Returning Home (Logan X Reader X Laura) *Platonic

Characters: Logan X Reader X Laura

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: Spoilers for Logan

Request: hope this still got in can i request a fic where logan and reader takes laura to xavier’s school and everyone adores laura and kurt and laura got along the best thanks

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“Where are we going?” Laura asked from the back window, noticing the quickly changing appearance of the landscape.

You’d been helping Logan keep Laura safe from the beginning. You were an old friend and he knew he could call on you at any time, so when he finds a girl who speaks Spanish, has his powers and is being hunted down, you got that call for help and you packed your things and went looking for them. You eventually found the pair, and you couldn’t help but laugh a little at the resemblance.

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Camp Xavier’s caters to each campers individual, unique… skill. Like fishing! Or… ax wielding. And not telekinesis. Or anything. 


Superhero Aesthetics // X-Men Pt.2

A new generation of mutants is emerging, that much is certain, and when they emerge, they will need teachers, people who can help them overcome their anger and show them how to use their strange gifts responsibly. They will need us.