Okay, so Ichiruki Teacher/Delinquent student au, pretty standard stuff right? But hear me out - IR teacher/student AU in which Ichigo is the young dorky student teacher and Rukia is the delinquent student adopted into a wealth family but has, like, gang affiliations because before she got adopted her best friend Renji was in a gang. And Ichigo accidentally gets sucked into this weird world of high-class business dinners and underground gang fights because all he wants to be is a good teacher, dammit, and good teachers don’t let evidently bright students like Rukia fail classes, why the fuck does she skip school all the time, why the fuck does she show up with scratches and bruises and a fucking broken wrist that one time, what the fuck does she do in her spare time why the fuck is he so interested in her–

Also, Rukia in a dishevelled school uniform with nice fitted SHORTS instead of a skirt is what I live for.