for all of my poc kpop fans, lets make a list on what non poc kpop fans need to leave back in 2016, shall we?

- silencing poc kpop fans when a idol appropriates or slanders our cultures
- using the excuse of “they didn’t know because of where they grew up” when a kpop idol messes up
- using hashtags such as #justicefor_ that are made for serious issues in other cultures to support a kpop group
- getting mad at poc kpop pages because for once, you’re not included
- trying to speak for other pocs when you aren’t of that ethnicity

UPDATE: aye 2017 started only 2 and a half weeks ago and there’s already more to add.

- getting offended when called out about the behaviors stated above
- saying “poc kpop fans get triggered over everything!!1!1!” when these idols will literally shame, slander, and then romanticize the struggles of our cultures for their own pleasure and they do it cause they can. not cause “they didn’t know”
- make pages for wwam (white women, asian male) because of the uprising of poc kpop pages and feeling as if “white women aren’t praised enough” when literally every fanfic, scenario, reaction, and even idols themselves praise white features and use them in everything which makes the reading material in kpop not relatable to most poc’s

this is all I came up with but I’m probably missing some. feel free to reblog and continue.

just a thought but maybe those black girls who make the fan accounts/ videos about their interactions with xxxx kpop group get fan service because they are pretty not because they’re black??

no? just me? okay. Liking people because of their culture or race is called fetishism. And yes you can project your own fetishism on other people by over analyzing situations and using brief moments as support for your beliefs.

If he only like you cause you black, boo, he don’t like YOU.

s/o to all the alt/goth/scene/emo black kids who think they’re too black for the white kids and too white for the black kids

s/o to all my sensitive and fragile dark skinned girls who think they’re too dark to be cute and soft and pretty

s/o to all my white passing black kids who have to deal with people trying to tell you how black your are(you’re as black as you wanna be)

s/o to all my sensitive black boys that feel like you can’t show any emotions

s/o to all my ghetto kids gettin made fun of on a daily for their dialect only to go online and see these non black people gettin praised for doing the exact same thing

s/o to all the black kids with 4c hair that think they can’t go natural because their hair is too kinky(your hair is not nappy; shrinkage is horrible ik)

s/o to all my mentally ill black people who get told they just need to pray it away

s/o to all the black girls who wear sew-ins and get their hair done every month, don’t let people tell you you don’t love yourself(ain’t nobody finna spend 2k on they hair and not love themselves)

s/o to all the black people that grew up in white neighborhoods and can’t speak aave and bump justin bieber

s/o to all the mixed black people who grew up with an antiblack/fetishist parent and relatives

s/o to all the black girls with no ass and dance off beat

s/o to all the black people still trying to overcome their internalized antiblackness

s/o to all the sexual black girls/black girls who do sex work out here getting condemned on a daily and having people laugh at jokes about literal assault(ex: zola)

s/o to all the black people dealing with drug additions that are seen as nothing but a cheap “crackhead” joke

s/o to all the darkskinned fat black girls who are treated as nothing but mammy and precious and “strong independent sassy black women” jokes

s/o to black trans boys and girls being hated on by not just the black community but the trans community as well

s/o to all my black nerds who play pokemon and animal crossing and watch anime

s/o to all my black kpop fans getting harassed for liking a genre that copies off of your own culture 99% of the time

s/o to all the darkskinned boys who think they have to be tough and strong

s/o to all my underrated and stepped on black people that get hated just bc you don’t fit some made up 2d stigma we gon live thru this

  • kpop fans: daddy i love you!! be my daddy!!
  • kpop fans: is xyz ship real hehehehehehe
  • kpop fans: i wanna ride your thigh all night long
  • kpop fans: literally gets wet bc of sexy dance
  • kpop fans: TAKE OFF UR SHIRT
  • kpop fans: counts down the days until their underage bias is of age so they can verbally express the dirty thoughts they've been having for ages
  • kpop fans: you could do xyz to me/i'd do xyz to you
  • idol: curses

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I stg how some Kpop fans (justifiably) get mad whenever a koreaboo disrespects Korean Culture, but then the same fans are the ones telling us to "chill, it's just hair" or whatever when an idol disrespects black culture.

Right? Like if we’re calling out people for appropriating and misusing culture, let’s do it for all cultures :)

-Admin Kim

If you think People of color Kpop fans calling out appropriation or voicing their opinion on such subjects is “whining”

If you think its ok to say things like “black kpop fans are problematic”

If you think its ok to try and tell Poc fans how they should feel about something you know nothing about.

I usually don’t get caught up in stuff like this, but the blatant disrespect, disregard and full on middle finger I have seen Black and brown kpop fans get today is disgusting. Sometimes I forget in my little bubble that is my blog, just how fucking gross some other fans in my fandom feel about me and my fellow black kpop stans….

—  Sorry not sorry Bossy 😒

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Why do you hate bts?

I don’t hate Bts at all, I was a fan from Bullet Proof pt.2 until Blood Sweat & Tears. They were even my number one group for 3 years ffs.

I dislike Army’s (not all of them obviously) which is why I slowly fell out of love with Bts. Army’s need to realize they’re providing negative association to older fans which then alienates them to the group. Also, you can complain about it not being the fandoms fault there are so many bad apples but when Bts is now the first group for non kpop fans to get into, it’s not great when this is paving the way for what they believe is okay. The fandom as a whole is toxic even if all the fans aren’t. If you can deal with that, great. I couldn’t.

I still love the members despite some of their questionable actions and I still check out their music to see if they release anything I enjoy. But apart from that I stay clear as I can’t stand the fandom.


I got something for ya’ll tomorrow, and it involves LEATHER *wink wink wink*

ANYWAY, time for bed! 


GOOD NIGHT ARMYS and KPOP fans, get enough rest so ya’ll will have more strength to hold onto your wigs when they drop the album. 

Why do some Kpop fans get sooo mad when people compare Kpop to American music/artists? Whether you care to admit it or not, it’s obvious that American music influences a lot of Kpop, and that’s not a bad thing at all. I mean I think Kpop artists themselves would take it as a compliment if you compare them to American artists. BTS mainly lists American artists when they’re asked their favorite artists. EXO has about 3 hit songs written by an African American woman. BTS literally had a series where they learned about hip hop from black people. Their fashion/outfits in music videos are often quite similar to that of Americans. I’m only talking about BTS and EXO cause those are the only groups I listen to.

To me I see nothing wrong with this at all. Kpop is still unique due to the insane choreographies, multitalented members, and high quality music videos.

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This is quite a serious question but I just wanted your opinion on the whole Korean idols wearing cornrows and dreads thing. I noticed it was hot topic again with the EXO comeback and a lot of people have a split opinions on it. I just wanted to know your opinion as someone who's been in the kpop scene for a long time.

I’m going to start of by saying that nothing I say in this post reflects the opinion of the entire black community or kpop fans.

That being said I´m afro-caribbean which means I´m black so I have a lot to say on all of this.

First of all Korean artists wearing black hairstyles is nothing new.  Let me give you some examples:

Big Bang


Honey Family


Young Turks Club

A lot of Korean artists and companies seem to attribute certain things to certain music styles. You’ll notice that if a group does reggae or hip-hop then it’s very likely that there’s atleast one member with a black hairstyle. They seem to think that wearing certain clothes like snapbacks, saggy jeans, chains and having dreadlocks or cornrows or even just ´kinky hair´ makes you hip-hop. They emmulate what they see and they see some black people and black artists dress this way so they think that in order to be a respectable rapper; to have swag and be hip-hop they have to dress and act the same way.

1TYM even has a verse in Hot 뜨거  talking about this (@1:18)

I think that just like how a lot of Koreaboos don’t show any interest in Korean culture beyond kpop and telling their oppas how much they saranghae them the same goes for these k-hiphop artists and fans. They like the music and style that goes with it but they don’t take the time to research beyond that. They have no interest in the history of hip-hop or why so many (black) people get offended when they see someone who isn’t black with cornrows. You can’t play the ignorant card anymore when you live in an age where everything you want to know is available to you at just the click of a mouse. 

Back then in the 90′s and early 00′s there weren’t a lot of kpop fans so they could get away with saying the n word in songs and acting like this or even straight up blackface. In this day and age kpop is a global phenomenon and companies have a lot more black fans buying their albums and watching their shows and a lot more black people calling them out on the anti-black and racist things they do so they have no excuse to be acting like this. They stay ignorant because they want to stay ignorant.

Now the whole Kai thing. It’s colorist, racist and just… yikes. 
We all know they gave Kai that hairstyle because he’s ‘the darkest member’. You can deny that all you want but SM wouldn’t have given Suho bantu knots. Honestly that’s nothing new either just look at the pictures above. Companies have been giving people with darker skintones black hairstyles for years and that disgusting on a whole nother level. 

However, Kai is a grown ass man he could have said something himself instead of letting those hairstylists do that to him.

EDIT: I just learned that Kai asked for the hairstyle because they were going for a reggae feel. SMH.

This post turned out to be a lot longer than I wanted it to be but tl;dr I personally do not think that Korean artists who aren’t black should wear black hairstyles and find it offensive when they do

Who are I.B.I? - I.B.I Masterpost

Even if you didn’t watch the show, if you’ve payed any attention to kpop then you’ve probably heard of Produce 101 and the resulting group I.O.I. Such a large scale show has resulted in a large amount of interest in upcoming trainees and the appearance of many new girl groups. Right now most attention is on I.O.I and groups like DIA and gugudan. Now, p101 fans are getting ready for the debut of the newest group resulting from p101 - the project group I.B.I!

What is I.B.I? 

I.B.I was originally just a concept created by produce 101 fans for fun. The five members of IBI all came close to making it into IOI despite Mnets evil editing and lack of screentime. I.B.I stans for il ban in, basically meaning “ordinary person”. Their motto is “I Believe It!”.

In July, it was announced that I.B.I would become a reality, as a project group managed by Loen. 

They will be releasing two digital singles and an M/V for the title track “Stealthily” on August 18th. They also will be having a showcase and will be appearing on SNL. 

Who are I.B.I?

“General” Lee Haein (22) - Unsigned 

- Recently left SS Entertainment

“Quick” Kim Sohee (21) - Music Works 

- Member of Parody group “C.I.V.A”

“Light” Yoon Chaekyung (20) - DSP Media 

- Member of parody group “C.I.V.A”

- Former member of shortlived group “Puretty”, Kara Project contestant

“Idiot” Lee Suhyun (20) - Unsigned

- Recently left SS Entertainment

“Jjaek/Twitting” Han Hyeri (19) - Star Empire 

- Confirmed member of Star Empire’s new girl group (along with p101 contestants Kang Sihyeon and Kim Yunji: together known as OMZM) 

I.B.I: Jewelry - I Really Like You Cover

Support Mix for Olympics 2016

Profile Making Footage

First Live Cast

Fan Videos

Although they haven’t been getting much attention from English speaking kpop fans, they have been getting a lot of attention from Korean fans. They have managed to gain over 10,000 fans on Melon and managed to be in the top 5 girl groups on Melon along with Black Pink, I.O.I, Gfriend and Twice. They’ve managed this before debuting. A popular webtoon artist is even releasing webtoons about the members.

I.B.I is a great opportunity for them all to get a chance to debut and develop a more solid standing in entertainment. As of now the only member confirmed to be debuting in an official group from their own company is Hyeri. Please support I.B.I so that one day they all can get their chance at success.

Watch out for their debut on August 18th! 

K-drama Beginner 101

I’m sure you had a hard time coping up with your friends about their kdrama life and what better way to cope up with them is to watch some of the greatest kdrama everr!!

1. Descendants of the Sun

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OKAY!! I know you’ve heard about it a hundred of times but it will be there in the list whether you like it or not. ++ They’re getting married this October so watch this drama so that you’ll know why there are a lot of fans who cried and praised God because these two is ending up together.

2. My Love From The Star

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Why? Jun Ji Hyun’s sassyness (if ever there is a word like that) basically that’s it. But seriously this is one of the best romantic comedy ( a bit of drama but you’ll never get away with that) that I’ve watched since being a fan for about 4 years. 

3.  Healer

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This action-packed romance comedy kdrama is one of the must watch kdrama for me. You’ll get hooked by Ji Chang Wook for sure HAHAHHA (get it) 

4. Reply 1997

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 If you are a kpop fan. you’ll get this for sure. ONE OF THE BEST REPLY SERIES EVERRR!!! If you are a kpop fan, Infintie Hoya and Apink Eunji is in here so watch this drama!!


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ONE OF THE BEST PARK SHIN HYE KDRAMA EVER!!! The chemistry between the two leading actors and actress are so cute! You’ll ship them for sure! And it will teach you how to not give up with your dream. (I’m so sorry.. I’m stressed with my college applications)

Anyways please enjoy your kdrama marathon and please feel free to follow me

@kpopgumiho in twitter!

day6 are really one of the best things to ever happen to JYP whether anyone realizes it or not bc they are leading the new gen of kpop fans to getting into Korean bands which helps broaden their musical pallettes and let’s them enjoy kmusic more than just pop. also everyone likes to say that JYP has very few talented singers but day6 are here standing proud with their amazing vocals shutting everybody up! I dare you to say that day6 aren’t talented. at the end of the day, the boys stay winning no matter what. you can’t touch them!

it always annoys me when international kpop fans get upset that a new girlgroup goes for a cute concept as their debut. like sweaty, we’re not the audience they’re trying to draw in. they have to gain favor in south korea before going for something different. chill.