Kristina tries to cosplay


Hey this is like a month late but I figured I should probs upload some pics at some point so

Long story short, when I went to MAGFest this year I cosplayed as Margaret, the spirit of the magic gun from Atop the Fourth Wall. Because I wanted to do something cool (and it IS semi-connected to the gun), I decided to also make my own version of the Silent Hill book from some of the story-arc reviews!

It ended up taking about eight hours – six to teastain all the pages of the book (protip: use a hairdryer and be prepared for mind-numbing boredom) and two to write all the stuff in it. I also ended up writing a lot of non-canon stuff in it (not pictured here) and I guess if people want I can upload pictures of those pages too? Basically it was a lot of references to some of my favorite horror fiction – Event Horizon, the Chzo Mythos, Amnesia, BEN Drowned, a little bit of Cabin in the Woods, and obviously Silent Hill.

So yeah, this was a pretty fun art project of sorts to do, and I’m quite proud of it!! :D (Also, click through the pictures for some individual commentary hehe.)