Reki and Kuramori

As a character in this anime we see her as a mothering like presence that Reki takes on in Old Home. She looks out for the Haibane and the Young Feathers. However in this particular still we see that she has found Reki presumably hours maybe even days after hatching out of her cocoon.

So in Haibane Renmei the Haibane are brought into the world of Glie through a cocoon. Usually fellow Haibane find these cocoons and watch over them anticipating their arrival like Rakka’s. However in Reki’s case no one found her cocoon. It was Nemu who found Reki on the floor of a cold and dark room after some time in which Reki’s wings had spouted. Unlike Rakka’s wings, Reki’s was were stained black. As Reki adjusted to Old Home she was seen as “different” because of her wings and treatment by Kuramori. However Kuramori was always there for her despite her mistakes, misgivings, and  disagreements (like Nemu).

Kiseijuu/Parasyte - Ep. 17

Today’s episode starts at the point where the last one finished (yea obvious, but what I meant is that it starts after the last second of the prev. ep.)

Tamura is surrounded with 3 enemy parasites who wants to kill her, she flees, but the others catch up, this time, she burrows into one of them and starts running away with the other half of her head. This is where things start to be funny… She’s running with half of her head (literally a mouth) and laughs with a high pitched voice.

If you do not like this anime.. just download ep.17 for this moment, believe me, it’s worth. :D

After this, Tamura eliminates the remaining 2 enemy parasite and returns home, however, this greets her.

Tamura asks Shinichi for help.

Tamura meets Kuramori at the park. Kuramori says to her, that she’s a monster and does not value her own child. (the snapshot is taken before he saying that)

After telling her all these things about a monster not having emotions, Tamura starts feeling something (probably what mothers feel towards her childrens) and when Kuramori wants to kill the baby (not like he would actually kill it) she kills him.

Now, she flees, and police goes after her, however they fail. The episode ends with Tamura and Shinichi facing each other. Are they going to fight? Or just talk? Until next week, decide it for yourself. :P 

As I mentioned in last week’s episode review, Tamura really didn’t die, but Kuramori did. Hah, I’m going to be an oracle. :’D

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Kiseijuu/Parasyte - Ep.16

 Spoiler alert! 

In this episode, we’ll see the fight between Shinichi and Miki. Remember how in the end of the 15th episode Migi says that 3 parasites are inside Miki? Well, now we get to know that he has 5.. (that was the ‘wtf’ moment for me..)

Shinichi is forced to flee now, how could he defeat 5 parasites when both he and Migi is tired? Luckily, he manages to escape.

After this, our private investigator, Kuramori’s family will be murdered and his office will be burnt. He starts to go insane. (Somehow, I knew that he or his family will get killed, sad. :/ )

At last, but not least, Tamura Reiko is considered a threat by other parasites and they’ll start hunting her. It’s because she starts to understand human feelings. At least I think that’s the reason.

And finally, here’s a nice picture of Tamura smiling at her baby. I really think that she start, or at least wants to understand human feelings. :)

I’m very excited for episode 17 and don’t really think that Tamura will die, however I have a slight feeling, that Kuramori will… :/ 

Thank you for reading, feel free to share your opinions and thoughts about this episode!