also really quick the villain in ghostbusters was a whiny dude who was like “i am a GENIUS and EVERYONE IS MEAN TO ME SO I NEED TO DESTROY THE WORLD” and the women are like “uh dude, same here and people are completely shitty to us too, if not shittier, and somehow we manage to not do that??” and if that doesn’t sum up a lot of violent shit that goes on in the world today then i don’t know what does

Obviously, I really enjoyed the new Ghostbusters, and I’ve been thinking about how much a movie like that would’ve meant to their characters when they were kids. I’m so excited for the kids who’ll grow up with this film as a part of their childhood! So here are Holtzmann, Abby, Erin, and Patty as junior high schoolers, growing up as geeks in their own respective, delightful ways.

I don’t usually have time for fan art but my drawing hand’s been giving me trouble, so I wanted to try a looser style that doesn’t strain my muscles quite so much. Perfect opportunity to do something different, right?