Krist Novoselic

Happy 25th birthday to an album that changed my life. Even though i run a green day blog i was into nirvana first. Every song on this damn thing is a master piece. I still remember what happened when i first heard them.

I was 8. My dad was driving me to a doctors appointment and he had the classic rock radio station on. It was playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. I asked, “who is this?” He said, “Nirvana”. I asked him, “How old is this song?” “1990’s” he said. I gasped and he said “Yep, they’re way ahead of their time.”

And he’s right Kurt Cobain was a genius whether he liked to be portrayed as one or not. This album changed the music industry forever. Nirvana were underdogs. No one expected this album to be as big as it was. 30 million albums sold big.

Let me tell you something, without this damn album Green Day, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low and many more bands would not have hit it as big. So if your favorite band is one that came after Nirvana the least you can do is thank them. Thank them by listening to the album.