30 Replacement Faces for Transformers Titan Masters

Renders of the first thirty of my replacement Titan Master faceplates for Transformers: Titans Return. Each face, once printed, can be swapped out for the faceplate on a standard Titans Return Titan Master with just a few twists of a screwdriver! Customizing has never been so easy.

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What a crazy awesome day. Yesterday the cast and EPs of TMNT took to the mainstage at NYCC for an audience jam-packed with screaming fans. If you missed the livestream, here’s a rundown of the big news:

- This season will have a crossover episode featuring the 80′s turtles including original voice actors.
- The return of Kra(a)ng’s MANDROID!
- Two new character announcements: Sal Commander (Keith David)  and Wyrm (Dwight Schultz).
- A sneak peek of a battle with Wyrm.
- Storyboard animatic sequence of the 80′s crossover.

And, of course, it was announced that Season 4 will PREMIERE ON OCTOBER 25TH!

For more, watch the full panel (including the sneak peek and storyboard animatic) on YouTube and check out the Storify of our live coverage.

We’ll also be posting more exclusive content from the panel over the next week, so stay tuned!


Apologies for the mega post, but I want to get all these characters together now that I’m done (for now) with doing this little redesign/character design project that I assigned myself. If you enjoy them, please share - trying to make this a full-time gig, folks.


Teenage Mutant Samurai Turtle by Chet Phillips / Store

Krang by Alexis Ziritt / Tumblr

Bebop Shredding by SHillustraion / Tumblr

Bbz & Ooze by Britt Sanders / Tumblr

Part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed art show opening August 30th, 2014, at A Shop Called Quest. Artwork on sale after the show opens HERE.