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exo's reaction when you suddenly begin teasing them while they have an important phone call

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*Mutes the phones call*

Xiu: “Jagi, you’re going to need to either move or help me out here because you’ve caused a…problem…


Luhan to himself: “Ignore it, Luhan, ignore it. In a minute she’ll stop and give up.”


*Kris wouldn’t even be fazed by your teasing one bit, he’d probably just act as if you weren’t there and he’d continue his phone call.* 


*Suho would buy you out of teasing him.*


Lay: “Woah! Why is this happening…”


*Once you start teasing him by giving him a lap-dance, he’d mute the phone call right away.*

Baek: “Jagiya  Aren’t you going to help me? This is your fault, after all.” 

*He’d arch up his hips slightly to make sure you feel what you’ve done.*


Chen says to himself: “ Hold it in, Chen… Hold it in. She’s not worth it.”


*Chanyeol would get so flustered, he’d end up accidentally hanging up the phone call.*

Chanyeol: “See what you do to me? Stop teasing, jagi…”


*As soon as he saw you walking towards him,he knew your motives and muted the call.*

D.O: “Not right now babe… Important call. Give me like 20 minutes and come back.”

*Unmutes the call and continues talking.*




*Kai would stay calm and collected while he was on the phone, but when the phone call was over he’d come to get what you were asking for.*

Kai:  “Don’t leave me hanging, Jagiya… Look at you’ve caused…”


*Sehun would purposely hang up the phone call.*

Sehun: “You wanna play? Let’s play…”

*Long story short, y’all end up fucking.* 

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Love your reactions sososo much!! Can you do the boys reacting to neck kisses from their s/o? (Ones in private) thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️


His heart is beating fast and he has a smile spread across his face all the time. “Jagi, that’s so nice~”


Finds it adorable and soon after he starts kissing you too all over your face. “My turn! Come here”


At first insists that it should be him kissing you, but then realizes that it’s gonna be his guilty pleasure from now on. “Well, I could get used to it”


It’s obvious that he enjoys it, but is too shy to admit it, instead smiles at you. “That feels good, Jagiya”


Finds it hot and leads you to bed (nooo, it’s not what you think~) for cuddles. “Let’s continue it here”


Sits still and doesn’t move at all, trying to contain his emotions, but when you pause he blurts out “no, don’t stop”


What started as cuddling soon becomes something more dirty, since he finds it very attractive. “Should I pay you back, my love?”


Is the other one who thinks it’s hot and gets very into it, later leading you to the bedroom to continue. “That’s nice, you know. Let’s do it more often”


Becomes red and stiff, but clearly enjoys the sensation. “What are you doing?” 


Smiles and calls you cute, but is willing to try it out himself too. “Now let me”


Lets out small excited noises all the time and looks at you wide-eyed, lost between it being adorable and hot. “Jagi! I think that’s my new favourite activity!”


Fully supports your actions, stroking your back as you kiss him. “I love you too, sweetie”

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