“Turkey is using Iraq, Syrian and the refugees crisis as a threat against Europe and the US so that they remain silent and turn a blind eye to this policy of genocide. Internally Turkey is razing kurdish cities and towns to the ground, murdering People and suppressing dissidents to create an empire of fear where Society is silenced.The aim us to crush all Opposition and eliminate Kurds who are resisting. In this way the state wants to impose a genocide across Northern Kurdistan, like it did in the 1915 Armenian Genocide and the 1938 Dersim Genocide. This is Erdogan and the AKP’s solution to the Kurdish question. Therefore rather than waiting for a savior, resistance, struggle and victory is the only way.” - PKK (x)


Shame on the EU Parliamentarians who cannot to protect or do any advocacy for their ex-Parliamentarian colleague Feleknas Uca who is being attacked and humiliated by Erdogan’s terrorist state!

The day that Democracy, values and norms of EU are entirely fucked up, and yet the whole EU is watching those scenes as entertaining images, instead of taking an action on the biggest curse on whole Middle-East: Erdogan and it’s terrorist state!

Who is Feleknas Uca?

She (born 17 September 1976) is a Yazidi politician active in Germany and Turkey. From 1999 to 2009, she was member of the European Parliament from Germany, serving with Die Linke. Feleknas Uca was at one time the world’s only Yazidi parliamentarian until the Iraqi legislature was elected in 2005. In June 2015, she was elected as a Member of Parliament in Turkey representing (Amed) Diyarbakır.

Kurdish female fighter's death

  This is Ceylan Ozalp, age 19.

   This 19-year-old Kurd fought for her people against Islamic State militants. United Nations reports that ISIS commits mass killings, enslaving thousands of women and children for sexual abuse. 

   She promised she’d rather kill herself before falling into ISIS’s hands. In late September, early October, Ceylan Ozalp killed herself after a firefight with ISIS.

   According to Al Arabiya News, she said “goodbye” over the radio before turning her gun on herself in a fulfillment of her promise.

   She was a young woman deeply committed to protecting her rights and the rights of others and, before even leaving her teenage years, killed herself to preserve her body and soul from the horrifying deeds ISIS commits every day.   


We may be the children of the lands of Amed and Cizira, Dersim and Colemerg. We may be the hearts of the lands spanning out from Qobane to Qamislo, Halabja, Hewler to Slemani, Mahabad to Urmiya and the skirts of the Zagros Mountains. We may be the daughters of the Sun, children of Kurdistan.


We carry the fight of the Women across the World. Thousands of us don’t only fight ISIS. We carry on our shoulders the ideological weight of those stoned in Afghanistan or genitally mutilated in Somalia. The Women who are sexually enslaved across the world, discriminated, paid less, not represented, forcibly married, abused and victimized by domestic rape.

We are here to empower Women, break Male patriarchy, represent the silent. The sacrifices of Kurdish Women are for all of you. We are here to stay and to set precedent for the World. Embrace the Revolution.

Rojava is your home.

Yekîneyên Parastina Jin (Women’s Protection Units - Rojavaye Kurdistan)

YJA STAR (Kurdish: Yekîneyên Jinên Azad ên Star - Bakure Kurdistan)