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In Pictures: Iraq’s displaced seek safe haven

Tens of thousands of families are stuck at checkpoints and refugee camps outside Iraq’s Kurdish region.

In Pictures: Iraq’s Kurdish region has so far maintained its status as a relative bastion of stability in a region increasingly steeped in political chaos and sectarian violence. The region’s security has made it a magnet for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who continue to flee the ongoing violence between tribal fighters and the Iraqi government. |


U.S. airstrikes in Syria

Turkey said it was helping Iraqi Kurdish fighters cross into Syria to support their brethren fighting Islamic State militants in a key border town, although activists inside embattled Kobani said no forces had arrived by Monday evening, raising questions about whether the mission was really underway.

The statement by Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu came hours after the U.S. airdropped weapons and ammunition to resupply Kurdish fighters for the first time. Those airdrops Sunday followed weeks of airstrikes by a U.S.-led coalition in and near Kobani. (AP)

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The Nightmare in Iraq

I visited a Yezidi village south of Dohuk last Wednesday — a magnet for 60,000 to 70,000 Yezidis fleeing fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS). Those not taken into homes of local residents were camped in classrooms, schoolyards, or buildings under construction. They had bread and water, but not much else, having fled their homes a few days earlier with no more than the clothes on their backs. 

The next day, a colleague found only  two families at the village – the rest, thousands of them, had fled overnight after ISIS seized control of nearby towns populated by Iraqi Christians. The Yezidis, an Iraqi minority who are ethnically related to Kurds and practice a 4,000-year-old religion, feared they could not count on protection from Kurdish peshmerga forces who control Iraqi Kurdistan.

Many more Yezidis – upwards of 150,000– fled Sunday morning from Sinjar and surrounding villages into rugged mountains a dozen or so kilometers to the north. There, they found few means of sustenance or even shelter amid the mountains’ sparse vegetation - no water to speak of, and little by way of shelter from summer temperatures that can soar to 120 Fahrenheit. Perhaps as many as 40,000 managed to descend on the northern side and make their escape that same day, before ISIS surrounded the mountains.

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Photo: Fearing for their lives, more than 150,000 Yezidis fled Sinjar and surrounding villages to mountains north of the city on August 3, 2014 when the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacked the area. Some young and elderly are dying from the harsh conditions. © 2014 Human Rights Watch

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■ISIS opened a slave market in the Iraqi city of Nineveh, in which they sell thousands of Yezidi and Christian women!

■A Christian priest in Niniveh province, Enis Hana El Demniki, said that the barbaric inhuman terrorist organisation ISIS had taken 700 Yezidi women to market in Mosul to sell them.
Speaking to Al Arabia TV, Christian priest Enis Hana El Demniki stated that the ISIS gangs are a serious threat to the region and that many families had been displaced from their homes.
Enis Hana El Demniki said: “they are forcing people to convert to Islam. They are capturing women and forcing girls to marry them. These things are not just being done to Christians, but also to our Yezidi sisters and brothers”.
Stating that hundreds of women had been captured, Enis Hana El Demniki said: “over 700 women have been sent to market in Mosul order to be sold as concubines. Each woman is sold for 150 dollars. The ISIS gangs also capture women and force them to marry gang members”.


Al-Qaida-inspired insurgents gaining ground in Iraq

Iraqi authorities are determined to recapture the northern city of Mosul after most of it was overrun by al-Qaida-inspired militants, the provincial governor said Wednesday after he fled the city along with half a million other residents.

The stunning assault by the al-Qaida-inspired group saw black banner-waving insurgents raid government buildings, push out security forces and capture military vehicles as residents fled for their lives from what is Iraq’s second-largest city. (AP)

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Isis thinks that if a woman kills one of them, he cannot go to Paradise. He will go to hell. So the Kurdish women from Kobani want to fight Isis very much. They are very willing. And they are very proud. We are sad that they have died. But all the women who fight right now are here because they want to fight.
—  Ismet Sheikh Hasan, a commander with the main Kurdish militia

Photos of the day - September 15, 2014

A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter launches mortar shells towards Zummar, controlled by ISIL, near Mosul, Iraq –– A stranded dog stands on the rooftop of a collapsed house in an inundated neighborhood in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir –– Cavalry horses and their riders are exposed to smoke as members of the Dutch cavalry undergo a stress test at the beach in Scheveningen, the Netherlands –– A family from San Jose, California,  cover themselves with pillows as they sit on the concrete stairs in the service area of a resort  after the designated area for shelter was destroyed by winds in Los Cabos, Mexico –– Pakistani Army soldier distributes food bags in flooded areas in Shujabad, on the outskirts of Multan, Pakistan… are just a few of the photos of the day for September 15, 2014.

(Photos by REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah, AP Photo/ Altaf Qadri, EPA/Bas Czerwinski, AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano, EPA/Omer Saleem)

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If I die, who will look after my children? I want to go to my land. I don’t want to live in Turkey. I don’t want to live in any country. I just want to live in my own land. Why is Isis coming to my land? The world has turned its back on Kobani.
—  Anman named Mahmoud said as he walked from Kobani to a nearby town. He said he believed that the Isis men were using hard drugs because of their confident demeanour.
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Kurds thwart new IS bid to cut off Syria’s Kobane


© AFP Bulent KilicA Kurdish gurl smiles as she makes tea outside a tent n’ t’Rojava refugee camp n’ Suruc, Sanliurfa province, near t’ besieget Syriun town o’Kobane, also knowed as Ain al-Arab, un Octob’r 26, 2014Mursitpinar (Turkey) (AFP) – Kurdish ferces have thwartid a new attempt by …