• Midorima:Guys, where's Kuroko?
  • Kise:Murasakibaracchi, do you see him?
  • Murasakibara:Hmm *scanning the crowd*
  • Akashi:Why does this always happen?
  • Aomine:Don’t worry I got this. *shouts* MILKSHAKES!!
  • Kuroko, appearing out of nowhere:Milkshakes?!
  • Kise:Kurokocchi!
  • Kuroko:Milkshakes?!
  • Midorima:We don’t have any milkshakes Kuroko.
  • Kuroko:...
  • GoM:...
  • Kuroko:I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.
7 Day Fandom Positivity Challenge

There’s been an unusual amount of negativity on Tumblr lately. I get it. It’s almost October, everyone’s in school or working, and everyone’s stressed. 

I want to do something to help counteract it.

This doesn’t have any official start or end date. 

  • Day 1 –> Reflect on five things you like about your fandom and write them down. This can just be for you or to post online.
  • Day 2 –> Create a motivational poster or image using a character who inspires you. (This can be easily done through imgflip, picfont, etc.).
  • Day 3 –> Pick three of your favorite characters and think about what makes them laugh. 
  • Day 4 –> Send a nice message to five people in your fandom.
  • Day 5 –> Think of ten things your favorite characters would do while relaxing. Do they read? Take long walks in the park? If possible, try them yourself.
  • Day 6 –> Make a list of ten similarities you and your favorite character share.
  • Day 7 –> Try to create something fandom-related that you consider “positive energy.” Maybe it’s a drawing or aesthetic post, or maybe it’s a a delicious new anime-themed cupcake recipe. Whatever it is, have fun with it!
Something sad because why not!?!?!

Akashi’s hands glide across the piano keys, the worn out ivory is chipping, the paint is cracked, its not even in tune. One finger presses on the key, no sound plays until he repeatedly presses it. The note bounced off the walls as it grew louder. Memories of when he first was learning piano flood through his mind. His mother loved the piano, that’s why he wanted to play it. He’d remember when she would place her hands on top of his to show him what keys to play. A small smile grazes his lips as he remembers purposely messing up causing her to laugh. The lump in his throat makes his eyes sting as he fights back tears. In a tune only he and his mother knew, he plays it before leaving. It sounds like a child horribly playing, but it was their own way for saying, I Love You.

He can still hear her laugh.