fechuzh-deactivated20160515  asked:

Ate do you know any sites online where I can learn Baybayin?

Hello! :) There are quite a lot however my recommended places to learn are sites by those who have been active and contributing to the Baybayin community for years. There is Nordenx, who has made the majority of the fonts you see of baybayin. Kristian Kabuay, a well known artist and lecturer in the Baybayin community and the guy who runs There is Paul Marrow’s website on the script, though not a Pilipinx himself, he is a respected and major contributor in the Baybayin community. For those interested in Kulitan, which is the Kapampangans native script, you can check out Mike Pangilinan’s book, Kulitan and his website, for everything on the script and everything on Kampampangan language, history, and culture, which he is very, and mean very, passionate and vocal about. For Suwat Bisaya, you can check out Akopito’s website which talks about not only the Bisayan version of the script but also anything on our history and culture as Bisayans.

And that is pretty much it that I can think of at the top of my head. There is also the active Baybayin group page on Facebook where everyone in the community tends to hang out and share information and artwork. First rule of thumb when joining the community however, do not, in any circumstances, ask us how to write something for you. Your name, a word, or whatever, especially if you want to tattoo yourself in baybayin. Now I don’t mean you necessarily when I say you, but I mean to anyone reading this. Don’t even ask. I have several of that in my inbox and some I have refused to answer, mainly those asking for the sake of a tattoo. If you don’t want to take the time to learn the script don’t bother those of us who have just to get a tattoo as a mock symbol of cultural pride. Sure you can wear it, but if you don’t even know the history of the writing scripts or how to write it, not even interested in doing so, that just mocks the writing system and our culture. Take the time to learn it. The people I mentioned above have provided them. Not only is it rude but it’s also disrespectful.