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Works in Progress - Chapter 8

Moving Forward (AO3)

Time flew for everyone in Lima.  Before anyone knew it, Kurt and Blaine along with Rachel, Mr. Schue, and the New Directions found themselves in New York City for the National Show Choir competition.  As soon as Kurt and Blaine heard that they were going to be taking the New Directions to Nationals in New York, they began to make plans to stay after the competition for a few days and look around at apartments.  It was just a plus that the New Directions happened to win the competition.

Kurt and Blaine started looking at apartments two days after the competition.  While in Lima, they had made appointments to tour four of their favorite apartments that they had found online.  They kept an open mind and knew that even if they didn’t find their apartment while they were in New York this time, they still had time to find one before they moved back to the city.  They woke up early, got a quick breakfast at their hotel’s complementary breakfast bar, and headed off to the first apartment of the day.  

They met with the property manager who took them through the apartment and showed them around.  Afterwards, the property manager stepped aside to let Kurt and Blaine talk privately for a moment.

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Working title: People in glass houses shouldn’t criticize other people’s first ever glee club performances, Kurt.

Shameless fix-it fic because I’m still mad that Kurt never apologised to my babies. Also because Tina sort of looks at Jane and Roderick that first week and goes “these two are mine now” which fascinates me.

One of the alumni stops Jane while she’s walking down the hall, all soft eyes and concern like Mr Anderson had done with her sometimes.

“Hey, what’s up?” the girl asks. It’s the same one who had high fived her and Roderick in the choir room at the start of the week, and Jane tries desperately to remember what name she’d heard Coach Evans call her by. It’s not that she doesn’t care about these people, it’s just that the past two or three weeks or so has been such a blur of new names and faces and experiences that Jane gets a little dizzy just thinking about all of it.

“Nothing,” Jane lies, because her mind is running about a million different trains of thought all the time and none of them are easy conversation. She pulls herself up taller on instinct, and the girl is even shorter than Jane- she’s looking up a little but her eyes get gentler.

“I don’t believe that.” she says, and then, “You look upset. It’s not about what happened with your performance earlier, is it?”

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Title: Us Ones Inbetween
Author(s): Pletzel
Artist(s): Raving_Liberal
Pairing(s): Finn Hudson/Kurt Hummel
Rating: Mature
Genre(s): Romantic comedy/Canon divergence
Warning(s): None
Wordcount: 49,779
Summary: When Rachel’s desperate attempts to gain admission to NYADA result in a restraining order, she’s forced to put her New York plans on hold and stay in Lima to coach Glee. At least that way, she’ll get to spend another year with Finn, and probably Kurt, too! Unfortunately for Rachel, Finn and Kurt are making New York plans of their own.

Or: the Season 4 AU where Kurt and Finn are roommates in New York.

Us Ones Inbetween by Pletzel
Fanmix and art by Raving_Liberal