Kristee Ono


Tonight at Literary Pop We’ve got writers and comics delving into their favorite spooky and scary aspects of Pop Culture. 

Tonight we’ll feature: 

Annalee Newitz on Kaiju!
Kristee Ono on Harley Quinn!
Tshaka Menelik Imhotep Campbell on American Horror Story!
Casey Childers on John Carpenter’s The Thing!
Wonder Dave on Night of the Living Dead and Dark Shadows!
CJ on Snidely Whiplash!
Natasha Muse on Satan!

Tickets are $9 in advance or $12 at the door! 


Panda Express by. Edwin Li 

Happy Valentine’s Day

Written, Directed by Edwin Li
Filmed by Justin Encinas, Mathew Szymanowski
Edited by Edwin Li, Mathew Szymanowski
Staring: Kristee Ono, Edwin Li, and Watie as the Dog

Special Thanks to Ramind Lee