Recently I was asked to illustrate the cover as well as several interior illustrations for The New York Times Magazine that came out today. With Art Director Rem Duplessis, I was asked to illustrate an article on Kurt Bardella’s rise in DC. Being able to put some humor into these illustrations was a nice change of pace from my normal gigs like this where I am asked to draw political types. It was a real honor to be able to see my work on the cover of The New York Times Magazine!

Amazingly this is just one of several A-list jobs I have been working on recently, and I will be sure to post about the others in due course.

We just read through this nine-page Washingtonian profile of a guy named Kurt Bardella. Just to figure out who he was and why he was worthy of a nine-page profile piece in The Washingtonian.

Now, we read the news pretty heavily. But we don’t claim to be Washington insiders. And we didn’t know who this guy was or his importance until very deep in the piece. Let’s lay it out for you guys: “A quick-rising press dude for Rep. Darrell Issa, Kurt Bardella, lost his job a few months back after he shared reporter e-mails with another reporter. Bardella’s plight is well known amongst DC staffers but nobody else. Still, the hard-working press guy, who broke informal congressional protocol by promoting himself in news stories, found another job — with The Daily Caller — doing pretty much the same type of thing. He’s still not worthy of a mention outside of insidery DC media circles. The end.” We just saved you nine pages of work. Bad storytelling, Washingtonian.