My dad's vague (but real) comments on anime he glimpses me watching.
  • Kuroko no Basuke:Why the hell is it taking so long for them to make a basket?
  • Oofuri:Accurate information.
  • Hunter X Hunter:This is actually a really cool show.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:I'm not going to sit around and watch this.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:Don't bother explaining. You're too far in for me to get anything.
  • K Project:The animation is cool.
  • No. 6:Is this a gay thing? Why are they kissing?
  • Blue Exorcist:It has "exorcist" in the name. It's a bad show already. Don't let your sister watch it.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin:I was only watching because of that one scene in the opening where people fall from the sky.
  • Hetalia:This is weird.
  • Free!:I'm leaving.
  • Tokyo Ghoul:This is so violent. Cool concept though.

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So maybe GOM, Kagami, Hanamiya in a morning with their s/o and little, cute daughter? Some fluff please.

Kuroko: Kuroko woke up to soft giggles. “Daddy, your hair is really funny-looking.” She whispered, pulling the covers off of him. Kuroko chuckled and ran his hands through his hair, then hers. “You’re one to talk, missy.” He watched as she felt her hair, and her face crumpled. “My hair’s a mess too!” She cried, grabbing Kuroko’s phone to take a picture.

Kagami: Kagami froze when he heard small footsteps. He calmed down when he realized that it was only his daughter. “Is mommy still sleeping?” He asked the girl, smiling when she nodded yes. “Set the table, dear. We have to finish making breakfast, then we can wake her.” The girl grinned, and hugged her fathers leg.

Kise: “Daddy if you keep taking pictures of me, I’m gunna tell mommy.” Spoke a grumpy 5 year old. Kise slowly lowered his phone and wrapped the girl in his arms. “I can’t help it, Kid-icchi, you’re too cute!” He smothered her with kisses and tickles.

Midorima: “Daddy, Oha-Asa is going to come on soon.” The little girl shook Midorima’s shoulder and placed his glasses on his face. Midorima sat up and pulled the girl into his lap. “Would you like to listen with me?” He asked, turning the radio (omg ik who uses radios anymore) and switched it to the Oha-Asa station.

Aomine: “Daddy, wake up.” Aomine groaned and rolled on top of his daughter. He couldn’t help but grin when he heard her high pitched squeals. “Daiki, let her breath.” You chided, hitting him with a pillow. “Shh, she likes it.” Aomine shot back, rolling off of her. You laughed when the girl jumped onto his stomach. “Unnf.

Murasakibara: “Daddy.” Murasakibara opened and eye. “Hm?” The small child snuggled closer to him. “Is mommy here? Is she at the store?” Murasakibara glanced out the window, to see if the car was there. “She’s at the store.” He watched quietly as her eyes lit up. “That means we can eat ice cream for breakfast!” Murasakibara quickly got out of the bed, and hoisted his daughter up to his hip. “Let’s go eat, Kiddie-Chin. Before mommy comes home.”

Akashi: “Good morning, little flower.” Akashi breathed, kissing his daughter’s forehead. “Daddy, can we have waffles for breakfast today?” She asked, sitting up on his chest. Akashi chuckled and brushed the hair out of her face. “Go ask your mother. She’s in the gym.” Akashi almost had a heart attack as he watched her jump off of the bed.

Hanamiya: Hanamiya woke up with his little girl squirming in his arms. “Lemme go. I gotta pee!” Hanamiya pulled her closer. “Mmm, 5 more minuets, mom.” Hanamiya joked. “Let me go!” She whispered louder. “Ew, go brush your teeth.” Hanamiya said, unhanding the little monster. She breathed in his face once more, for good measure, and trotted to the bathroom.

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*huuuuugs* ;3 GOM, Kagami and Hayama reaction to their s/o slapping their ass as a punishment in front of their teams ;3 Keep up the good work ;3 Good job 👍 ;3;3;3;3 ;P ;) ^^

Kuroko: Because of his lack of presence, no one reacted. Kuroko grabbed your wrist and frowned. “I’d appreciate it if you’d stop, ___-Chan.” You grinned and pressed yourself to him. “But Tetsu-Kun, it’s your fault for being such a bad boy!” He turned red at your teasing behavior and let go of your wrist. “I have to continue practice, ___-Chan.”

Kagami: “O-Oi! What was that for?” Kagami yelled, glaring at your giggling figure. Hyuuga hid a chuckle behind his hand, while Riko straight up laughed. “You promised that you’d walk me home Taiga.” He blinked and scratched his neck. “S-Sorry about that.”

Kise: “Oooh, ___-cchi’s being a little feisty today.” Kise grimaced and rubbed his butt gingerly. “What did I do?” He whispered, trying to make this private. “Ryouta, I saw you hug that Kouhai!” You pouted and crossed your arms against your chest. He pulled you to his sweaty chest and hugged you tightly. “Forgive me~”

Aomine: “Oi!” Aomine said, quickly giving your ass a payback slap. “Daiki, you missed lunch! You promised to take me out, but I was left there looking like a loser!” Aomine kissed your cheek. “I bet you looked like a cute loser, though.” He laughed as you hit his arm. “I’ll take you out tonight. I promise.” He said, before kissing your forehead and heading back to practice.

Midorima: “What was that for, nanodayo?” Midorima jumped, and Takao fell to the floor in a fit of giggles. “Shintarou, you forgot to make reservations!” Midorima pushed up his glasses and frowned at you. “I made the reservations earlier today, nanodayo!” You pouted you lip and took a deep breath. “You made them at the wrong place, Shin-Chan.” Midorima turned red and stared at you. “Shin-Chan made reservations to the wrong place!” Takao wheezed, clutching his stomach.

Murasakibara: “Hnn? Was that ___-Chin?” Murasakibara looked down at you and frowned. “Ow. What was that for.” You grabbed his arm. “That’s for not sharing. I asked you 3 times Atsushi, and I bought it for you.” Murasakibara frowned and huffed. “Fine. Just don’t take a big bite.” Murasakibara held the bar to your face, and pulled away right when you were about to bite. “Atsushi!” Murasakibara chuckled before handing you the whole bar. “Just have the rest.”

Akashi: “___. This is highly inappropriate. Unless you want me to reciprocate your actions tonight, I suggest you remove your hand from my ass.” A shiver ran down your spine and you quickly removed your hand. “I apologize, Akashi-Sama.” You whispered. The whole Rakuzan team stared at the two of you, surprised at the whole exchange. Akashi caressed your cheek and kissed your forehead. “It’s quite alright, flower.” Akashi whipped his head around. “Get back to work.”

Hayama: Hayama jumped about 12 feet off of the floor. “What was that for?” He squeaked, rubbing his butt. You giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Just cuz.” Mibuchi smiled and sighed. “Young love is so special.” Akashi smiled too. “____, I really need Hayama to practice right now. But I’ll let him out early just for you.” The two of you grinned at Akashi. “Thank you!”