Got this made at the Festival of Pilipino Arts and Culture Today! Its by an artist named Kristian Kabuay (you should check out his stuff!)

The words I asked him to write are “Sipag” and “Tiyaga” which means Hard Work and Dedication. 

Here’s a timelapse of him working on it 

Contribution to 'Sulat ng Kaluluwa' project by Christian Cabuay


Malay is the Tagalog word for awareness. If added with the “ka-” “-an” affixes, i.e. kamalayan, it does not only connote stream of consciousness. Kamalayan also means collective consciousness. One is described to be “may malay-tao” if he or she is awake.

It is in this awareness that I have inspiration to create art. My process is not to only express my cognitive state from which I recognize my existence as an individual. The constant challenge is how to act more deliberately through way of life, juxtaposing myself as an agent of change without drawing too much attention to my self—

but to the knowledge that I am one in the collective. Being Filipino I recognize that “malay” also refers to the race under which I am classified. Yet I also act upon this knowledge by working with Anakbayan-Toronto, a comprehensive national democratic Filipino youth organization. We hold a series of activities called Kamalayan to uplift and inform young people of their crucial role in creating change.

168 words 997 characters


“Metonymy and Metaphor in Grammar”
edited by Klaus-Uwe Panther, Linda L. Thornburg, Antonio Barcelona



Baybayin: Resurrecting the Ancient Calligraphy of the Philippines

The ancient Filipino script of Baybayin was all but wiped out by the colonial domination of the Spanish. However artist Kristian Kabuay is attempting to resurrect this script as a means of exploring his own Filipino culture and identity. View a selection of images of his artworks on