Kubodera Akira

Akira Kubodera is also on facebook now, with this awesome background picture.

I’m certain he loved those poses! He looks like he had so much fun doing them. Was perhaps asking to do some more each time they thought they were done. Ended up in the hundreds. They had to turn off the lights to make him stop. Realizing then he continued in the dark. Had to tell him his wife is on the phone and sounds urgent to finally get him off the set. He’s still doing them at home for the kids at least once per day.  ;) ;) ;)


Musical “Hakuouki” Reimeiroku has finally started! The “dawn” of the Shinsengumi, the new cast gives an enthusiastic performance (½)

Our first preview shots of Reimeiroku are out!  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


Musical “Hakuouki” Reimeiroku [On-the-Spot Interview]

A wonderful clip of Hashimoto Shouhei, Aramaki Yoshihiko, Kubodera Akira, Shiramata Atsushi, and Sasaki Yoshihide from Theater Clip. Check out the full article here.


From Aramki Yoshihiko’s blog post 05.24.2015

[Picture 1]: “With Renren who cried at today’s curtain call. Waaaah ( p_q)”

[Picture 2]: “Hide-san, Renren, and Aramaki.”

[Picture 3]: “Everyone. Kondou-san is there too (ノ´▽`)ノ”

[Picture 4]: “After today’s performance I went and had dinner with Kimeru-san, Jouji-san, Teruma and a producer.”



Comments from the Joypolis special event that happened on May 12th. You can feel the passion in their comments and many express their desire to do their best to carry on the soul of the previous shows and give a good performance.