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New Beginnings: Chapter two

You can find chapter one here.

As i mentioned before, this Fan-fiction is inspired by @kawaiimilkshakedreams drawings.

Again, this Fan fic is Sebaciel, but Ciel is 17 years old and this tale has a twist. Please leave any suggestions or tell me if you liked it or not! I’m exited to continue to write! My first language is not English, but be patient with me haha, always, enjoy!

“Sebastian! Sebastian! I want this hat with the different colored feathers! It looks like different birds…” Finny was having the time of his life in the hat shop, picking hats up and trying them all at once. Sebastian rubbed his temples. Yes, he was a demon, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have headaches. Well, yes it can. At least with this lot, any demon would have taken their soul already. “No Finny, this one will do.” Sebastian sighed and picked up a plane garden hat, much like Finny’s old one, and purchased it. If the savants were left on their own accord, the young master would surely lose all his money by lunch time. Speaking of the small brat, he had left a while ago. It was nearly three hours ago, but the young lord said to meet at their estate in the city and he could not disobey his masters order. Ciel was getting older, he wanted to prove that he could take care of himself without his demon. Sebastian smirked, Yes, he might be a little brat but his little brat was growing up to be a fine young man… A kitten that thought himself a lion.  The demon shook his head.

“Alright everyone!” The man in black clapped his hands, and the servants quickly stood in a straight line. “Get in the carriage, we shall meet up with our master in the estate is that clear?” A chorus of ‘Yes sir’ rang from their mouths and swiftly climbed inside. In no time they had made it to the estate and settled in. Mey-Rin was cleaning, and so far she had not broken a single plate or even tripped! The new glasses were working perfectly on her. Snake had gotten a bag, to hide all of his reptilian friends when they headed out with the young master, and Baldroy had gotten some cigars and a questionable magazine at the book store. The book store. Sebastian had sensed someone following them ever since they left the mansion. He had thought it was some lost traveler following them but whenever he would turn around to check, no one was there. However, in the book store he had seen a tall man with dark brown hair, the man was reading the Punch newspaper, covering his face. When he rushed outside, the man was gone. The young lord had many enemies, but this man was different. He had sensed him, but the man was not human. That is for certain.

Sebastian made his way into the kitchen to prepare lunch. As he moved back and forth, he was trying to remember the last time he had felt such a presence. The last time… he chuckled lowly. The last time he had felt something like that was with his mother. His mother, despite being half demon, half vampire, was quite a saint. A loud noise interrupted his thoughts and rushed outside to see the commotion. “SEBASTIAN IM SO SORRY I BROKE THE CARRIAGE I WAS JUST TRYING TO CLEAN-” Finny was crying and rubbing his eyes, rumbling on about how sorry he was and how he didn’t mean to break anything. The poor boy just really didn’t know his own strength. The demon rubbed pinched his nose. Surely any demon in their right minds would have ended their existence already. He would never admit it to anybody, especially to his young lord, but these humans had grown on him. “Finny, please go water the plants on the front side of the manor, I’ll take care of this.” Sebastian adjusted his gloves. Finny nodded, sniffing and whipping his eyes, he did as he was told. In a blink of an eyes Sebastian had fixed the carriage. “There this should-” Sebastian froze, eyes winding. His fists clenched and his bright blood red eyes pierced through the night.  So they were here. As if the poor demon didn’t have enough to do before his master arrived.

          Ciel made his way back to the manor, it was a bit chilly than usual but nothing he couldn’t handle. London at night was truly a sight, men drinking, woman being wooed by rich snobby men. Children being told by their parents that it was too late for them to go out and play. Everything was so normal now, well as normal as it gets around him. A small smile slowly made its way on his lips. It had been such a long time since that day. Seven years. Seven years since he lost his parents. Seven years since Ciel Phantomhive died. The blue eyed young man rubbed his ring at the thought. He was now seventeen. Many people who had known his father always said how much the young lord resembled him. He had his father’s face and his mother’s eyes. Ciel laughed quietly to himself, no matter how much he grew or how older he got, Sebastian would always teas him, the young lord knew that he would never be as tall as his butler. Despite everything he had been through, Sebastian was always there. He knew he was only there for his soul but he had considered his butler a friend, hell, he considered him family!

          His smile quickly disappeared. No, that could never happen. His demon could never be his friend. They were from two different worlds, quite literally. He just wished that Sebastian would be there for him because he wanted to, not because of some contract. Alas, Ciel knew at a very young age that love was nothing more than an emotion that just got in the way of life. Love. He couldn’t feel love. He didn’t love anyone, especially his butler. The young master shook his head as if to shake away all thoughts of that wrenched emotion. He had finally made it to his house, he couldn’t wait to drink a hot cup of milk with some honey. The young master didn’t notice a dark haired young man with red demon eyes, following him.

          Ciel rushed inside his estate, Tanaka greeted him and took his coat. “Welcome back young master, I trust that your day was fine?” Ciel smiled softly at his old butler. “Yes, my day was fruitful, but I have told you a number of times that you don’t have to be so formal to me, grandfather.” Tanaka gave him a small wrinkled smile. “I shall always respect you my lord, till the day I pass.” Ciel smiled fondly at the old man. “Strict as ever old man…” He gave him a tight embrace.

Ciel felt his stomach growl, the food was calling to his empty stomach.  The amazing smell came from the dinning room, following his nose, Ciel was suddenly sitting down at the table. “Today young master, we have Bedfordshire Clangor.” His demon butler announced, coming out of, what it seemed, no where. Ciel nodded. “Thank you Sebastian.” And with that, he began to eat. With each bite, Ciel practically groaned. Sebastian’s cooking was just out of this world. “Manners sir…” The demon reminded him, hiding a smirk. “Shut up…” The blue eyed boy stuffed his face, he had not ate since breakfast and he would be dammed if he was not allowed to eat how he pleased in his own home. After a while of disapproving looks from Sebastian, Ciel was finally done. As the young master stood up, he walked past Sebastian. “Meet me in my study when you are finished.” He murmured and left the dinning room. Sebastian gave a small nod and hurried to clean up.

“You need to speak to me my lord?” The demon stood in front of his master’s desk, wondering what exactly he needed now. “Tell me about your family.” The young lord suddenly said, giving his back to Sebastian, looking outside the window. Sebastian tilted his head slightly, confused. “Sir?” Why now? His master never asked him anything personal, not even who he had ‘worked’ for before they had met. “That’s an order Sebastian.” Ciel’s voice, deep and controlled. Sebastian didn’t really have a choice now, but a small smirk appeared on the demon’s lip. “Tell you? Very well then.” Two bodies then appeared next to Sebastian. Everything suddenly felt cooler. “I have two older brothers, Mauricio is the eldest of all three of us, then its Galo, and lastly me.” Ciel ignored the shiver that he felt down his spine. “What else can you tell me about them?”

The man with the dark brown hair leaned against the wall. “You know young lord, you could just ask us instead of asking our little brother…” Ciel quickly turned around, facing Sebastian and two other men. They all that the same color eyes, deep blood red. “W-what? Who are you?!” Ciel bashed his fist into his desk. “Sebastian!” He ordered. Sebastian raised an eyebrow at his master. “Well to be fair you were the one to ask about my family…” The black haired man sighed and slid down the wall. “Not this shit again…” The brown haired man stepped forward, his eyes changing color, from a deep red to a beautiful red brown.

“Nice to meet you my lord, my name is Mauricio Alvah.” The demon gave the lord the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. “And this is my younger brother, Galo Thana.” He gestured to the mean with pitch black hair, chewing on something that resembled a small tooth pick. “Suck my nuts I want to go home.” He groaned. His behavior earned a kick from Sebastian. “Please don’t speak in that manor when my young lord is present Galo.” Sebastian smiled, but not a nice smile, more like a ‘If-you-ever-say-disrespectful-things-around-my-master-you-will-die-‘ type of smile. Ciel’s eye twitched. “Sebastian being surrounded by demons really freaks me out. Get them out of here now!” Sebastian nodded. “Mauricio, Galo..” He said, starting to grab Galo by the arm.  Mauricio pouted at the young lord, “Aww… but why?” How is it possible that the demon looked like a kicked puppy?

“Must be because of your ugly face.” The one named Galo said, getting up, and joining his older brother and shaking off his younger one. His eyes had changed as well, his eyes, a honey colored brownish yellow. It almost looked gold. “Listen kid,” Galo said in a harsh tone, “We’re just here to help you find out who keeps eating souls around here.” This captured Ciel’s attention. “Why would two demons want to catch another demon?” Sebastian stood next to his master, Ciel automatically relaxed and sat back down in his chair. “Demon? How do you know it’s a demon in the fist place?” Mauricio asked, crossing his arms.

“I have my sources…” Ciel too, crossed his arms looking directly at both of them. The dark red brown eyed demon nodded. “Fair enough, we want to catch whoever is doing this because we want to talk to him…” The demon seemed to be hiding something, but he wasn’t like Sebastian, he couldn’t order him to tell Ciel the truth. Still, they were demons, wouldn’t they attack the towns people of they stayed?  Galo ran his fingers through his dark hair, and almost as if he had read his mind he said, “We wont eat anyone’s soul if that’s why your concerned.” The demon almost sounded bored with their conversation. How the hell could he had known what he was thinking?! Sebastian’s face was emotionless, Ciel frowned. Well his butler was no help on trying to figure out what his next move was. “I don’t trust you.” Ciel stated. “As long as you’re in London, you are a threat to its people. I will have to ask you to leave immediately.”

Mauricio bit his lip and looked at Sebastian and the at the young lord. With a small smirk he asked, “How about we form a contract?” Sebastian’s poker face broke at the words his brother spoke. “Mauricio!” He hissed and stood between his brothers and his master. “He’s mine!”, eyes glowing red with anger. They may be his brothers but Ciel was his and his alone. Galo laughed. “Relax little brother, we don’t want his soul.” Ciel touched his butler shoulder, “It’s okay Sebastian, let me handle this.” Sebastian looked into his deep blue eyes and nodded, he once again stood behind him. “What is it that you want?” Ciel stood a little taller, trying to establish dominance, but failing. “All we ask is for us to stay here until we figure out who is causing these deaths. We will not kill anyone as long as we are under your roof my lord.” Galo sighed, not liking the agreement but agreed with his older brother. Ciel scowled. “Your both demons, you don’t need any sleep or shelter. Why do you with to stay here?” Galo, for the first time since Ciel as laid eyes on him, smiled. “We simply want to spend time with our younger bother. Yes, we are demons, but we have some feeling of kinship.” Ciel looked at Sebastian. “If its okay with you Sebastian, then they may stay.” Sebastian exhaled noisily. “You may from a contract with them in exchange for them to stay, but what about the other servants? Won’t they ask questions on why they are here?” Ciel grinned. “Well, they would make good servants wont they?” Galo wrinkled his nose and Mauricio smiled. “It would be  an honor for us to be your humble servants my lord.” The elder demon bowed. Galo rubbed his face. “I guess killing some time would be okay. But I’m warning you kid, I can’t cook.” Sebastian heaved a sigh.

Mauricio, out of thin air, took out a thick paper and laid it on the master’s desk. “Since we are not going to take your soul, we do not have to mark you, you just need to sign here with your blood, and we have a deal.” Ciel chewed on his lip. “With my blood?” He looked at Sebastian for help. Sebastian swiftly picked Ciel’s fingers and signed his name. “There you go my lord.” Sebastian patched his finger and returned the contract to his brother. “You will take the rooms next to Sebastian. And I will trust him to teach you how to be proper servants.” Ciel sat down on his chair looking at the brothers. “Yes, my lord.” They said in unison.  Sebastian looked at his two older brothers. This was going to be a disaster, only god could help him now.

Galo followed Sebastian to their new rooms. “Hey, this is a pretty big estate.” The gold eyed demon said looking around. Galo didn’t care much for materialistic things, nor did he like them. Being a demon really did take out the fun in life sometimes. “Say, where’s the kitchen?” Sebastian sighed. Demons typically didn’t eat; they just didn’t like human food. His older brother was the exception. Galo’s mother was a succubus, making him act different from other demons. Galo could eat and sleep, he didn’t have to. He could live his whole life without eating human food but he was always the weird one out of the three. “Breakfast will be served at dawn for the servants, please do try to wait till then Galo.” Mauricio chuckled. “He’s quite the eater, or have you forgotten, Bessy?” He smirked as Sebastian blushed. It had been quite a while since anyone had called him that. The last person who called him by his nickname was his mother.

“Its quite the coincidence that the young lord guessed your real name isn’t it?” Mauricio patted his shoulder. “Yes, I had not expected my master to name me after his dog, which ironically is my real name.” The demon shrugged. “But I don’t mind. Reminds me of home…” Sebastian smiled softly remembering the old times. Mauricio and Galo had tracked him down, and came to visit his home when Sebastian was thirteen years old. He was confused on why his brothers looked different then himself, but his mother explained everything to the young demon, and they all quickly got along. “How is Maria doing?” Mauricio asked as they entered a hall way. Sebastian frowned. “You know what happened to her. Don’t pretend that you don’t.” Sebastian’s mother, Maria was killed by a reaper when Sebastian had turned 15, leaving his older brothers to look after him and teach him the ways of a demon. Demons were not to feel love, or pain, or heartbreak. They were, after all, just monsters. So then why did the demon feel pain at the mention of his mother? Sebastian held the candle tighter. Mauricio sighed and stopped walking, he looked at Sebastian in the eyes. “She loved you Bessy, and we are not dead just yet either.” The elder demon brought him into a hug. Sebastian wrapped his arms around him. “Thank you…” When they parted, the younger demon looked around and growled. “That bastard!” Mauricio raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong Bessy?” Sebastian marched down stairs, his brother hot on his heels. “Galo’s gone, he’s probably in the kitchen!”

Galo didn’t care much for touchy feely conversations, so he had slithered away from his brothers and found the path to the kitchen. He sniffed the whole room out for food, scavenging for the jack pot. A smile creeped up on his lips. He had found the curry buns. Yes, Galo should not eat the curry buns, he had a strong suspicion that they were for tomorrows lunch. But the demon was hungry. “Fuck Sebastian, he can just make some more tomorrow.” Galo started to swallow them whole, washing them down with some milk he had just found. He should probably visit his little brother more often; he was an amazing cook. “Galo!” Mauricio frowned, his younger brother was huddled in the corner of the kitchen munching on the curry buns. Mauricio shook his head and picked him up from the floor. The demon was filled with bread crumbs, hell, he was still eating one. “Oh, hey. These curry buns are amazing Sebby, make some more yeah?” Sebastian geared at his older brother. This was going to be a long visit.

Once the young demon had settled his brothers in, he made his was upstairs to his young master’s room. Lately the young lord’s nightmares have been coming back, and for some reason, every time Sebastian was near him Ciel calmed down. Tonight was no exception. The poor young man was tossing and turning, making small noises. Sebastian settled the candle down and slid beside his master, wrapping his long arms around him, resting his chin above his head. Ciel immediately stopped, and cuddled into his butler’s embrace, resting he head on the arch of Sebastian’s neck. The demon ran his fingers through the earl’s hair. His master had gone through hell, and back so many times. Ciel never liked to show emotion, as he thought it would show weakness, but earl needed it. He was human after all. Sebastian kissed his forehead softly. “Sleep well young one.” He whispered and slowly fell asleep with the human he cared about the most.

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