Fearless Four “Problems Of The World”

“I’ll make your fans step forward, and other students flee

Ask me about my skills and I’ll reply top shelf…”

1983 | Peso 


Kurtis Blow’s 1986 Sprite Commercial

Back in the 80s, freshly a little bit over a decade since Hip-Hop’s birth, rappers knew they hit legendary status once brands and companies with global audiences started reaching out to them for a helping hand. Hip-Hop was no longer the fad folks thought it would be. It was the newest force taking over the front lobes of young minds and everyone wanted to be connected!

Kurtis Blow was one of the main faces for Hip-Hop worldwide in the early 80s. It was only right for Sprite to make him their Hip-Hop connect of 1986. Take a peep at the classic commercial, up top!


Kurtis Blow “Back By Popular Demand”

“Givin’ you the rhythms that you’re livin’ for

Settin’ the pace on the dancefloor…”

1988 | Back By Popular Demand