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Link to 2nd post with male trainers

Pokemon XY trainers and their pokemon based on available in-game outfits.

Playthrough 1: Sporty tomboy who likes to use tricks

Playthrough 2: High-class dandy boater who uses water type

Playthrough 3: Super spoopy dark/fairy/ghost trainer

Playthrough 4: Punky rocker who likes cool pokemon (guitar not actually available)

Gallery with tons of outfit combos (girl only)

Sorry for the long post. Some detail images below the cut:

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Guess Feraligatr is going to be my first starter of Gen2 (I do have Meganium and Typhlosion drawn just need to go over them and color)

so crocodiles haha…was a little tricky picking all subspecies and colors apart

as a bonus 

(cause I thought to draw a Gharial subspecies but that seemed more fitting for Krookodile. Went with the False Gharial for Feraligatr instead)


Lopunny Variations

aaaand its finally done!!! a lopunny for every single type out there so far!

i think this pokemon variation meme thing is really fun to do, more artists who love pokemon should give it a try.

for the dragon one i had to mix ekans and goodra because lopunny cannot breed with dragon types!


Tyrantrum Crossbreed

Is it too late to post this? I mean, I did mine when everyone was doing so, but I just got a new scanner to work

This is my pokemon crossbreed, I made it almost inmediatly after watching jurassic world, so I kinda had the dinosaur hype flowing trough me

My favs are the Sharpedo(Charcharadontosaurus) and Krookodile(Suchomimus)

Hope you like it