Kurdish Men

Hundreds of Kurdish men are dressing up in women's clothing "Hoping for the day that sexuality, gender will not be a way of evaluating humanity"

This is a reaction towards an imprisoned Kurdish man that was paraded through an Iranian prison by Iranian officers dressed up in women’s clothing hoping to publicly humiliate him.

This is how Kurd men have reacted.

They have created a facebook page “Kurd Men for Equality

Being a woman is not a tool to humiliate or punish anyone.

Our people are the most understanding.


via shihofukada

  1. pkk guerrilla Saya Agiri, 22, from mewkê, rojhelat poses for a portrait in the qandil mountains in southern kurdistan. she has been with the pkk for 4 years. she carries her own gun and her current duty is to work at a the sewing workshop.
  2. Rengin Ararat, 31, from efrîn in rojava, blows dust off from her gun. she has been with the pkk for 12 years. she carries her own gun and her current duty is to work at sewing workshop.
  3. Necbir Botan, 28, from turbaci in syria, makes member’s uniform at their sewing workshop. she has been with the pkk in Qandil for four years.
  4. LEFT: Diler Hewram, 24; joined pkk in 2007.
    RIGHT: Zilan Mardin, 35, from mêrdîn.
  5. pkk female guerillas join male members to perform folk dance during filming of their struggle. besides their guerilla operation, pkk’s social work ranges from running a hospital to making their own film.
  6. a pkk member is equipped with grenades.
  7. PKK guerilla fighters from left to right: Kazim Siirt, 29, Gorse Mereto, 32, and Serhildan Ruges, 29, sit for a portrait.
  8. photos of deceased PKK members are displayed on gravestones at Mehmet Karasungur Cemetery, one of pkk graveyard, in Qandil Mountains, Iraqi Kurdistan.

in a month, it will soon be an entire year since the assassination of 3 kurdish women: Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan, and Leyla Söylemez at the kurdish institute of paris, france.

on 12 january 2013, thousands of kurds across europe gathered in paris to protest. an estimated 86,000 attended.

it was decided that an ultranationalist turk had assassinated all 3 of them that early morning and locked the door to the institute. their bodies were found at 7 in the morning. [jeffry ruigendijk]