Kurdish Army

After unilateral declaration of democratic autonomies in Kurdish cities Turkish army attacked Kurdish resistance and with extensive use of force whole neighbourhoods were destroyed.

Between 16 August 2015- 16 August 2016 321 civilians were executed by Turkish army. 75 of them were children, 70 were women and 30 were over 60 years of age.

The destruction hit Kurdish cities of Nusaybin, Sirnak and Sur the hardest. More than 50 percent of these cities were destroyed.

In Cizre, where at least 70 activists were killed in execution style, the satellite images are blocked in Google Earth. The satellite images of the neighbourhoods which Turkish army destroyed are now actual – dated the beginning of 2015- while the rest of the city’s satellite images are from the end of 2016.







22/01/1946 | Today marks the 71th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Kurdistan by Qazî Muhemmed and his friends.

Republic of Kurdistan was founded in 1946 in east of Kurdistan (Iranian occupied Kurdistan) the republic of Kurdistan was a major historical achievement. Kurdish became the official language of the republic and the Pêşmerge Forces of Kurdistan was for the first time created as a Kurdish army.

Kurdish newspapers and magazines flourished in the republic of Kurdistan. Gender equality was made a top priority, especially education for girls. It was during this time that the Democratic Women’s Union of Kurdistan was established.

The republic was an island of liberty and democracy. However, the dictatorial regime of Iran managed to re-occupy Kurdistan after eleven months, which resulted in the demise of the Republic of Kurdistan and the execution of Qazî Mihemmed, the president of the republic, and three of his friends.

In spite of being short-lived, the Republic of Kurdistan is a millstone in Kurdish history and it is a point of reference for other Kurdish movements in other parts of Kurdistan in pursuit of the Kurdish nation’s legitimate right to self-determination.

For the past 71 years, thousands of brave women and men in the PDKI have sacrificed their lives in pursuit of the legitimate national rights of the Kurdish people, human dignity, liberty, secularism, democracy, gender equality and social justice.


Late last week, ISIS fighters attacked a Kurdish city in northern Syria, after seizing 21 nearby villages in a major assault. The attack on the city of Ayn al-Arab, known as Kobani in Kurdish, drove hundreds of thousands of residents to flee, most heading to the nearby border with Turkey. The Associated Press is reporting that more than 150,000 Syrian Kurds have entered Turkey since the border was opened to refugees on September 19, and the United Nations warns that number could soon climb as high as 400,000.


Kurdish anti terror squad vs ISIS 4/12/2013 

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