Taylor follows 184 people (as of 3/6/15). 184.

18 4

one direction has a song called 18 on four. FOUR. where have we seen that before? that’s right.

harry’s nipples. one for every member of one direction. one. direction. you know what else goes in one direction? 


ed sheeran once posed like the shark from jaws in an interview once. ed and taylor are best friends. they have a song together called “everything has changed”. innocent, right? WRONG.

look closer. “everything” 

every THING.

the word everything has “thing” once in it you know what else has one thing?

one direction’s debut album. but what else is called "up all night"?

american sitcom starring maya rudolph and will arnett. both of which are connected to amy poehler. amy poehler used to work at saturday night live. who else works at snl?

kristen wiig. who has she played in the past?

TAYLOR SWIFT. additionally, who has danced with?

harry styles. after snl in 2014. 2014?

2 0 1 4. 4 numbers. which brings us all the way back to that 


wake up america.