Kurdish Warrior Women Fearlessly fighting the evils of ISIS at every turn. Made especially fierce by the knowledge of what ISIS will do to them if they are captured. And made an especially effective due to the fact that ISIS fighters believe that if killed by a woman they will be chastised in the afterlife.

a maginitude 7.3 earthquake hit iran and iraq yesterday. over 300+ people have died and thousands are injured. please keep these people in your thoughts and stay tuned for any way you can help. 🇮🇷🖤🇮🇶

edit: i completely failed to mention the dozens of kurds who were affected by this earthquake. the death toll is now 500+. keep praying for the middle east 🖤


Minoritized languages moodboard: Kurdish

Kurdish (Kurdî, کوردی) is a continuum of Iranian languages spoken by the Kurdish people. It forms three dialect groups: Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji), Central Kurdish (Sorani), and Southern Kurdish (Pehlewani). Several million Kurds also speak a separate group of languages called Zaza-Gorani.