December 8, 2016
  1. Pisces

  2. Cancer
     bath towel

  3. Scorpio
     Decorative patterned paper

  4. Virgo
     Sticky tape

  5. Capricorn
     A person born in December

  6. Taurus

  7. Aquarius

  8. Libra

  9. Gemini

  10. Aries
     Audio goods

  11. Sagittarius
     Herbal tea

  12. Leo
     Coffee shop
  • [before deciding on Team Vorpal Swords]
  • Aomine: All right people. Let's do this thing!
  • Aomine: Go Team Dynamite!
  • Kagami: But I thought we agreed we’d go by the name Team Super-Cool.
  • Murasakibara: As I recall, it was Team Awesome.
  • Kuroko: I voted for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron.
  • Aomine: All right, all right, all right!
  • Aomine: From henceforth, we shall be known as Team Alpha-Super-Awesome-Cool-Dynamite-Wolf-Squadron.

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Hi!! Can I make a request with kise, kagami,Aomine and Midorima are forced to go on a roller coster with their s/o?? (And they're scared) Thank you and love your blog!!❤❤

Thanks! ^^ Here! Enjoy!

Scenario: No way in hell that this boy would admit that he was scared of roller coaster, but it was hard for him to hide it. “Look! Wow can we check out that one?” you had intertwined your finger with your boyfriend’s and dragged him with you over the whole amusement park. He stood in front of the highest roller coaster he ever had seen. He gulped, did you really wanted to ride this one?

10 minutes later ~

Aomine: Aomine stumbled out of the carriage.

“Daiki? Are you sick?” you asked with a worried voice.

“I’m okay, I’m just not feeling alright.” Aomine tripped but you held him up. He knew that you always wanted to do this so he couldn’t say no.

“We can sit here” you placed him on a bench and sat down next to him.

“I’m sorry Daiki I didn’t know that you were scared of roller coasters” you squeezed his hand. “I…I’m not scared…I just don’t like it very much.” Aomine stutters a bit surprised that you had him figured out.

Kagami: “Taiga!” you saw how your boyfriend leaned against a building wall and sank down to the ground. You ran over to him.

“What’s the matter? Are you sick? Do you have a fever? Feeling dizzy?” you knelt down next to him. “No it’s okay, don’t worry, I’m fine.” Kagami held up his hand to hinder you from helping him.

“No you’re not okay Taiga!” you placed your hands on his shoulders and forced him to look at you.

“Honestly, I’m not so found of roller coaster. It’s a bit too high and a bit too fast.” Kagami said and tried to smile which looked more like a grimace. “Sorry for not noticing earlier, let’s go and get some coffee?”

Kise: He looked pretty pale when all the spinning had stopped. “Ryouta? Are you alright?” you helped your boyfriend to the nearest bench where he laid down.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you didn’t like roller coaster?” you stroke away some hair strands from his face. He placed his head on your lap.

“It wasn’t that bad” Kise tried to smooth it over. You raised your eyebrows. “Really? You should have told me about it earlier. You want me to get you anything, water?”

Kise took your hand and kissed your wrist. “No, just stay here for a while.”

Midorima: He just agreed to do this because you really wanted this and it was the only thing that you had wished for your birthday, that you two would go on a roller coaster. So he didn’t want to disappoint you.

“Wasn’t that fun Shintarou?! And the view on the top, it was amazing, thank you so much for the present.

Midorima leaned against you and closed his eyes.

“Shintarou? What is it? Are you not feeling well?” you placed a hand on his forehead to check if he had caught a fever.

“No, I’m fine” Midorima mumbles against your neck. Then it struck you.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were scared of roller coaster, you should have said that, we could have done something else.” You said and led him away from the park.

“But…” Midorima contradicted. “Come,  let’s go somewhere else.” You say giving him a soft kiss on the cheek, making him blush.

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Zombie AU! Where gom + kagami and Hanamiya's S/o was with the team in charge of getting supplies but the lost them when running away and didn't go look for them, how would the guy's react

Aaay zombies! -T-chan

Kuroko would look like he is calm, but he is far from calm. Only when he hears what really happened, his expression would change to that of a clear anger. He wouldn’t show mercy to anyone, less alone to zombies. But luck on his side, his misdirection and invisibility in his way, so he could basically walk beside a zombie and they wouldn’t even hear/see him.

Kise would be visibly terrified, pissed at the team and very scared for his partner. He wouldn’t think twice to go out to search for them unless someone locks him inside, which could definitely worsen the situation. No matter what, he would go out, he wouldn’t even care if he had any weapon with him or not, he is going to search for his partner and that is final.

Midorima would be confused, but once the shock that his partner didn’t come back with the team wears over, he would be pretty pissed. He would start talking in words no one would understand him and would go outside, without caring if anyone follows or not. But before that, he would come up with a plan, thinking where his partner could go and what he would do if he was in their shoes.

Aomine would be pissed because “why the hell didn’t you look for them!?” “Zombies were all around us. Do you want us all to die??” “But dammit couldn’t you see they were gone? That’s it, I’m going out. Who’s comin’ with me?” “Aomine you can’t go out, there are zombies right outside the gates!” “Do I look like I care? My partner is somewhere outside. I’m not leaving them alone!”

Murasakibara would be confused. But once he hears what happened, he would be pretty terrifying. No one messes with Murasakibara when it comes to his partner and their well-being. Be sure he would literally crush anyone that dares to cross his path from then on.

Akashi would take it calmly, knowing his partner can take care of themselves since they knew how to take care of zombies. But despite being calm, he would still feel on the edge because as the day pass, lesser are chances for them to survive or be well. He would ask his most trusted friends if they wanted to go with him and search for them, even though he knew it was dangerous.

Kagami would be terrified when he sees his partner wasn’t with them. He would ask each member of the team when they last saw them and would even go out alone if necessary. He doesn’t want to lose them and sometimes even take his frustration and fear on someone innocent. He would apologize, but it would only make him more frustrated.

Hanamiya—Though he would show no worry and would in fact be passive about this, he would actually be terrified deep down and very edgy on outside. He would never admit that though. If days passed and there was still no sign of his partner, he would approach the team and ask them where exactly did any kind of trouble appear and go exactly the way he thinks his partner would go.


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Headcanons for Nijimura as 1) friend 2) teammate 3) boyfriend

How can you tell that I adore this senpai of them. ^^ I enjoy typing this so please do enjoy this as well. 


  • As Friend— 
    • Nijimura would be the best of friends you could have. 
    • He’ll be in your aid whenever you need him. 
    • Basically having an older protective brother besides you. 
    • You both basically do everything together. 
    • Whenever he gets a girlfriend, you would as well. 
    • Whenever he breaks up with his lover, you would as well.
    • Because someone just hurt your precious Nijimura and vice versa to his case as well. 
    • Matching phone cases and sweaters are his thing. 
    • He loves buying cute stuff for you because he can see those sparkle eyes whenever you received something from him. 
    • Cute pet names as well. 
    • But sometimes, he wants to be called as Onii-chan
    • You don’t like the idea but when you accidentally called him that, he looks so happy. 
    • He’s your number 1 speed dial and the same thing with him. 
  • As Teammate— 
    • You knew from the start that he is a very talented individual. 
    • Also, he is a good senpai to you. 
    • He would stay behind to practice with you. 
    • Most occasionally, you both would be having private practices by the second gym. 
    • Kendo wasn’t your talent but you got into it because you saw Nijimura in his tournament. 
    • After that, you ought to be like him. 
    • He’s really great at it. And he would use that technique onto you whenever you started spacing. 
    • One of the tournament, he broke his arm accidentally. 
    • You were super worried for him. 
    • He came to you, apologizing that he won’t be able to practice with you. 
    • You were super pissed at how he can be selfless and told him you were okay. 
    • You took off with the kendo as you help him out each day. 
    • Because without Nijimura-senpai, kendo isn’t fun. 
  • As Lover— 
    • Being his lover means something and that is being in a romantic relationship with him.
    • He’s a year older than you, so basically, he wasn’t most of your classes. 
    • But when you two got into college, he took most of his classes with you. 
    • Because he can’t let other guys looking at your way. 
    • He also didn’t go to college until you graduate so he can be in the same year as you. 
    • He likes couple shits. He would buy matching mugs, matching shirts, and matching rings. 
    • When you first wore the ring, everyone suddenly thought that Nijimura had proposed to you. 
    • To which he cleared the rumors by saying that you are already married to him. 
    • That causes a lot of uproar from everyone. 
    • He doesn’t like calling you random names because he wants to call your name. 
    • Whenever someone calls your first name casually, he would threaten them… saying it’s informal. 
    • You both started living together when you two became second year. 
    • He also took part time job nearby and doesn’t allow you to work. 
    • Princess needs to be resting at home, instead of working. 
    • That was his motto. 
  • Kiyoshi: We gotta get something like that!
  • Izuki: Like what?
  • Kiyoshi: You know, like a cheer! Like a team cheer that we do.
  • Izuki: Hmm...okay, how about, “I say ‘Sei’, you say 'Rin’!” Sei-
  • Hyuuga: ...Uh...Seirin?
  • Izuki: ...No, no, no, the cheer includes the instructions. I say 'Sei’, and you say...?
  • Hyuuga: ...Sei...rin??
  • Izuki: ...We’ll work on it.

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Taeri senpai! You're writing again!! May I request a Midorima scenario where he realizes he's in love with one of his friends (would prefer female) after a long long time? Thank you! ~~

I am Midorima trash and I’m also very sleepy. I apologize if the quality of my writing has gone significantly down :/

“It’s cold,” she remarked to the stiff green-haired figure walking beside her. 

“Is it?” he responded coolly, wrapped fingers pushing up his glasses — his trademark habitual action. 

“Yeah, it is.” She giggled, as wind blew against her face, reddening her cheeks while blowing her hair into Midorima’s face. He blushed gently, an almost unnoticeable reaction.

“Do you need a jacket then, nanodayo?” he asked, noticing her criss-crossed arms and the scatter of goosebumps across the back of her neck. She was delicately fragile, he realized, not like a damsel-in-distress fragile, but something deep down just made him want to protect her, to ensure she was safe and sound. 

“It’s fine, Shin,” she began, but he had already took off his heavy black coat (quite heroically) and laid it across her shoulders. 

“Thank you.” She sounded surprised, but nonetheless grateful, and Midorima felt a tug inside at her cheerfulness. His body felt warmer, despite his evident lack of warm clothing. He shook his head and allowed himself to smile a bit, casually brushing his hair across his face to cover it up. 

“I’ll buy us some hot chocolate later to make it up to you!” Ba-dump. There it was, another tug that instantly warmed his heart. This feeling was strange, but not new. It just took him so long to recognize the internal existence and the meaning behind these little tugs and the bursts of nervousness that caused him to stutter around her. 

So, on one cold winter day, Midorima finally came face-to-face with love — that yes, he was in love (even if he thought the idea of love was far-fetched and too idealistic) and yes, he will continue to deny it. Confessing wasn’t in the realm of possibility just yet, but when he began to follow the skipping silhouette of the girl wearing his jacket, it might be — one day. 

  • friend: who is your crush?
  • me: *opens mouth*
  • friend: real people not fictional
  • me: *closes mouth*

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Hanamiya babysitting his s/o's younger sister for the day because she has to go somewhere. Lmao xD a day out with mako-niichan will be great. And possibly they're seen by his teammates while he's walking the little girl around town. XD protective!Hanamiya please :D

Oh my god. I’m imagining how the others would react now. 


  • At first, he would be reluctant to the idea. But he is the only one you can trust about this situation. 
  • “Please, Hanamiya-kun? Just for two days! I’m just really busy with this project.” 
  • “Drop dead.” 
  • “Come on~” 
  • Hanamiya looked at you with complete disgusted expression, yet when you started pouting, his tough side would go down and he would be the sweetest boyfriend you could ask for. 
  • “…Fine, just for two days, okay?” 
  • And so, babysitter Hanamiya started his job the next day. 
  • Your little sister was only 4 years old. She can speak, though, only a few words. She can walk by her own yet she still need assistant as she usually fall down on her bum. 
  • Hanamiya looked through your memo that you gave him.
  • You listed everything that your little sister would like. 
  • And the number one on the list was playing in the playground. 
  • He hated the idea of going outside with this kid, but then he remembered the thing you said to him. 
  • “…This is bullshit.” He mumbled and grabbed your little sister’s bag and head over to the nearest playground. 
  • He chose that playground because he knew… he was positive that none of his teammate would be there. 
  • But he was dead wrong. 
  • There was someone there… two people… no, three people. He recognize those three because DUH he went against those monsters. 
  • “Oh! It’s Kirisaki’s tsundere!” The cat faced guy said, cheerfully. 
  • He gasped and was about to run away when the little kid tugged onto his pants. 
  • “Mako-tan not play?” 
  • “Mako….tan?” Kiyoshi that bastard said. (that’s Hanamiya’s thought) 
  • “Stop! Stop! I wasn’t babysitting! What the fuck are you even saying?! I’m not a pedophile! Stop looking at me like that!” 
  • “Wow! He can understand Mitobe!” 
  • Hanamiya couldn’t take it anymore and ran away from the scene. Those jerks were the last people he wanted to see him in this situation. 
  • “Wow, it’s captain’s duty to babysit!” 
  • Hanamiya didn’t have to turn around and face that jerk’s comment. He knew who he was, but he wasn’t expecting to see everyone together.
  • “Why are you all together like it’s a normal thing?” 
  • “This is normal. We’re hanging out.” 
  • “Without me?” 
  • “Oh… Forgot to invite you and your little sister over there.” 
  • “SHUT UP.” 
  • Seto and the others laugh but it got interrupted when the so called little sister went in front of them and stretches her arms. 
  • “Bullying Mako-tan is bad! Bad! Shoo, demons!” 
  • Yamazaki got mad and was about to snap at the little girl when Hanamiya slap his face. 
  • “Don’t you fucking dare, you turd.” 
  • The others continued on laughing until Hanamiya decided to ran away from them once again. 
  • “God, you are a pain in the neck…” 
  • While carrying your little sister, he continue to give everyone who dared to look at her, a death glare. Because damn it, why are you looking at this cute little pumpkin, huh? 
  • When you came back and was about to take your little sister, you witness something horrifying… no, scratch that, adorable. 
  • “So, Hanamiya-kun, you want a child of your own?” 
  • “Stop it!” 
  • Hanamiya ran away, wearing a princess dress and a wig. 
  • me: *watches a new show*
  • my type of character: *appears*