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Omg! The Haikyuu brothers headcanons are so cute!!!!!! I hope it's not too much to ask but what kind of older brothers are the GOM? :DDD

I went with the younger sister route - Admin Mari

Akashi Seijuro

  • Akashi is a kind and patient older brother. But as part of the Akashi family, he definitely has high expectations of you too.
  • The great thing is though, he’s not as intense as your guys’ father and he actually encourages you to stick with activities that you enjoy.
  • Even though you’re an Akashi, your dad pays closer attention to Akashi because he’s the oldest. But Akashi showers you with a lot of love and attention instead.
  • He always wants what’s best for you, even if you find it a hassle.
  • As kids, if you did something wrong, he always took the blame for you, even if he got scolded by his dad. You always felt bad and tried to speak up, but he never budged. He knew how harsh his father could be and wanted to protect you from it.
  • When the two of you get into arguments, it’s always the most sophisticated arguments ever. Like, you guys have never thrown punches before and prefer to use words and try to outwit each other.
  • He’s never ever raised his voice at you before, no matter how rebellious you behaved. His chilling smile and his intense look are a lot scarier.
  • Chess? Shogi? Good luck. You’ve never beat him, no matter how hard you’ve tried.
  • He’s super stylish too and wears everything brand name, sometimes brand names no one’s ever heard of because it’s too expensive.
  • Your friends definitely blush when they see him because of how gentlemanly and sophisticated he is.

Murasakibara Atsushi

  • The type of older brother that’s super childish and acts like he’s the youngest. Honestly, who’s the older one? No one knows.
  • You’re basically exasperated with him 25/8 because of his eating habits and his laziness. You’re the one that takes care of him most of the time.
  • Despite all that though, he’s pretty fun to be around. You guys will play video games and watch movies together a lot.
  • He relies on you a lot because he’s not good at making decisions and will practically do what you say or follow any advice you give. “You’re so smart, _____-chin.” “One of us has to be, onii-chan.”
  • Okay, but he teases you a lot. Like, he’ll dangle sweets above your head and pull it away when you reach for it, or he’ll push against your head to prevent you from getting close.
  • Sometimes though, his teasing can get out of hand and he’s made you cry several times. That’s when he gets the most flustered because he doesn’t really know how to deal with crying people.
  • But he loves you a lot so he silently tries to cheer you up. He’ll enter your room despite you yelling at him to get out and quietly hand you his favourite snack. And that’s such a huge thing for him because Murasakibara does not share.
  • Your friends are intimidated by him because of his huge body and his height, and anyone that wants to date you is also really scared of him. “You’re scaring away my crushes!” “Ehhh? That’s good, ____-chin.”

Midorima Shintarou

  • Everyone knows he’s a total tsundere, and he’s secretly a weakling when it gets to his sisters. It might also be because he’s afraid of your wraths, but he’d never admit that.
  • He’s a responsible older brother that takes care of you a lot. Ever since you guys were young, he was looking after you, making sure you didn’t get hurt and whatnot.
  • Midorima tends to nag a lot and scolds you when you do something bad, like not doing your homework.
  • He helps you study a lot and won’t hesitate to answer any questions you have. Yes, he’ll probably sigh, but he’s secretly happy to help you. You’re proud to say you’re in the top ten in every exam.
  • He makes sure you never forget your lucky item before you leave your house and honestly, you don’t have the heart to tell him you’d purposely left it at home.
  • When the two of you guys get into arguments, it’s usually about a variety of things, but you can never stay mad at each other long.
  • Honestly, he’s so weak when you cry because you don’t cry often and he becomes a total pushover. He’ll go out and buy you sweets to make up with you.
  • He tried to get you into basketball once, but it didn’t really work so instead you’ll just pass him the ball.
  • You’d never tell him, but you really do look up to him because even though he may look annoyed most of the time, he’s honestly the most reliable older brother ever.
  • Crushes? Boyfriends? Don’t think so. Midorima would judge them so hard and if he doesn’t like them, if their astrological sign doesn’t match up with yours, he’ll scare them away.

Kise Ryouta

  • The loud, clingy, and talkative older brother with a lot of charisma. Kise definitely adores you and would do anything for you, basically a total puppy.
  • He’s the only brother in the Kise household, and he’s the closest with you, the youngest sister. You guys were practically attached at the hip when you were growing up.
  • Shopping together is your guys’ favourite thing to do and it’s so much fun when you go with him. With the money he earned from modelling, he buys you a few things you want.
  • When you have time, he takes you to his photoshoots and tells everyone you’re his cute little sister.
  • You tend to get exasperated with him when he gets too talkative or over the top, but at this point, you’re really used to it.
  • Kasamatsu totally admires you because you never let Kise’s ego get too big and you know when to knock him down a few pegs to keep him level headed.
  • Let’s be real, you’re academically smarter than him so you’re the one telling him to study. Sometimes you wonder why you’re the one helping him with his homework when you’re younger than him.
  • When he makes you cry, he’s so frantic and flustered. Even though he lives with a whole bunch of sisters, he still isn’t used to it when you cry. He’ll hug you and tell you he’s really sorry and try to make it up to you.
  • Kise is so protective. He doesn’t let anyone that’s interested in you get close because honestly, he doesn’t deem them worthy enough to date his precious little sister.
  • All your friends have crushes on him, but are you really surprised? Honestly, you don’t get why because he’s whiny and dorky older brother.

Aomine Daiki

  • This guy’s the annoying older brother that teases you all the time. He’s such an ass to you, especially as you both got older.
  • Okay, he’s honestly the type that asks you for money and never pays you back. And he’ll totally steal snacks from your stash in your room.
  • The both of you are so competitive in everything. Not just in video games, but in stupid stuff like who can finish their food the fastest. Your mom has yelled at you guys numerous times.
  • The bickering is unreal. You guys argue and bicker so much it’s ridiculous. “You ate the last yogurt!” “It didn’t have your name on it!” And yeah, your mom yells at you guys to be quiet. She yells at you guys to be quiet a lot.
  • Aomine gets annoyed when you’re around him when he’s with his friends because he’s that type of brother. But Momoi likes you a lot because you’re cooler than him.
  • Once in a while, he does make you cry and he gets so flustered because it’s not his intention to actually make you cry. He’s awkward, but he’ll mutter an apology and pat your head awkwardly.
  • Despite being an ass, he’s protective of you. He’ll beat up anyone that hurt you and he’ll pick you up if you’re coming home late from something.
  • He tends to scare your crushes away because he challenges them to basketball. But again, his sheer height and aura scares them away anyway.

Kuroko Tetsuya

  • Wow, brother of the century. Someone give this guy an award!
  • He’s the best older brother. He’s kind-hearted, caring, and super reliable. And he’s so protective of you. Seriously, you guys get along so well.
  • Since Kuroko is honest and a great listener, you aren’t afraid to talk to him about your problems.
  • He scolds you from time to time, but he never ever yells at you. It’s always soft scolding like he’s stern, but kind, and always wants the best for you.
  • Definitely the type that will go buy you feminine hygiene products if you ask him, and he’ll bring back some extra stuff like comfort foods or snacks.
  • You guys don’t argue a lot and even when you do, it doesn’t even sound like you’re arguing because of how soft spoken he is.
  • Is he intimidating? Not really because of his lack of presence. So sometimes your crushes don’t even notice him, which worries him because he’s pretty protective. Poor guy.
  • You guys walk Nigou together every night and on weekends you guys like to watch a movie at home. It’s your sibling bonding time.
  • Kuroko is just a really great brother and you respect him a lot. He gives you space when you need it and comforts you when you need it.

Kurobasweek2016 Day 7: Free Day

                                • Kurobas Dog & Cat
  [ 黒子のバスケ くつろぎコレクション 第2弾 -With a Dog & Cat- ]

  • Midorima:If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.
  • Murasakibara:What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Midorima:That means you’re poisonous. Jesus Christ, Murasakibara, learn to listen.
  • Kuroko:What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Midorima:It’s voodoo.
  • Akashi:What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Midorima:That’s correlation, not causation.
  • Kise:What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Aomine:That’s kinky.
  • Momoi:Oh my god.

Here’s a comparison between their old and new character design.