Remember when Baekhyun said They are not strippers, They are singers... :/ Tell me Baekhyun what is this then? :p

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Kris’ legal representatives announced on Thursday that Kris has signed a new contract with S.M that allows him to engage in activities outside of Korea and China. This means he can work with other recording labels or agencies that are not in the two countries.

Luhan’s legal representatives also said that Luhan has renewed his contract with S.M., and is able to freely pursue a career in China without being restrained by his agency.

Their new contracts last till 2022.


Exo’s Reaction - You Confessing To Them Accidentally Whilst Drunk

Hey thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


Xiumin - *He wouldn’t know what to do apart from look at you with total surprise and wouldn’t be able to get it out of his head*

Lay - *He’d get so confused about this but would say ‘I love you’ back not knowing it was a confession so he meant it in a best friend way*

Kai - *He’d blush a little and get a tiny bit embarrassed but he knew not to get his hopes up until he knew the truth when he asks you when you’re stable enough, the next day*

Suho - *He’d be more worried about your state than what was coming out of your mouth. He’d take you back to the dorm and lay you in his bed, then once the morning has come around, he’d come in to ask you about if you remember what happened last night*

Kyungsoo - *He’d get a little frustrated with this as he wouldn’t know whether to believe it or not. He’d wait until you become sober and would subtly bring this up to make sure he doesn’t get the wrong idea*

Tao - *He’d just bitch at you for being so drunk that you thought you loved him*

Chen - *At first he’d be a little confused to where that came from but he’d somehow to manage get your words recorded so he could tease you about it when you’re sober to see if you actually mean it or not*

Kris - *Probably as drunk as you are and wouldn’t even remember what he had that morning the next day so you’ll be safe*

Chanyeol - *He’d be crippled because it’s funnier when you’re drunk so he’d think you’re playing a prank on him*

Baekhyun - *He’d actually find it hysterical as he’d know how to use this as many ways of blackmailing you*

Sehun - *He’d sass the shit out of you because he’d have the feeling that because you’re almost to the point where you needed the alcohol to be taken from you, he’d think that you’re just being delirious and just plain stupid*

Luhan - *He’d try to tell you, while you’re still drunk that it’s just the alcohol that’s making you be like this. Until he knew you were sobered up the next day he’d bring it up straight away just to make sure* 


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EXO’s Reaction To You Being Easily Scared

Anon asked: Hey can i request exo reaction to their gf being easily scared? Love ur blog!

I loved this request. I think it’s really cute and hopefully you guys will like it too. I formal did this reaction while listening to MAMA by EXO M ♡ Admin Joey


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Wraps his arms around you. “It’s okay, I got you. I’m here. No need to be scared.” You’re the pillow


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You wraps your arms around him. Imagine your Tae Oh “You can just hold on to me, it’s okay. Calm down you’re going to be fine.”


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“Here have my hand…. hold it. I’ll protect you no matter what.”


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You put your head on his shoulder and cover your eyes. Exactly Sunggyu here  “I know you’re scared but your too cute.”


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Looks around to see what could’ve frightened you. “What is it? Did something scare you? Are you okay?”


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“What could you even be scared of? I’m not even scared.”


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Asks you what’s scaring you but you don’t say anything cause your heart is beating too fast. “Oh come on, tell me what it is. Is it a cockroach? You know I hate them.”


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*Completely worried* “Oh my god. Are you okay? Did I do something? Did you see something? What happened?”


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*Tough Voice* “Jagiya. What happened? Do I need to fight someone?”


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“You don’t have to be scared. Breathe. Everything is fine.”


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“You were scared?!? What? How?” *In complete disbelief*


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“Don’t be so scared. I’m with you so don’t worry.”


Possessive Sehun texts

Sehun being a little possessive to you while he was away on tour. International fans 

Let’s talk about this Sehun. Keep on your lane Hunnie. Last for tonight because we’re going somewhere tomorrow. srsly. I have to wake up around 3 am

Imagine Kris setting the world aflame with his fiery breath. He shall see the peasants burn, and those who remain will worship him as a god. His wings beat mightily against the wind as he cackles in victory.

Sepanx ; Chanyeol Scenario (pt. 4)

Last part of the series. Lots of requests on queues~ Hahaha! I won’t be around tomorrow so I’ll do most of the requests today. Saranghae~ I hope you like this fail fluff.

Chanyeol didn’t hesitate to barge inside your hotel room before pulling you close to him. Your eyes widened as soon as he drew you close to him. “Y/N, jebal… take me back. I didn’t mean to say all those things to you. I was just tired and I missed you too much!” Tears started to stream down his cheeks. “Then I heard hyungs conversation. They asked me what if you happened to like someone while I’m away. Y/N, I can’t afford to lose you… I can’t afford to hear you say you’re breaking up with me.”

“That’s why you decided to break it off?” you asked while you keep your head buried on his chest.

“Y-Yes…” he stuttered.

You sighed heavily. “What are you going to do Yeollie? I’m getting ma—”

“NO! I WON’T ALLOW IT! EVEN IF IT MEANS I HAVE TO PUT HANDCUFFS TO BOTH OF US! I WON’T LET ANYONE HAVE YOU. I KNOW WE’RE MEANT TO BE.” Then he sobbed. “So please… call of the wedding… take me back… jebal?”

“HAHAHA!” you couldn’t hold back your laughter anymore. “Have you learned your lesson Park Chanyeol?” you asked as you hugged him back. “You’re lucky I love you,” you said as he buried his head in the crook of your neck.

“Are you just making fun of me?” he whispered.

“Nope… well, maybe. But I’m partly serious tho.” He faced you as his forehead creased.

“What do you mean?”

“Have you forgotten your promise before? Once I move here you’ll marry me.”

His eyes widened. “You’re moving here? How about your job at—?” you cut his sentence by kissing his lips before smiling.

“They transferred me here… To be with you.”

He pulled you again for another hug as he kiss your forehead. “GOD, I LOVE YOU!”

“Ehem. In case you forget, I’m still here.” You both looked at Baekhyun who was sitting comfortably at the bed. “I’m getting a girlfriend too. You’ll see.” He said which made you two laugh.

I’d rather break hearts. Gahd. I don’t know how to end this one. T^T