Kuroko in a nutshell that’s actually in a NUTSHELL

I still need more practice on my tablet, so I’m taking requests! :”D

Can’t guarantee to do all of them, but feel free to send an ask with a character/ship + scenario! (I’ll only do ships I’m comfortable with though;;)

Will most likely be cheebs because how do you human kfajsdlf

anonymous asked:

could you please do like akakuro as food? like kuroko as tofu in akashi's youdofu? btw youre the first akakuro/knb blogs i followed. keep on arting! ☺

Thank you so much for following me! I’m sorry for the unfinished drawing, but I hope you like it anyway. ;w; No, Kuroko is not supposed to be naked lol I’m sleepy

→ Send me an art request!  (*´ω`*)