Several of the most well-known regional costumes from Poland. Edited from the source.

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Examples of costumes from the photoset above: Kraków / Nowy Sącz - Lachy Sądeckie group / Łowicz / Opoczno / Lublin / Kujawy / Kaszuby / Podhale / Rzeszów / Szamotuły / Kurpie Zielone [area of Puszcza Zielona (Green Forest) in the Kurpie region] / Kurpie Białe [area of Puszcza Biała (White Forest) in the Kurpie region] / Żywiec / Bytom

Nowe Latko - it’s a ceremonial bread baked during Christmas and New Year celebrations in region of Kurpie. It was in the shape of an oval on which silhouettes of the landlord surrounded by poultry: geese, ducks and chickens, were placed. The symbolic circle, according to folk beliefs, was supposed to protect life and guarantee the farmstead’s prosperity.