“I will be okay. It just hurts a little.” You tried to reassure. She gave you an unsure look before sighing and looking out the window.

Your friends took you home and apologized for dragging you along. You hated seeing them upset and just brushed the whole thing off. You thanked (f/bf/n) and hugged him. You said your goodbyes and shut the door. It was dark but you still weren’t tired yet, so you decided to watch some videos on YouTube. You laughed as you watched your favorite YouTuber make a fool of themselves. Everything was calm in your house and you liked it that way. But still having a boyfriend would be nice. You could avoid situations like at the party tonight, a protector almost. The idea hung in the back of your mind all night and would interrupt your thoughts.

“I’m going to die alone.” You mourned.

You clicked the next video but were startled by a random ad popping up on the screen. You read it, “Build A Boyfriend” it said. You clicked it and appeared a bunch of questions. First one, ‘What will he be named?’

“Hmm, I have always liked Jiyong. Yeah I’ll do that.” You said out loud to yourself. You typed out all the answers and hit send. You didn’t expect much from it but it still made you giggle at some point thinking of what your ideal boy was like.

It was about 4 hours after you did the questions on that site and you still thought about it. You were surprised when a knock came from the door. You hopped off the couch and walked to the door opening it. You gasp when you see Jiyong, the guy you made up, standing in front of you. He had a gentle smile and his hands in his pockets. You freaked out when you noticed the rain and pulled him into shelter. You stripped off his jacket and laid it over a chair to dry. Then continued to walk over to him, now on the couch covered with a blanket you gave him.

“I didn’t think you would be real…” You admitted staring at your feet.

 He chuckled and grabbed your hand, lacing his fingers with yours. You let out a surprised yelp when he pulled you onto his lap and wrapped you in the blanket with him. He placed a kiss on your forehead. His hands rubbed your sides then traveled to your thighs. You flinched when he rubbed over the bruises and hissed. He gave you a shocked look and uncovered you looking at your bare thigh, you had changed into shorts. He saw the bruise and growled lowly.

You looked at your thigh now noticing the large finger shaped bruise. Jiyong brought you back into his lap and pressed his lips to your. It was a slow kiss but you had never felt so loved. You rested your forehead against his with a smile and flushed cheeks.

“If I ever see someone lay their hand on my jagi, I’ll kill ‘em. I love you and want to protect you.”

“I love you too, Jiyong.”

I just finished watching the MADE movie and there was something Taeyang said towards the end of the film that really struck a chord with me. 

He started by mentioning how the term ‘Big Bang’ itself refers to a beginning in the universe. And then he continued that similarly, the five of them as Big Bang are always seeking new heights, always looking for new ideas - concepts that no one else has done - to try out. So in a way, they’re always beginning. And that even ten years on, they’re just at the beginning. 

What a beautiful and poetic way to summarise their entire career thus far as five. As sad as I am that a hiatus is nearing, Taeyang’s words were a great source of comfort and a reminder of why us fans admire them and their work so much. 

So here’s to many more beginnings with Big Bang ♡♡♡

“Lady”- GD solo version (labeled with the names of who sings each part in the final Bigbang version)

When I record demos I always imitate the members’ voices so that it sounds like them. Since I’m Big Bang’s producer I know about the members’ traits and the best parts for them in a song. TOP sounds the best in the second verse; I think it would be good if I did the opening; In the middle Daesung can build up; Youngbae needs to sing in the chorus, then I can add some weight to the song. I don’t know what everyone else thinks but personally I really like Seungri’s voice. …It’s a sweet voice, and I think that if the heavier voices go in the middle and Seungri acts as support, the song gets better. -G Dragon