And the cast were announced, too!

Edward Midford: Seiichiro Yamashita (who this???)

Frances Midford: Atsuko Tanaka (OMG THIS IS SO PERFECT)

Alexis Midford: Jouji Nakata (good choice)

+ Rian Stoker: Kaito Ishikawa (= Kageyama’s VA iirc)

@ people who watched Arslan Senki:

Tanaka Atsuko is the VA of Tahamine, the QUEEN. She has such a beautiful, sexy and powerful voice of an adult, sophisticated, strong woman and is known for the Japanese dub voice for actresses like Nicole Kidman, Monica Belucci, Julia Roberts, Rachel Weisz, Sandra Bullock, etc. She’s definitely the best cast for Frances and I’m so excited asdfhjkl.

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And here’s a voice sample of Yamashita Seiichiro (Edward’s VA)

I really like his voice, he definitely fits Edward’s image!! (tho I couldn’t stop laughing while listening to this clip lol)

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Yana’s comments on the Midfords’ cast in the movie

[Note: On 2016/12/09 around 17:00 CET, the official website confirmed that the Midfords will appear in the movie.]

“It’s always so fun to draw the Midfords, the family of great sword fighters, whenever they appear in the manga. This time, they eventually managed to be introduced in the anime! I’m so happy and speechless with emotion that they’re going be voiced by such gorgeous voice actors😭” -Toboso

“The son (voiced by Mr. Seiichirou Yamashita) and the daughter (voiced by Ms. Yukari Tamura) who were born to the married couple of father (voiced by Mr. Jouji Nakata) and mother (voiced by Ms. Atsuko Tanaka).. you can tell just by their voices that they’re undoubtedly strong. It’s so convincing. I’m so happy. Thank you so much, Aniplex [for casting them]🙏” - Toboso


The funny thing is, they get what’s in the box if they can guess it correctly, but I think they forgot about that little detail, either that or they’re hoping to get some really weird shit. We still don’t know what’s in the box.