Now, this is just lazy and disrespectful.

In the latest “the white fashion world thinks all Black models look alike, but refuses to admit their racist opinions” news, TheFashionisto has woefully mistaken (and we most CERTAINLY use the term “mistaken” loosely) model Henry Pedro Wright for Kumi Keazor. Now, the two men certain have somewhat similar hairstyles, but any perfunctory glances between the two shows that they’re distinctive from each other in a way that isn’t too hard to notice… especially when you’re posting TEN photos of the model in question. 

This sort of “mix up” is all too common on Tumblr, which frustrates us to no end, but really just confirms what we’ve knows for a while – that when it comes to Black models, there’s a level of neglect and apathy from a majority of white people involved in fashion. Really, we hate to say this, but the blatant way that Black models are constantly and carelessly mistaken for each other and mistagged can’t go unnoticed for people who care deeply about models of color. 

We sincerely hope that the sort of “passive” racism that allows these careless misnomers can be rectified… but we won’t hold our breath. 

On a positive note, we’re very proud of Henry and his H&M campaign, which is gorgeous. He’s been big during Milan Fashion Week and we hope to see much more of him in the upcoming shows at New York Fashion Week in February!