• friend: who is your crush?
  • me: *opens mouth*
  • friend: real people not fictional
  • me: *closes mouth*

That awful moment when you find a fanfic of your OTP with a plot that you really like and it’s perfectly written but it’s not complete and the last update was on March 15th of 1883

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Actor Fujimura Shunji, known by fans as “O-Hyoi-san”, passed away on Jan 25, 2017 due to heart failure at the age of 82.

He was both the model and the voice of Tanaka of Kuroshitsuji.

(this is him in the recording room for Kuroshitsuji, which happens to be the only anime he has ever worked on since the character is modeled after himself)

Toboso Yana expressed her condolences on Twitter.

Tanaka is a character I modeled after Fujimura Shunji-san, an old gentleman I have admired since childhood. Having Fujimura-san himself voice the character in the anime has been my utmost honor.

Without Fujimura-san, there would not be Black Butler today. Thank you very much. May he rest in peace.


Taku Iwasaki + anime musical compositions

[Hiroyuki Sawano version]  ♦  [Yuki Kajiura version]

Black Butler (黒執事)

Stoic new poster art with Sebastian, Ciel and Snake promoting the upcoming Kuroshitsuji Book of the Atlantic in the February issue of Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay), illustrated by animation director Yumi Nakayama (中山由美).