Kristina Fekhtman


Ok, I don’t know if you guys remember me mentioning Eric’s sister’s roommate and how her being at family gatherings made me feel like a swamp monster because she’s so beautiful (she was a model in Russia before she came here) and nice and sweet to Evie but I just found out she’s an artist too and holy crap. Isn’t her work amazing?! My inferiority complex had doubled after seeing the stuff she paints.

Anyway, I after visiting her site I knew I had to get her some exposure because look at this stuff! She’s incredible! She has a ton of work here and I think I need to talk to her about her pricing because she’s cutting herself short by asking so little for prints. You can get a 7.5"x12" print of that top piece for $6.60. That’s so little for something so beautiful! 

So guys, go buy her stuff, and now would probably be better than after I see her on Thursday because we’re going to have a talk about how she needs to be asking more for each print. It’s gorgeous and it’ll make your house look great. Plus, I know she’s not making much money at her day job. I would hate to see her stop because she couldn’t afford the materials or something. And if you’re in Buffalo, stop by Wine on Third on Thursday (at 501 Thurd Street, Niagara Falls @ 7pm) to see her work displayed! She’s going to have it hanging for a month I believe, so go check it out, maybe buy a piece and help support a local artist!