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Hiiii how about head canons or scenarios w/ 2p Japan please? Thank you!

MMMmmmmm my favorite salt mine

2p!Japan (Kuro Honda)

• The saltiest salt mine that ever did salt. Like “Hello, the dead sea called; it wants its salt back.”

• His sense of humor is self-deprecating humor to hide his crippling depression (honestly… same) or dark, dirty humor that is offensive in its own right and there is no in between.

• Resting bitch face. Is he mad? I dunno. Is he bitchy? More than likely.

• Much like his 1p! counterpart is rather diligent in his work, so is he.

• Unlike his 1p! counterpart, he’d do anything to get the job done, even if he has to take out an obstacle in his way be that living being or inanimate object.

• If legs could kill his would be weapons of mass destruction. In other words, he rocks heels but you didn’t hear that from me.

• We all saw this coming but massive porn stash. He’s not picky, anything goes as long as he can get off to it.

• Does not like being social at all, hates it in fact. If it wasn’t for the axis he probably wouldn’t even have attempted to make allies.


🎶 I L I K E T H E G A Y S H I T 🎶

The bullshit that these fab bois r wearing is some outfit i found on tumblr (just go on google and search ‘doll and psycho cheerleading costumes’ and you’ll find it)

I finished this like 2 days ago but it took me so long to upload cuz i didn’t like the way it came out my friend had to convince be it was good enough lol.

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2p Japan x fat s/o headcanons or a smutty scenario?

2p Japan with a fat S/O headcanons : 

  • Honestly loves fat women and prefers them, so when he met his s/o he instantly took a liking to them from the beginning despite his cold and stoic aura that he gives off 
    • When he wants to he can be very smooth and flirtatious, so when meeting his s/o he would flirt with them and be a gentlemen by opening doors and pulling out chairs for them. 
  • Loves when his s/o would wear something tight because he can see all the fat rolls through the fabric and it honestly turns him on even more than he already is.
    • Part of his reasoning for being so into larger women because they were considered royalty and very wealthy
  • His intimidating aura usually wards off rude people, but if someone dares to insult his s/o over their weight they would not be forgiven so easily 
    • And you may not see them every again, because no one can insult his s/o and life to tell 
  • He loves to cook for his s/o, and does it frequently. Kuro will cook for his s/o Morning, Noon, and Night dishes usually filled with carbs and other delicious things. 
    • Other times he will take them to expensive restaurants where he will reserve a private table with no judgmental eyes and have them order anything they want. 
  • Slight feeding kink
    • Loves to over stuff his s/o with his cooking just so he can see their stomach bulge out even more, to the point of them not moving and he will just rub their stomach while praising them. 
  • May become slightly Yandere for his s/o
    • Even though his s/o may be fat and overweight, he is still always worried of someone stealing them away so he may try to keep them from leaving his house by watching movies or spending time with him. He is also not above making his s/o gain more weight so they do not appear to be “desirable” 
  • His favorite position is having his s/o riding him because then he can see their body in action, He is mesmerized by their big belly and fat rolls jiggling and touching his stomach. He secretly loves the weight of his s/o on top of him and how it feels against him.
    • Kuro is also very strong for being a small man, but he is able to hold up well over 200 lbs up against the wall and ravage them

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2p japan head canons please

((All righty))

2p!Japan/Kuro Honda:
- Small and intimidating ((he’s like an inch shorter than me))
- Doesn’t talk unless he has something to say (quite often sarcasm or something rude)
- try to do small talk with him and he’ll walk away.
- He knows who he likes and who he doesn’t like, and he won’t put up with the latter.
- Believes in honour.
- As quiet and stoic as he is, he does have a sense of humour, and it’s not for innocent ears.
- Quite the perverted little fucker.
- He’s not a messy guy, but his house isn’t exactly clean (he does the minimum, but anything more he says “can wait”).
- Very private. Few people have even seen the inside of his house.
- It takes a lot to faze him.
- He prefers working alone, but Luciano often drags him into group activities.
- Has respect for Luciano and tolerance for Lutz.
- Kuro won’t put up with anyone’s shit for long. If he feels he can get away with it (which he usually can) he’ll start a fight with whoever was bothering him (whether he kills them or not depends on how irritated he is).
- If someone manages to make him visibly angry, they’d better run for the hills because a demon is about to be unleashed and there won’t be survivors.
- Social media isn’t his strong suit, but he knows the basics.
- He likes peace and quiet, so he spends his free time either at home or somewhere deserted, like abandoned warehouses
- Likes animals and offers them his respect (will bond with James over this).
- Will never ever ever ever admit it, but he loves cute things.
- Probably owns a cat.
- Never been one for relationships, but if someone ever does weasel their way into his heart, it’ll take a while to uncover Kuro’s “sweet” side
- that’s when it’s revealed how fond Kuro is of cuddling (either giving or receiving, he doesn’t care).
- Falling in love kinda freaks him out because it involves another person, and he doesn’t want to be reliant on anyone.
- If he’s really in love, he won’t allow his partner to leave him so easily. (”Kuro, I’m leaving you.” “No you’re not.”)
- He won’t put up with stubbornness for long. If his partner really wants to leave, he’ll offer to kill them. 
- So, either stay with him or die. Either way he’ll have them in his arms.

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I need 2p Japan boyfriend headcanons!!!

- japanese boyo
- he’s a huge asshole jfc
- will do things that annoy just to see your expressions
- sadist™
- he has a soft side too like he ck
- doesn’t really mind showing affection like hugs and kisses and that shit as long as he’s the one initiating it
- but when you’re the one initiating
- oooohhh boy
- on the way to blushville choo choo
- secretly draws you
- he has a full sketchbook full of drawings of you like god
- “kuro why is my face here” “uhhh //sWEATS”
- likes flicking your forehead when you do something stupid
- ain’t afraid to touch you in public
- have some re s t ra in t kur o
- kinkshamed to hell

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[KURO PLEASE? I swear he's the last one lmao

[ You get the whole package: A selfish King, A cold-hearted Queen and an unenthusiastic Jack. On a side note, you would not believe how damn hard it was to design Kuro’s clothes. I based his clothes off of a samurai. It seemed fitting. Now the whole gang is here and they do NOT look friendly ]

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What kind of limits do your healing powers have? Asking for a friend

“Um…That’s super suspicious of you to ask…But since I’m bored I’ll go ahead and tell you. 

My limit is that if I get heavily injured too often, sometimes I’ll heal more slowly or my wounds won’t heal at all and when that happens… I’ll have to go ask Father for more philosophers stones…“