Backpacking in the Iranian Deserts. Some nice outcrop and rock views, lots of pitting on the rock surfaces from salt

studying linguistics has made “fun lettering” even better for me because now I read all the diacritics accurately. It’s hilarious. 

Coldstone Creamery’s Germanchökolätekäke?


Twenty-øne Piløts?

“Twenty-euh-neh Pee-luts”


gosh I’ve been weepy since yesterday ‘cause of that sudden burst of love. I say it every single time and I’m not tired because this means so much to me. And I wish I could just scream my lungs out how much I love you all and how much better you make my life just being there for me. I love you guys, you’re the best!

Thank you @oroku-venus-demilo, @millin21, @bruneli12, @kuh-boose, @error404cantfindusername and sweet anon! You’ve made my whole week <3


So kann man auch ein Produkt bewerben… Kuh tanzt im Supermarkt.