Linden Innovators 2

Innovators 2 is on at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art on Acland st in st kilda until the 24th of July, and the exhibiting artists are Dawn Gamblen & Minaxi May, Kirra Jamison, Elaine Miles, Valentina Palonen, Kristin Phillips and Naomi Troski.

I visited this exhibition yesterday and am always so happy to visit Linden because it is such a beautiful building, see the photo above. Having works installed in a building that is not generic makes for an interesting combination of site-specificity and attempted gallery context. I definitely think that the this context affected each work within the gallery both succesfully and unsuccesfully.

The Naomi Troski installation was definitely my favourite. The catalogue states ‘composed of white synthetic lattice suspended by rope, Troskis amorphous forms billow throughout Gallery 3. As you move around the room, in order to establish the optimum viewing angle to decode the ebb and flow of the plastic and rope structure you become acutley aware of how much you are looking through object rather than squarely at it’ I think for this reason being installed within a room that was almost completley windowed on one side, letting the light stream through to create a web of shadow and light within the room, was an integral part of the work. The windows on one side of the room coupled with the interlaced patterns blurred the demarkation between interior and exterior to create an otherwordly quality.

I also really enjoyed Kristin Phillips’ Burning up. The photo by no means does the work justice though, it consisted of one oversized flouro pink plinth and multiple small bronze casts of polymorphous shapes 'phallogothic’ I believe was the word used to describe it. This work was not so clearly affected by the context, however a hint at an engagement with the space could be found one of the small sculptures shaped appear as though melting off the marble mantle piece on the wall. It was difficult to clearly ascertain all of the elements within each small sculpture, and so it made the process of discovery more intriguing. Not sure if the gauche colour of the plinth worked with or against the congruity and coherence of the work, but I can always respect some sort of disruption to the standard 'sculpture-on-white-plinth’ default setting that galleries use.

I wasn’t such a fan of the Gamblen and May Piece which consisted of multiple bendy straws blu-tacked to the wall in various patterns and colours. Whilst I definitely recognise and encourage the use of found materials, (both the works I already decribed did so in one way or another) I feel like this work was not only over-powered by the space, it was doing nothing new to engage with contemporary practise. They sited Duchamp as an inspiration in the statement unsurprisingly, though I feel as though they desperately needed stronger conceptual grounds to justify the work as opposed to resting on the use of found material in combination with a vague critique of modern consumerism.


24 actors who played convincing siblings

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Who are your favorite on screen siblings?


CHILLED AIR is a group art exhibition using art to create an experience that is intellectually and physically stimulating for the viewer, drawing inspiration from how movie theaters operated during the Great Depression. In the 30s, the US experienced the worst economic and environmental disaster in its history. The Great Depression ravaged the country’s economy while its landscape was destroyed by the Dust Bowl.

With little to no job opportunities and a severe drought in full effect, there wasn’t much hope to be found in everyday life. While many industries collapsed during this time, movie theatres flourished because they were able to provide people with things they desperately needed: hope, the rare moment away from unrelenting heat in an air conditioned building, and a platform for the exchange of new ideas.

CHILLED AIR takes place amidst what might become the biggest economic catastrophe of our time. The Skate Art Park is our modern day movie theatre, providing physical and creative stimulus for contemporary viewers, featuring works by individual artists in a variety of mediums including video – some who also teamed up with Keen Ramps to a build the collaborative skate park installation. The show will open on Go Skateboarding Day, will be free to the public, and will remain open as the only evening skate park on the east side for its three-week run time.

Come down to Think Tank Gallery on June 21st, Go Skateboarding Day, to look at some art, skate around, listen to live music by Yarrow Slaps, Luke Pelletier and more, and escape the LA heat!


Opening Saturday, June 21st 2014 from 7PM - 12AM

939 Maple Ave, Second Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Show Runs June 21st – July 12th, 2014

Michael Hsiung - Jeffery Kubasak - Philip Morgan - Luke Pelletier - Austin England - Teddy Kelly - Michael Sieben - Yarrow Slaps - Miles Jackson - John F. Malta - Ben JensenSheryo - The Yok - Dillon Froelich - Timothy Olson - Bryan Peterson - Nathan Brown - Russ Pope - Kristen M Liu - Brian SmithEgan Franks - Scott TeplinSophie Roach - Ashley Niven  - Ally Atchison - Christian Stearry - Clint Peterson - Eric McHenry - Ryan Ady Putra

Curated by Austin England & Luke Pelletier

Sponsored by Keen Ramps

My Thoughts On This Year's Oscar's Summed Up in One Text Post

1. Hooraaaaay, Ellen!

2. “The most important thing is love and family and friendship. And the people who don’t have that usually go into showbusiness”-Ellen

3. They played “I Dreamed a Dream” when Anne came out yaaaaaay!

4. OF COURSE Ellen mentions Finding Nemo

5. Ooooh, yeah Meryl, give us that shimmy!

6.Frozen won yaaaaaay!

7. Great dress, Sally Fields!

8. Joseph Gordon Levitt bowing to Emma Watson…..can’t even

9.Woohoo you GO Angela Lansbury….and she called her honorary Oscar a “golden chap” how precious is that?

10. So apparently, Will Smith recognized one of the red carpet camera men from “Fresh Prince of Belair” and ackowledged him….this is why I love this guy.

11. Liza plus Ellen equals fabulous!

12. Benedict Cumberbatch is the master photobomber! (And apparently my sister does not know who he is…I’m crying)

13. I was rooting for Sally Hawkins to win Best Featured Actress but Lupita deserved it as well, her speech was so cute!

14. Well done, Ellen. You broke Twitter.

15. Whoa, Ellen just bought everybody pizza!

16. Loved the orchestral version of Cups they played for Anna Kendrick!

17. The Wizard of Oz tribute made me cry. Wish they would have featured more of Judy Garland’s kids though, but their prescense there brought tears to my eyes. Pink did okay, but she breathed in random places which drove me nuts. But I loved Ellen in the Glinda dress!

18. Benedict will be the death of me.

19. In memorium….right in the feels.

20. Idina, sweetie, you are my home girl forever and ever but what happened? It’s okay you’re still the queen and I still love you.

21. I was rooting for Saving Mr. Banks to get best score dangit.

22. HOORAY LET IT GO WON! and Bobby and Kristen’s speech was the best of the night! And now Bobby is an EGOT winner. (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) 

23. Everyone has been behaving at these Oscars….which means I am loosing at Oscar bingo…..

24. YES CATE BLANCHETT WON!! Very class speech. All those ladies were desrving, but Cate was my personal favorite, Blue Jasmine was SO GOOD.

25. Poor Leo just can’t catch a break….

Well, thus concludes my Oscars commentary. Whee.

French motorcycle racer Phillipe Monneret talks #kristenstewart to people 

It was far from an average day on set for Kristen Stewart as she began filming her new movie Personal Shopper in Paris on Tuesday.
The actress was spotted popping out of Cartier on the rue de la Paix, clad in a motorcycle helmet and juggling a number of shopping bags from the jewelry store and Christian Louboutin as she filmed a scene. Stewart then straddled a motor scooter while still juggling the merchandise and drove out into traffic, heading off toward the city’s famed opera house.

The sequence was surprisingly daunting for the Twilight star: Her scooter-driving skills were fresh.

Stewart arrived in Paris over the weekend, and before boarding the bike on set (and driving into real city traffic) had only one day of experience.

French motorcycle racer Phillipe Monneret, who coached the star, tells PEOPLE the actress had a three-hour driving session on Monday at a closed circuit track in Meudon to prepare. This was followed by one hour of real time driving on the Paris streets before Tuesday.

She took to it, picked it up, real quickly. It seems to amuse her,” Monneret tells PEOPLE.“She’s really very athletic.

Monneret had Stewart ride a 125 cc motorcycle to give her the feel and teach her the basics. For Personal Shopper, the actress will mount a Peugeot 50 cc scooter.

It’s a smaller bike and she’s doing well with it,” he says, adding, “She’s very game. Nothing put her off.”

Stewart’s on-the-street scenes continue this week before the production – which unites her with her Sils Maria director Olivier Assayas – heads on to London, Prague and Oman.

Monneret, who has coached a number of French actors for driving roles, says Stewart was the first American actress he’d trained.

I know she’d won a Cesar but I’d no idea who she was,” he confesses, “My daughters though, they know.”

Personal Shopper is a ghost story set in the fashion underworld in Paris, according to Variety.


Dream Cast for Life Is Strange

Max Caulfield- Grace Phipps
Kate Marsh- Taylor Swift
Chloe Price- Kristen Stewart
Warren Graham- Graham Phillips
Rachel Amber- Jana Molder
Nathan Prescott- Jamie Bell
Mark Jefferson- Ryan Reynolds
Victoria Chase- Jennifer Lawrence


I have what I almost just called an irrational hatred of heroin.  It’s not irrational, though, not when you’ve seen so many lives ruined and lost so many friends.  Portland in the 90s was a heroin free-for-all and sometimes I felt like everyone I knew was a junkie.  And the hits have just kept coming because this shit is fucking insidious.  I turn around and it’s fucking up my family, kids I work with, people I used to date.

I don’t have pictures of everyone who died or disappeared or fucked up their lives back then, so pictures of famous people heroin killed will have to do.


With “Hold On,” Wilson Phillips drew strength from sisterhood

Re-popularized by Bridesmaids, the song is a stomp-clap rally call for troubled women—or, really, anyone who’s having a rough go of things. As the anthemic chorus goes, “Don’t you know things can change / Things’ll go your way / If you hold on for one more day.” Knowing what we know now about both the Wilson sisters’ lives and what kind of household Chyna Phillips grew up in, that’s a message that has become more prescient than ever. Those girls knew and know from pain and struggle, and that they were able to pull themselves out of it—as hard as that was and probably still is—well, that’s nothing short of miraculous.

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