White people are fucking at it again. This time, it’s the AFGHAN culture that they are stealing and labelling as their own. These special tribal jewelry does NOT belong to you, “bohochic” my ass. These white people from the corners of Australia are selling MY CULTURE, making hundreds and hundreds of money off of them. CULTURE APPROPRIATION IS NOT OKAY. STOP STEALING SHIT THAT ISNT YOURS. STOP DISREGARDING THE ORIGINAL OWNERS OF THESE CULTURAL ITEMS.
PLEASE SHARE THIS , REPORT THEIR INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS Gypsyriver​ (instagram: @gypsyriver) & Lost Lover​ (instagram: @lostloverstore) AND EMAIL THEM AT info@lostlover.com.au & kerrie@gypsyriver.com.au

Show them that they CANNOT take what isn’t theirs.


The Traditional dress of Afghanistan. As a chiefly rural and nomadic population, the Pashtun dress of Afghanistan is typically made from light linens. The dresses are detailed with gold threading, gold beads, and come in many different colors on silk fabrics. These dresses are usually worn to special occasions. Many of the co-ethnic groups who live alongside the Pasthuns in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iran have also adopted the dress because of comfort or popular culture.