lok wing au, with help from @ereshkigal

  • korra: osprey/seahawk wings. the best flyer in any situation, pulls off some truly spectacular and daring dives into the water. she WILL knock you out of the sky if you test her
  • mako: crow wings. written off as a scavenger but ferociously intelligent, the largest wingspan of the krew. his wings look pretty dull and uninteresting at first but the closer you get, the more traces of blue and green you see. a relatively stable flyer, no matter the weather
  • bolin: pigeon wings. the iconic Urban Bird, soft grey with lovely shades of shimmery green. he’s something of a nervous flyer (secretly afraid of heights) unless mako coaxes him higher
  • asami: black + white swan wings, a very nice set. a dedicated preener. pretty territorial and aggressive about her airspace. likes risky maneuvers, but not rough weather

thanks its 2005 on ff.net all over again

Potrafisz wyobrazić sobie, że zamiast ciepłej bluzy zakładasz białą koszulę, a na nią marynarkę?
Że zamiast luźnych dresów ubierasz eleganckie spodnie?
Że zamiast iść na spotkanie ze mną, idziesz na mój pogrzeb?