Kurdish fighter

A Kurdish Peshmerga Soldier gets ready to fight against the ISIS and says goodbye to his mother.

{After several reports he died as a martyr.} So heartbreaking :’(

kürt çocuklarına özgür bir gelecek kuralım dedik, fakat baktık ki kürt çocukları özgürlük mücadelesi nin bizzat içindeler…
ve anladık ki kimse kimseye özgürlük vermez, ancak kendisi alır…

Görsel : Kurdish Fighter Child

Meysa Ebdo – commander of the of the Kurdish Women’s Defense Units (YPJ)

“Let everyone know: we are resisting against groups (ISIS, Al Nusra) committing inhumane attacks and we will win. We are giving our lives so that our people might live freer and that our flag might fly freely in the sky.”