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F(x) Reaction to their girlfriend getting braces

I decided to be make this request a little more creative by making each girl react to a specific stage in the process of getting braces. For example, getting the procedure done, them taking care of you afterwards, when they go to a dentist appointment with you, etc.   

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The day after you got your braces Victoria was very anxious to see how you would deal with the soreness. She read everything she could online about the daily care of braces so that the both of you would be prepared matter what. Victoria tries her best to make sure that your braces don’t come loose, meaning she’ll make you eat soft foods and will always have wax ready. During the first few days after getting the braces Vic will gladly dote on you. 

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Amber will be incredibly prepared the day you finally get your braces, she makes sure that you ate softer food for breakfast and she even told you that there wasn’t much to be worried or nervous about. Once in the orthodontist office getting the braces applied, Amber will constantly reassure you to help ease your tension as she rubs circles on your hand. After it’s done she’ll tell you how well you did and how the braces accentuate your beauty even more.

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Unfortunately Luna was not able to be with you when you got your braces as she was in Japan at that time. You had already gone through the worst days of the getting them. Sunyoung was super excited and anxious to see how you looked since she made you not send her any pictures, as she wanted to see you in person first. When she saw you smile obviously she smiled too because you looked extremely beautiful with the new braces.

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Sulli always made an effort to attend your doctor/dentist appointments because she naturally cares about your health, so when your dentist says that you will need braces to fix your teeth. She feels bitter about the news as she, personally thinks there’s nothing wrong with your teeth. But with a small dose of a reality check Sulli realizes that she isn’t a professional and that although she somewhat disagrees with your decision she’ll be there every step of the way.

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The first day was easy, the soreness barely affected you but once the second day hit you; you really started to feel the affects of getting braces. Krystal was anxious and scared for you since the soreness was making you uncomfortable and was significantly making it harder for the both of you to sleep. Soojung started to regret not researching more about braces, but the best she could do to ease the annoying braces by just being there whenever you needed her.

I Still Can’t Get Over the concept that

f(x) bring in crowds like this

But Amber is So chill and does stuff like this

One day Amber could be at some skate park in Korea with random strangers and no one gives a crap. The next day she’s performing in a stadium in Tokyo and she’s apart of one of the highest selling kpop girl groups today. I Will never understand how she can do that. Amber has the perfect balance of fame and normal lifestyle how did she fucking achieve it what are her secrets