~I fixed it~

SAUSAGE PARTY is FUCKING (I stress the word fucking here) hilarious time and is genuinely one of the most non-PC films I’ve ever seen. There are so many moment and situations I’d love to discuss but I don’t even think I can put them into words. It’s vulgar/crass while at the same time being incredibly intelligent and offers an amazing viewpoint/talking point about God, religion and belief systems. I don’t really want to get into this film too much (maybe it’s why I’m writing about it today and not after I saw it) because it’s something you need to experience on your own. It’s gorgeous to look at, offers some fantastic action sequences (and horror sequences too) and the humor/thought provoking material come in equal measures. If you enjoy any of the names on this poster you need to check this out (or you probably have at this point) because it’s one of the best times I’ve had in the theaters in 2016.