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gom+ kagami learning to sign something sweet for their deaf s/o?

Akashi looked at you with absolute confidence (as he’d been practicing the message for weeks, he should have unwavering confidence by now) as his hands spoke the words you weren’t able to hear. “You mean the world to me.”

Aomine was glowering more often then usual and was constantly raising his hands as though he was going to sign something, but quickly shoving them back into his pockets. Finally you caught his hand before he could put it away and asked what was on his mind, “I wanted to tell you, you’re the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Kise’s hands were warm and clammy as he wrung his fingers, waiting for the right moment. Oh god when would he have a better chance than this. He tapped your shoulder, “You deserve everything, and I promise I’ll try my best to give it to you.”

Kuroko bit his lip a bit looking at you over the table. You noticed his twitching fingers and reached to grab his hand but he pulled away. You thought he was going to wave you off but instead signed, “You’re the light of my life.” with a blush creeping across his cheeks. 

Midorima’s signing had always been a bit stiff with the tape on his fingers so when he was trying to say something that looked a bit like “You make me happier than I knew I could be.” You were sure you’d read it long and asked him to repeat. He tore off the tape and resigned it so you were sure, that’s what he’d said. 

Murasakibara had been trying to get your attention for nearly five minutes, though wasn’t sure enough he had the courage to say what he wanted to, to put effort into it. He just kept tapping his foot waiting for you to take notice. When you did he took a deep breath and raised his hands “I can see us together forever.”

Kagami leaned in impossibly close to your face and startled you. You weren’t sure what was going on but he looked serious. A moment later he leaned back, closed his eyes and signed “Nothing has ever made me as nervous as you, and it’s such a good nervous, I love it. And you.”

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Askbox is still open ヽ(;▽;)ノ can I get gom & kagami confess to their incredibly dense s/o, please? Thank you.

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi has the patience of a saint and, even with you never really understanding his feelings for you, continues to treat you as a close friend and affectionately watches over you until he can think of the proper way to explain his feelings for you without coming on too strong.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine isn’t good at being subtle and if you were still to not understand his intentions, he would grow frustrated as he figures you’re just out to embarrass him. He practically screams how he feels about you in his face using the simplest wording possible, considering crying if you still didn’t understand him.

Kise Ryouta: Kise wouldn’t understand how you could be so unaware of his feelings as he constantly gives you his attention, and treats you much like royalty compared to how he reacts to other people. He gets antsy as he does just want to date you, but doesn’t want to rush it, and will wait for a confession from you (unless you take too long, in which he’ll do anything he can to make you understand his feelings).

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko is annoyed that you’re acting so stupidly, knowing that you weren’t always the brightest but thinking that his confession had been well thought out enough for you to understand it. He grabs a hold of your arm, pulling you in for a gentle kiss and pulling away with hopes you’ll understand action better than words.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima is taken aback that you don’t understand him and shies away from you, as it had taken a lot of courage and pep talk to finally get him to confess. Though put off he takes the time to think of a better, easier way for you to get it without there being any question of his feelings for you while he’s trying to build up his courage again.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara scowls as having feelings was one of his most hated things, and the fact you didn’t understand how he felt made him even angrier. His arms wrap around you and he pulls you into a hug, squeezing his eyes shut as he kissed your cheek and asked if you understood his feelings now.


Kagami Taiga: Kagami can be just as dense as you can be, meaning that he knows exactly how to be blunt and to the point so that you understand his feelings. He would have the simplest time with telling you how he felt, not dillydallying as he asks you to be his significant other and even ready to pull you on a date right at that very moment.

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gom reactions to their S/O making cute morning stretch noises (baby dragon noises) and then snuggling up to them <3


Would look at you from the corner of his eyes, a blank expression on his face at first until you snuggled up against his side. He’d smile at you softly, wrapping an arm snugly around your body to hold you close. Kuroko was the type to cherish moments like these, here you two lay in bed and enjoy each other’s company; conscious or not. And when you made such innocent actions, to him, you’re just about the most adorable thing he’s ever seen.


Eh?” He would look confused and a bit bothered by the adorable noises that you were making, although he was anything but. In reality, it was just so cute he had no idea how to properly react. So when you snuggled against his warm, larger body, he couldn’t help the warm look that suddenly came over his features. It’s just that when you opened your eyes and caught him staring that he got all embarrassed again.


On that rare morning that he’s awake when you aren’t, he’s usually laying in bed and letting his tired mind drift to random thoughts. Mainly about you and him and your future or the latest Jordan’s on sale. Or the recent scores from the last NBA game. Damn, he was really rooting for them, too… Then it came to him hearing those cute sounds that you made, turning his head to watch as you buried yourself against his muscular chest. “Heh..” he chuckles, gently stroking the back of your head. Sometimes waking up early wasn’t so bad.


Often times, your blonde haired boyfriend admired you while you did many things, whether it be sleeping, working, or playing games. The expressions you made were just so cute, after all. But your face while you slept was one of his favorites; you look so calm and he knows, while you sleep, you aren’t bothered by the rest of the world around you. He would smile rather stupidly at the sounds you made, keeping back any sort of squeezing of you as you nuzzled closer. His ____-chii is way too adorable.


Akashi is again another who would take great joy in admiring you from a distance (or close up, really. His excuse is that as your boyfriend, he has a right to stare). He could be so unashamed about it while, overall, it just embarrassed you. When you rolled over, stretched, made those cute noises, and then tucked yourself against his side, the red haired male gently smiled down at you. Kissing your forehead, he allowed you to take in as much of his warmth as possible, deciding that it might be a while until he got out of bed today.


Your huge boyfriend was laying on his back, while you were on top of him sleeping away. He didn’t mind this, as it was the easiest way for him to sleep with you and still have you in his arms. Although, he was pretty hungry right now, so falling back asleep would be an impossible task until he fulfills himself with some sort of snack. His thoughts were taken from the packaged goodies and down to the creature that lay across his chest. Watching as you made adorable sounds before nuzzling your head against him, Murasakibara’s typically blank expression was suddenly a warm smile. “____-chin is so cute, huh?”

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I hope this isn't answered yet >_< : How would GoM tell their s/o they want to do the do for the first time?

Mii want everyone to envision a horny, half-naked Aomine chasing his partner down the street yelling about sex. done? you may continue

Kuroko wouldn’t so much tell you as he would gently hint. A brush of his hand on your thigh, a lingering gaze, a suggestive phrase… Small gestures used in the hopes of you picking up on his desires. If none of these tactics ended up working, however, Kuroko would default to his rather blunt suggestion:

“____, I would quite like to sleep with you.”

Aomine isn’t very good at subtle. He is, however, painfully awkward. This leaves him with a bit of a dilemma - does he risk a stuttered, potentially unpleasant request, or does he just try to take a more practical approach and instigate a passionate make-out session. In the end, nerves get the best of him and he decides on the latter, figuring that it’s more within his comfort zone. Hey, even if you don’t quite get the hint, he got a damn good make-out.

Kise’s attitude goes through a rather rapid turn when he realises he’s going to have to confess his desires to you. He begins to act like an embarrassed schoolgirl, tensing up and blushing whenever you got near him; and this behaviour, from the usually outgoing Kise, doesn’t go unnoticed. Of course, this doesn’t last long - Kise doesn’t have the best impulse control around you, and ends up blurting out his feelings.

“I’d just really, really like to have sex with you, ____…”

Midorima was honestly surprised that he was feeling the urge to make the relationship sexual before you were. He thought you would have brought it up already, but… Looks like he would have to ask. He ran through all of the signs in his head - you had shown interest, yes; the relationship was far enough down the line for it to be appropriate… He was going to take the plunge.

“____, I was wondering if… Perhaps… You would be interested in making our relationship more physical?”

Murasakibara wasn’t going to play around. In his eyes, you had been nothing but a big tease since the first time the two of you got a little handsy when kissing once. Since then, he’s been wanting a little more from the relationship, and he wasn’t going to put up with having to use his imagination for much longer.

“____… ____… Could we have sex soon? I’m getting impatient…”

Even though Akashi has the patience of a saint, he really couldn’t hold out much longer. He had to be extremely cautious as it was in the relationship to ensure that his father didn’t suspect anything untoward, but he really wanted to sleep with you. Although careful, he didn’t want to give off the wrong signals, so picked out the right time to confess his desire, and did just that.

“____… When you feel ready, I would love to take our relationship to the next level.”

How Kuroko no Basket Characters Perform in Bed


So quiet you wonder if he’s even there.


Has lot of raw power but, needs help using it right.


Puts his large hands to use.


Has perfectly-rhythmed movements and will be in complete control.


Can see you from every angle.


Not very cooperative, and won’t even look when he “scores”.


Will only focus on your tits, while he uses his agility to make it better for himself.


Will do unpredictable movements, while mentally breaking you and he will smile about it.


Can be brutal and you’ll always get hurt and he will smile about it.


Uses size to his advantage but, won’t put much effort in to it.


Very good at fake outs.


Can do anything he has seen others do.


Has amazing technique and speed.


Knows his own limits.


Will purr like a cat.

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Hi there :DD I love your writing so far keep up the good work~ 💙 Can I have a scenario with the GOM cuddling with their S/O and being really sweet to them (Like maybe peppering their faces with kisses or playing with their hair?) Thank you! 😊

Thank you so much! Also I wasn’t entirely sure if it was the GOM being cute or Reader-chan so I did both 

Kuroko’s mood was sky high as your hands cupped his face and peppered his cheeks, forehead and nose with dainty delicate kisses, quiet laughter escaping him which was music to your ears and spurred you on to continue your actions. His grip around your waist tightened as he pulled you in for a final kiss on the lips, savouring your sweetness.

Your heart drummed in your ears when Kise snuggled up against you, rubbing his cheek against yours before he planted small kisses to your soft cheek. You failed to fight the grin fighting to show itself as you feebly resisted his affections, your face slowly burning up as you had no choice but to allow Kise to show his love for you.

When Midorima sat you between his lap, you weren’t expecting him to run his immaculate fingers through your hair. You melted into his touch and made an almost purring sound as he gently manipulates the tresses into loose braids. When he was done he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his torso.

Aomine littered your collarbones with kisses so light it felt like butterflies fluttering by your throat. You giggled and thrashed at the strange sensation. His crooked grin returned as his heart swelled, entranced by nothing but you and what you did to him. You did have to stop him before he made it to your chest though.

Murasakibara didn’t have the heart to return to his snacks. Not when your hands and reached up to play with purple strands. He nuzzled into your touch and scattered your face with damp kisses. He smiled to himself, you really were the sweetest thing.

A surge of warmth overcame Akashi in the form of your embrace. Feeling his heart swelling and cracking with joy, he took your face in his and placed several kisses upon your cheeks, smiling against them. Your grin and small laugh told him everything, while he thanked whoever blessed him with you.

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Headcannon that two of the guys are walking with their s/o's and accidentally grab the weong hands so the guys end up holding hand and the s/o's dont say anything with gom +kagami

Hahahaha I probably laughed more than I should imagining this. Not sure if this is a request or if you’re just sharing a headcanon, but since there are many characters I just decided to go ahead and write a few lines. I hope that’s okay!

*Apologies to Kise fan-samas, I’ve substituted Kuroko instead of Kise to make the story flow better..Gomen!*

Akashi Seijurou & Kuroko Tetsuya: Akashi would definitely have noticed if it weren’t Kuroko’s hands he was holding. And the same went for Kuroko as well. But neither found the small and gentle grip surprising as they held each other’s hands. When you notice that the two hands fit a bit too naturally, you begin to find your inner fujoshi enjoying it. In the end you walk the rest of the way, making sure to walk in the middle for both to stay unnoticed. Once you get close to the gym though, you playfully run off ahead, leaving Akashi and Kuroko alone for an embarrassing moment of truth and apologies. 

Aomine Daiki & Kagami Taiga: You notice the two wavering hands that keep on approaching yours then darting back to their sides. You look up at both aces and giggle at their uncharacteristic shyness and step back just a little to tease them. But when you do, Aomine and Kagami’s hands end up finding one another, and your eyes widen at their mistake. You hastily look up, but only to find two smug grins plastered on both faces. It takes all of you to hold in the laughter, but after awhile it escapes you completely. You burst out laughing with tears in your eyes as the two turn around to find their hands interlocked. They quickly let go with a loud “haaaaa?!!!!!” and begin throwing questions and blames at each other. 

Murasakibara Atsushi & Midorima Shintarou: Maybe it was because Midorima was too flustered and embarrassed to notice, but the fact that he is holding Atsushi’s hands and not noticing a single thing is hilarious to you. Atsushi mumbles something about not being able to eat his snacks but does not bother to take his hands away. You wonder how long it would take for them to notice by the time you arrive at school. Not resisting the tease, you feign ignorance and step in closer. 

“Hehhh? I didn’t know you two were this close, Shin-chan, At-chan!” You ask, gaping at their interlocked hands. Even before Murasakibara fully turns around, Midorima quickly snatches his hand away at realization. He blushes in embarrassment, wiping his sweaty palm at his side frantically. Unlike him, Murasakibara lazily glanced at his own hands, expression unchanging. 

“Ehh~ it was Mido-chin? Not _____-chin?”

“Not a word of this, you two…” Midorima shushes, before rushing off alone.