So I kind of stumbled into a little bit of money and wanted to spread some love to my followers. I’m not sure if this counts as a give away because I’m not actually giving away anything of my own. But yeah..back to the point….this give away is kind of aimed for kpop fans who want to support their faves but find it hard getting money to purchase said albums/merchandise (although anyone is welcomed to enter as this is to all my beautiful followers)

I am willing to spend up to £50 (this is around $76/€67 if I’m right?) on each of the 3 winners to purchase any kpop albums/merchandise that they want, within this limit ~ I will ship it back to mine and include loads of sweets and chocolates for the winners as well, then send it your way - the postage will be of no cost to you at all.


  • Must be following me - This is a give away for my followers so it’s kind of a must. But if your not already following and you want to enter then please do check my blog before following as I do post a lot and I don’t want you just tolerating my rubbish content until the final day.
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  • If you are under 18, please get permission from a parent/guardian as you have to give me your address and full name.
  • I will ship anywhere, you can live on pluto and I will find a way to get it to you.
  • ALL likes and reblogs count - but don’t be one of those people who just reblogs the crap out of it and fills up people’s dashes..just don’…
  • This give away finishes on November 2nd at midnight GMT. If you are one of the precious peaches to be chosen please make sure you respond to my message within 48 hours or I will chose someone else.

Please do message me any questions or queries. Obviously it might take a while to get to you, the worldwide postage and shipping community have a lot of work on their hands, so please be patient. Good luck and have the most splendid of days xxx (photo cr.)


Now i’ve been seeing this for a while since i’ve been into kpop but i don’t know if lately it’s been getting annoying or happening more often but i really wanted to address it due to this.

 STOP. ACTING. LIKE. YOU. KNOW. WHAT. GOES. ON. IN. KPOP. GROUPS. I really do hate when people see a video or a photo and assume out of it. In this case in this video B.I/hanbin tell Chanwoo to use informal speech and when he doesn’t B.I messes around with him. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like i didn’t notice or imagine how Chanwoo felt when B.I was being extra. My problem lies with the responses “get chanwoo out of this group” and “they’re bullying him” and “B.I has an ugly personality and they need to kick him out of ikon” and all this dramatic and negative response for not even a minute interaction between two members. And i bet its from people who didn’t even watch Mix and Match because if you did you would know that B.I fucking loves Chanwoo and wanted him out of the other two new comers into Ikon. When B.I was having previous stress it was Chanwoo would made him laugh. Additionally B.I LOVES messing with Chanwoo (like i said he might’ve taken it too far) but overall he doesn’t do it out of hate and don’t pull that ugly ass bullshit “oh you’re just defending your oppa” no i’m defending a human being yall are judging based off a video. Yall don’t know B.I, you guys don’t know Ikon in fact you don’t know ANYTHING that goes on in ANY group besides what they show you because you’re not in their group. You’re not their manager. You’re not Mr.Yg. You are a person behind a screen that is able to afford internet access to watch a 6 minute video that is displaying an event that happened out of a 24 hour day. And its not even just Ikon. It’s every group. Okay, maybe B.I does bully Chanwoo. Maybe its the other way around. Maybe Bobby makes them get in a boxing ring and fight while gaining money off of them. And heck he might’ve even apologized after rewatching his behavior. But the matter of the fact is yall don’t know SHIT. You won’t ever know shit. You will continue to not know shit.

Okay, but can One Direction dance like TVXQ!? Can One Direction sing like T-ARA? Can One Direction show musical variety like JYJ? Can One Direction become variety show gold like BTS or f(x)? Can One Direction DANCE like BoA or Minzy?? Can One Direction SING like 4Minute or Apink?? Can One Direction show musical VARIETY like Big Bang or B.A.P?? Can One Direction become variety show gold like Miss A or GOT7??

Some directioner tweeted this onto the #directionersfuneral tag (yeah they’re STILL using the hashtag) and I actually laughed because of the fact that they are actually PROUD that their fandom leaks the songs that the band they love worked hard to prepare, find out weird personal information and find their baby scans like wtf that’s on the lines of a sasaeng or worse like that’s so sad and weird like celebrities work hard to please their fans and it’s just never enough for people like that like do they honestly think it’s okay to do those things and do they think 1D are happy about it?? Like I know they’re celebrities and their life is basically public but they deserve SOME privacy and if you actually respected them you wouldn’t go prying into their life like that ew it’s so weird.


 . ♡^▽^♡ I’ve reached 100+ followers! Thank you so much. I will make a follow forever consisting of mutuals, my favourite accounts and the people who followed me just after I hit 100 bc I am thankful for you too. uwu I’m very sorry if i miss anyone, this is hard work when you follow a loooot of people! (i also included a few of my favorite artists ! ) also i’d like to take the time to be a little sappy, and say that i’m so glad there’s so many kpop fans so I can finally be myself without getting weird looks from people. owo a.k.a me at school. also since I’m suuuuper multi-fandom *accidentally stans 27+ groups* this will be a follow forever full of lots of different group focused blogs.

 I hope to make new friends since I have none and *hoshi voice* it’s very OTL. 

okay, so let’s get started~ ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

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All fandoms outside Kpop should know by now that when any Kpop group gets pitted against other non-Kpop fandoms in an online poll, you will be crushed.

It’s not even a competition anymore because you’re not going up against just one measly group’s fandom in Kpop, you’re literally going up against the entire global Kpop fandom, which is made up of millions and millions of people.

You don’t and will never stand a chance no matter how big and famous your favs are because most Kpop fans will sooner vote for ANY Kpop group to get exposure or a win over any world famous group/person. Kpop fans also have the distinct advantage of being way more passionate when it comes to voting since voting for shit is a very common thing within the community.

anonymous asked:

Does anyone else get extremely annoyed when white Kpop fans complain about how Kpop should accept non-Asian foreigners into their industry? And they act like they're entitled to it, too (I see it often on kpop confession blogs). They can easily get signed onto any music company in their own country, but they want to invade an industry when most of them probably can't even sing/dance or speak the Korean language at all, just because they want to meet their fav. Kpop stars??? IDFGI.

Even though I don’t listen to K-pop nowadays but THIS^^^this!!!!

-Mod H

Performing without Woohyun

They feel so awkward to watch and they are not as happy. Infinite is not Infinite without the whole seven of them, I hope Woohyun is well and joins the group soon :)

Woohyun’s presence is amazing though, you could clearly feel his absence screaming in your face even though Dongwoo and the rest did an amazing job nonetheless.

And was anyone else peeved because their mics seemed to always be too low when it was their cue to sing? Specially Dongwoo’s.

And Myungsoo and Hoya’s collab with A pink slayed. 


If anyone here has a kind heart. Can you please donate any Macbook fit for video editing to me. I really need one. I love editing for our local church but we do not have enough equipment and I am too poor. Contact me if you will donate. This is serious. I am begging you. PLEEEEAAAAASSSEEEE.

Here’s the indiegogo link if you want to donate:

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Two words... "Zico's hyung!"

This is a good one because 1. Taewoon is very relevant to my interests and 2. I would also have to fight you for calling him “zico’s hyung”

What would you yell out loud in order to find me in a crowd?

When will Kpop fans get a grip on their own lives and stop trying to give their 2 cents nobody asked for when it comes to Idols personal lives?

Yaw attitudes towards idols dating is real tired and real old. Stop trying to act like yaw better than Sasaeng when in reality yaw contribute to the abuse of someone’s mental state which can be just as deadly as contributing to the abuse of their physical state. Stop blaming companies for how they treat their artist when you stay popped up on their SNS making comments to tear them down just because you don’t agree with what they do.