Krust Co

KRUSTco - Second Ave. in Long Branch, NJ

After Scala’s, I walked down the street a few hundred yards to KRUSTco, a spot I read about in a recent article from The Star-Ledger. I figured if it’s good enough for them, I had to put in my two cents.

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I’ve got to hand it to the Munchmobile, they were spot on with this one. This slice was PERFECT. I want to say it was brick oven as it was super duper thin. That sauce spot also looks disgusting, but I didn’t mind one bit because the sauce was incredible. It was deep red and I couldn’t eat it fast enough. The balance of cheese to sauce to crust was wonderful. While I will say the slice was a little small, it was only $1.85 and well worth it. Possibly the best slice I’ve ever had on the Jersey shore. HIGHLY recommended!


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