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The signs as DAY6 songs

Aries: Shoot Me

Taurus: Hi Hello

Gemini: Dance Dance

Cancer: Letting Go

Leo: How Can I Say

Virgo: I Smile

Libra: Breaking Down

Scorpio: Congratulations

Sagittarius: Feeling Good

Capricorn: I Need Somebody

Aquarius: Blood

Pisces: Stop The Rain

NCT Reaction to accidentally hitting you in the chest

so sorry for how long it’s taken me to update. i hope i can write more often soon.


Jungwoo :

He feels so so so bad for accidentally hitting you. Jungwoo would definitely apologize a thousand times and then make sure that you weren’t hurt too badly.

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Lucas :

He gets a panicked expression immediately and asks if you’re okay. If you say you are okay he’ll laugh it off but if he actually did hurt you he’d get a sad puppy look while still trying to help you.

(his panicked expression ☟)

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stuck in the elevator with — nct dream

— l. mark

As soon as the doors of the elevator close and it starts going down, you know something is going to happen. There’s so much energy floating around that when the elevator stops and the red light on top of it turns on, you can’t help but curse under your breath. Mark’s eyes almost pop out of their sockets, he whips his head toward you and you can see that he’s starting to sweat.
Are we going to die?❞ he chokes out, making you snort.
No, you idiot, just press the emergency button

— h. renjun

The boy is probably the most composed one between them all. When the elevator stops abruptly, making you jerk forward on your toes, he manages to catch you by your waist, repositioning you back in your place.
You alright?❞ he asks patting your side with the hand that was still around you waist. You can’t even speak because of how embarrassed you are, so you nod and shyly thank him.
I’m going to press the emergency button, the firefighters should be here in no time❞ he calmly says, turning to press the button on his left.
You can’t help but think, “Wow, he’s so cool!”

— l. jeno

I’m pretty sure Jeno wouldn’t even notice it at first, he would be listening to you talk, his soft eye smile on as he thinks that you’re really pretty when you talk about the things you enjoy; but then he would see your face blanking out as you look around, searching for something.
What happened?❞ he asks propping his back far from the wall of the elevator where he was resting against. His eyes quickly follow yours to the red lit button.
Oh my, ❞ he freaks out a little, looking around with wide eyes, ❝wait - wait, let me call someone❞ he tries to compose himself, taking out his phone.

— l. donghyuck

Donghyuck would laugh and be all cocky, getting closer to you while you almost have a panic attack, wrapping his arms around your waist and nuzzling his face in your neck. 
Aw, c’mon - you read so many books, you know what happens when people get stuck in the elevators together❞ he chuckles, tickling your skin with his nose. 
You grunt, trying to push him away. ❝Hyuck, my God. People die in the elevators❞ you over-exaggerate, making him roll his eyes. 
He takes a couple of steps back, leaving your body. ❝Ay, people don’t die in elevators, you’re so dramatic❞. Yet, he turns to press the emergency button, lowkey scared now.

— n. jaemin

You and Jaemin probably wouldn’t know each others when you get stuck together. He presses the emergency button and then sits on the floor, looking up at you with smiley eyes. He can see you’re kind of freaked out, so he grabs your wrist and pulls you down to sit next to him, putting an arm around your back to comfort you. You are too scared and shocked to say anything, even because he is very cute, so whatever.
So… is this your first time stuck in a elevator?❞ 

— z. chenle

Chenle would totally freak out, starting to knock against the doors and then running toward you, grabbing your arms together to shake you. 
The thing is, I have a class and I’m happy now I’m stuck here, but I don’t want to die. What if the air finishes? What if the elevator starts crushing all the way down and we die? What if the emergency button doesn’t really work? I don’t have money in my phone, do you? Actually wait, emergency numbers are free, right? My God, what if there’s no signal
❝Lele, shut up, for fuck sake

— p. jisung

I’m going to be very real here: Jisung wouldn’t be afraid of the elevator being stuck, or at least not as much as the thought of being closed there, alone with you. He would look at you with wide eyes, blushing cheeks and trembling hands. 
I… ❞ he points to the emergency button and with wide eyes you nod, almost hurrying him to do it. After he presses a long finger on the button he turns for a brief moment toward you, awkwardly smiling before looking down on his hands, playing around with his fingers and feeling his hands getting sweaty. 
Um… my name is Jisung❞ he would cutely say, trying to have a conversation.

   none of the gifs are mine !!

- velvet

Jungkook taking care of you when you’re sick

y’all i got sick this weekend so i wrote this also this is a mess cause i’m dying

genre: fluff

word count: 603

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  • Jungkook came home early once from practice to surprise you and found you curled up on the couch with a box of tissues and coughing into your sleeve every few minutes
  • “oh hey, Jungkook. come sit on the couch with me”
  • Jungkook gave you a weird look before walking closer to you but refusing to sit on the couch
  • “are you okay?” 
  • “kinda, my allergies are getting bad”
  • “are you sick?”
  • “nah, this isn’t anything to get worked up about, trust me. it’ll pass soon”
  • “…okay, whatever you say. I’ll be right back”
  • he goes into your shared bedroom and you hear him opening drawers before coming back into the living room
  • in his hand was your black face mask that had a bear snout on it
  • and he was wearing his own face mask like in the gif 
  • “wear this” he says as he tosses your face mask at you
  • “do you think I’m going to make you sick or something?” you asked incredulously
  • “I’m just taking precautions”
  • “I’m not sick, Jungkook” 
  • he sat next to you and pulled his phone out to take a selfie of the two of you
  • without thinking you held up a peace sign. mimicking Jungkook’s pose
  • he quickly sent the picture to his group chat saying 
  • ‘she’s cute even when she’s sick’
  • “I told you I’m not sick…” you grumbled when you saw the text
  • “keep telling youself that” he teased
  • you normally get bad allergies around this time of year anyways so you thought nothing of it
  • but Jungkook knew that it was more than that
  • he tried to convince you to see a doctor but you refused
  • you hated going to the doctor and taking medicine so you always tried your best to avoid it
  • you thought you could get over your allergies in a couple days without taking any medicine
  • but you’re symptoms got worse
  • the next morning you woke up and you felt so sore and tired that you couldn’t get up
  • Jungkook started worrying about you and kept insisting you see a doctor
  • after almost two hours of bickering about it, he ends up taking you to the hospital
  • like he predicted the doctor said you had a bad cold and gave you some medicine to take
  • on the drive home Jungkook couldn’t help but say “I told you so”
  • you could only lightly hit his arm while he laughed
  • once you got inside your apartment Jungkook ushered you to lie down in bed and made you some hot tea to soothe your sore throat
  • you felt better after sleeping and looked for Jungkook in your apartment
  • he was on the couch watching a movie when you sat next to him, laying your head on his chest and pulling the blanket he had over your legs
  • “are you feeling any better?” 
  • he stroked your hair while you nodded 
  • “good, I hate seeing you so sick and miserable”
  • “I hate being sick and miser-”
  • a sneeze cut you off and Jungkook jumped back from you, moving to the further end of the couch
  • “god, y/n, you scared me”
  • “my bad” you laughed
  • “ugh, you got snot all over me” he rubbed his jacket sleeve with a mock look of disgust
  • before you could say anything back Jungkook sneezed in your direction
  • “ew, Jungkook. now you got snot all over me” you wiped your jacket sleeve like he did
  • “payback”
  • just because you were sick didn’t mean Jungkook would stop teasing you

Not going to post this for pity or attention or anything, just wanted to get real with you. When I tell you guys I get hate this is what I mean. If I would get small criticism I wouldnโ€™t cry about it like a bitch and complain, I always respect different opinions. But life has been really tough on me lately and the hate is only getting worse. I didnโ€™t know people could hate me this much, writing is my favorite hobby thatโ€™s why I do it but you make it so hard for me lately. Being put down like this is always a big slap in the face.

NCT Reaction to their s/o being cute/sweet

I decided to kinda change this request a bit because I feel like it was a lot of things and I really don’t like aegyo but I wanted to still kinda do the aegyo part so it’s just going to be generally cute. Hopefully that makes sense.


Jungwoo :

Jungwoo practically loses himself every time you’d do something even slightly adorable. Sometimes you’d even be like ‘Why is he staring at me like that?’ ‘Do I have something on my face?’ Nope, he’s just lost in how cute you are.

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Jaemin :

Jaemin would get super flustered whenever you were being cute. He’d always feel attacked whenever you did something cute but let’s be honest he does the same to you so your relationship is practically a battle of cuteness.

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Renjun :

Renjun would totally just get this sweet smile on his face. Any time you’d do something cute or sweet he’d sometimes give himself a quick reality check like ‘I can’t believe that I met them.’ Needless to say Renjun would adore your sweet side.

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Not Like You (BTS social media au) ?? X Reader

~ Hospital ~

Previous // 24 // Next


Note: A few people have asked me to update, so I’m back!! I might do this once a day or every other day, but I’ll be updating again.

This update is a few days after Taehyung went “missing”. Things will get clearer in the next part.


Request Rules

♡ = fluff    ๑ = angst    ✧ = smut    シ = humor   ❊ = trigger warning                     ○ = genderless reader    ♂ = male reader    ♀ = female reader


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Monsta X

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NCT 2018

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NCT 127

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NCT Dream

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ASTRO reacting to you being upset about them missing dates.

//  Hi~ Could I request how Astro would react to their gf being really upset and distant since they keep missing dates that they promise to make it to? //

Jin Woo:

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For a while, Jin Woo never understood why you were so upset about it since he always thought you were proud of his achivements and because you never openly adressed the issue until things have gotten out of hand and he cancelled your anniversary dinner.  
As soon as he began to talk, tears began to well up in your eyes and soon, the floodgates opened. It was just then, he realized how much it actually hurt you and why you’ve acted so distant lately.

He immediately kneeled down to you and wiped the tears off your cheeks before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. “I’m sorry Princess, I didn’t know it was hurting you so much. I’ll just cancel the plans for tonight.”

Myung Jun:

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Before he was able to tell you that he can’t make it to, yet another, date you immediately knew where this conversation was going and already told him that ‘it would be alright’ and that ‘you can always have it on another day’, which was how almost all your conversations went, because you never wanted him to know how upset it was making you.

A silent sigh escaped from between his lips, and he smiled at you shyly, heartbroken. He opened his arms widely and you happily took his invite to feel his body against yours. He placed a kiss on your head, stroking your back gently. “for every date I keep pushing back, I’ll promise you two even more amazing dates…with taxes.” 


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Once you were finally able to sit down for breakfast together, you really thought him missing out on dates had come to an end until he recieved a phone call, that yet again, made him leave you to yourself.

When he heard a loud whimper coming from your lips before he walked through the front door, he stopped in his steps and turned to you with a pout on his lips.
He silently wrapped his arms around you from behind and pulled you in closer. 
“I’m doing this, so maybe in the near future, we can have dates that’ll never end.” he whispered gently into your ear. 


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He quickly realized that you weren’t too happy with him cancelling dates almost daily and the quilt slowly began to eat him whole. One day, when you again told him that it would be fine if he cancelled on you again for the fifth time that week, it finally hit him what his actions have caused. Your unhappiness. 

When you turned around to not let him see the tears streaming down your face, you heared him dialing a number on his phone, before him speaking up. “We need to push the meeting back a few more days. I don’t feel like leaving the house.” As soon as he went quiet again, he came running over to you and turned you around by your shoulders, smiling at you teasingly. “I think I have to make some things up to you.” 

Min Hyuk:

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From the first date he missed, he always tried to make it to as many dates as possible, because he knew that his career was damaging your relationship, and hurting you was never his intend. On another date day, he had yet again cancelled, you woke up to him not being by your side and got even more upset with him for leaving you without a word. 
When you walked into the kitchen, you found him standing by the stove, the table prepared needly.
When he heard you stumbling sleepily into the room, he turned to face you with a guilty smile. “I figured I might have to make it up to you…” 

San Ha

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After a while, you began to forget how days with him even felt and began to spend your days without him. Which is why it got you by surprise when his name lighted up on your phone screen. He invited you to come over to their dorm, promising that none of the boys would be present. 
You didn’t expect much of it and made your way over, keeping your expecations low. Deep down, you were kinda hoping the surprise wouldn’t again be crushed by another important call or spontaneous comeback practice. 

When you walked through the open front door of the dorm, you found him sitting between hundred of light-up candles, fumbling his hands nervously.
When he heard you entering, he quickly got up from his spot on the ground and came rushing over, blowing out some of the candles on the way.
You giggled by his clumsiness, and wrapped your arms around him tightly, soaking in his scent. He pushed you away gently to look into your widened eyes, “Because of the dates I’ve missed, I decided that you deserve nothing else but the ultimate date night. Phones on silent, your favorite DVD on play and my arms wrapped around you.”



Where you can see colors for the first time in your life, as soon as you lock eyes with your soulmate. 


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Living in a society, knowing there was only one person that is destined to be with you, with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life, who’ll possibly be your partner in crime, the person you’ll raise your kids with, this idea has been following you your whole life. You were quite the romantic person yourself, therefore your one big dream really was to fall in  love, to be loved, to find the person you trust the most and the one that will be by your side forever. Of course you have been dating  before, trying to force yourself into thinking you have found your soulmate but you have never found the one true soul you can actually call your soulmate. Most importantly you have never felt the real spark, true love, you never met anyone that made you see and feel the beautiful colors of life.                                                                                                                      All of your friends have already found their soulmate, they were in love and described the phenomenon of being able to see colors by locking eyes with their soulmate as an unbelievably wonderful thing you wanted to experience yourself. 

It was New Year’s Eve and since your friends insisted to go party in a bar with you, you got ready and waited for them to pick you up. 

Your evening was really entertaining and you spent a lovely time with your best friends, it started to end, though and all of a sudden a group of 5 male friends entered the bar, one of them was your best friends boyfriend. He came closer to the table you were sitting at, kissed his girlfriend and greeted the rest afterwards. Scanning his group of friends, you noticed you have never met or seen any of them, though, they were one more handsome than the other. “Mind if we keep you girls company?” Jaehyun, your best friend Sarah’s boyfriend, smiled. “Of course not.” Sarah answered, motioning him to sit next to her. “Oh, these are Yuta, Lucas, Jungwoo and Taeyong, by the way.” Jaehyun introduced his friends. Yuta, Lucas and Jungwoo smiled widely and confidently “Hey.” Taeyong didn’t make eye contact with any of you though, and just smiled instead, before they all took seats in your round. Yuta  and you got along quite well, he was an open and funny guy who made me laugh quite often that evening, which is why you didn’t notice the stares coming from next to you at first. 

Taeyong and you ended up being alone at the table  in awkward silence, you have already noticed he was quite shy around people but it was cute. He was an interesting boy, he looked very good but rarely talked that evening which made you curious about him. Your friends used the romantic atmosphere due to the slow songs that were played, in order to either flirt with someone or dance with their partner. It was close to midnight and the new year came closer. “Shall we go outside?” you suddenly heard Taeyong’s calming voice say. “Sure, I’ll grab my coat." 

The bar was near a river and it had such a beautiful ambience. As you went outside you noticed the  cherry blossoms, which were illuminated by lights, that just had the perfect brightness to not blind people but give just the right amount of light to actually see in darkness, followed by the huge bridge of which one had a great view from the white vintage benches that were ranched along the river, underneath the illuminated cherry blossoms, whose petals formed an own  path of  on the ground.

Taeyong took you outside, leading you to one of the benches pulling you lightly by the hand. You didn’t even notice he reached for  your hand but you suddenly felt warmth expand through every inch of your hand he was touching. Something about his touch felt different than any other  you’ve ever felt, there was something addictive in it, you just could not understand. He was just touching a little of your hand, a complete stranger, that caught your attention but he was still a stranger to you. Yet, his presence made you feel comfortable, there was a little something about him that felt familiar to you.  

It was a crowded night, it was New Year’s Eve after all, but sitting next to him you did not even spent a second thinking about the people around you. Every single sound was blended out, instead, all that seemed to be audible for you was his light breathing as you watched him from the side, getting the chance to focus his features. Beginning with his thick, dark hair, that perfectly laid on his head, a few strands outlining his face, his flawless skin, except for a cute little scar near his soft, round eyes. This whole evening, he hasn’t looked you in the eyes, did he avoid it on purpose? Was he too shy or is he afraid of finding his soulmate? You decided not to force him into anything and just keep the conversation going somehow. "How’d you get that scar?” “have you been observing me?” he laughed, eyes wrinkling, mouth widening, dimples appearing and teeth showing while still facing the river. His smile was breathtaking, contagious and so pure from what you could see from the side. It was almost a waste he showed it so rarely. “Of course not.. I just… noticed.” Of course you have been observing him. “When I was a child”, he started “I had an allergy and I never stopped scratching it. It bled and I kept scratching. So now I have the scar.”                                                                                                                       Taeyong turned his body into your direction, you just watched him as he looked at his wristwatch, counting down from 5. “Four, three, two, one.”                                                                             He looked up at you, staring directly into your eyes now, they were even prettier like that. “Happy New Year, Y/N” he said, followed by fireworks shooting across the sky.All of a sudden, you were dumbstruck, you saw everything in true colors. Every little thing you’ve seen before has received another definition, a new meaning, a new function. As if every colorless fibre was reborn, able to experience the miracle of life, of nature, of color. You looked around in disbelief, so did Taeyong, apparently. Your gaze met again and you both were in awe, mouth open, fallen head over heels with the unappreciated phenomenon of love.

“Happy New Year” you replied, before the both of you closed the space gap between you and you both  amazedly watched the fireworks.


This was my first imagine, please feel free to REQUEST and let me know what y'all think :) 

Gif is not mine. 

Day6 Reacts: Saying โ€œI Love Youโ€ First

Summary: You loved him, you wanted to him that but was scared of the reaction, whether theyโ€™d say it back or reject your love. Luckily, he said it before youโ€ฆ


It was the day of their first performance for their comeback. He was nervous but he didnโ€™t show it. What made him even more nervous was that you werenโ€™t there to watch his performance, or at least thatโ€™s what he thought until he stepped out on stage. Standing there on stage, looking through the crowd, singing his song, he saw you. His eyes locked on to yours and suddenly all his nerves disappeared. You were there, wearing a day6 shirt and holding a sign that said โ€œSungjinโ€, with a heart at the end while you mouthed along to all the words. After the performance ended, Sungjin was determined to find you, you were his lucky charm, his number one fan but most importantly you were his and he wanted you to know that. As soon as he found you, he grabbed you, smiling as he looked at you and said those three words: โ€œI Love Youโ€ before he placed a kiss on your lips. Surprised but overjoyed by those words you melted into his kiss before pulling away to say those three words back, as you saw him smiling down at you, his brown eyes admiring you with nothing but love.

Originally posted by busan-calling


It was the kick off of the Day6 world tour. Their first stop just happened to be the town you lived in, so Jae felt like now was a better time than ever to tell you what heโ€™d been feeling for a while now, those three words you wanted to hear more than ever but were too afraid to say. As soon as he arrived at the town, he knew where to go , straight to yours, completely ignoring the fact that they wanted him to rehearse before the concert but it was Jae and he did what he wanted. Once he got there, he stood outside your door, knocking it repeatedly until you arrived and he just stood there, staring at you, almost at a loss for words with how beautiful you looked. He missed you and how you looked standing in front of him. After giving you a hug and taking in your scent he said what heโ€™d been wanting to say all along.ย โ€œI love you y/n, and I missed you so damn much because of itโ€, he said as he planted a kiss on your lips as you mumbled anย โ€œI love youโ€ back in between kisses.ย 

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It was a quiet afternoon and you and your boyfriend were sat watching a movie when you noticed how he kept looking at you every so often which you began tk question as his glances became more frequent. โ€œAre you okay babe? You keep looking at meโ€, you mentioned as you looked at him with a smile forming on your face. He was so cute sometimes, man you loved him, you wish you could say it but you were scared of what heโ€™d say or even think so you didnt. Little did you know that he thought the same, he wanted to tell you he loved you but he was scared. โ€œOh its justโ€ฆ its nothingโ€, he replied as he turned his head to continue to watch the movie which you then proceeded to do. โ€œIts just thatโ€ฆ wellโ€ฆ i love youโ€, he blurted out after a few seconds which caused a smile to instantly grow on your face as you told him you loved him too before placing a kiss on his cheek as you cuddled up to each other, both blushing as you watched the movie.

Originally posted by adorapil


You were sat in his living room one day, determined to learn how to play bass guitar like your boyfriend even though you knew youโ€™d find it extremely difficult, still you tried. โ€œOkay so you just play this note like thisโ€, he said as he placed his hands on top of yours, showing you the note while his face was inches away from yours, causing the butterflies to start flying around in your stomach. โ€œLike this?โ€, you said as you played the note he showed you but managed to fail somehow. He just sat there and looked at you smiling, letting out a small laugh, โ€œnot quiteโ€, he replied before going to the bathroom. When he returned he saw that you were still trying your best to copy the note he showed you but you continued to struggle, he appreciated what you were doing, he loved the facf you showed an interest in almost everything he did and he loved you for it. He began to walk up to smiling, as he took the bass guitar away from and squated in front of you, lowering himself to make sure your eyes were on his. โ€œI love youโ€, he said as he continued to look into your eyes with nothing but love. โ€œI love you tooโ€, you replied as you grabbed his face with both of your hands, placing a kiss on his lips.

Originally posted by legendowoon


It was late at night, you and your boyfriend were getting ready to sleep all cuddled up to one another. You felt your eyes getting heavier as you were close to falling asleep, what suddenly woke you tho was when you heard your boyfriend whisper something under his breath as he held you close. โ€œI love youโ€, was all you could hear, those three words kept replaying in your mind as you ended up falling asleep with a smile on your face. You woke up the next day to find your boyfriend still sleep. Turning around and giving him a back hug, you hummed im his ear waking him up enought to know that hed hear what you were about to say. โ€œI love youโ€, you said as you placed a kiss on his neck. Dowoon suddenly woke up and turned around, pinning you on the bed as he covered you in kisses repeating the words between each kiss.

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Anon kookie xoxo

Monsta X: Reaction to you overstimulating them

Requested by anon: HEYY! i was wondering could you do a reaction to overstimulating Monsta X…. appreciate it☺️

Shownu (Hyunwoo):

Hyunwoo would be a full on moaning mess as you start to jerk him off again right after he orgasms. “Y/n, ah!” He wouldn’t be able to control the pretty much incoherent sounds escaping from his lips as you bring him unimaginable pleasure, your overstimulation quickly bringing him to his second orgasm

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Wonho (Hoseok):

Hoseok would mainly let out a lot of light moans when he feels your lips on him again straight after he orgasms. “Y/n, what are you playing at?” He would growl at you, as he is usually the one to overstimulate you not the other way around. He would turn to mush when he nears his second climax, moaning your name as he cums.

Originally posted by lightheartedfun


“Y/n, please…” He would whine out, a sweaty mess beneath your touch as you start to overstimulate him, wanting to make him cum again. Minhyuk would be such a whining, riggling mess as he watches your hand on his cock, being utterly overwhelmed by the intense pleasure of his second release.

Originally posted by changhyuk


Kihyun would let out a few light moans when he realises that you’re trying to make him orgasm again. “Y/n, please don’t stop!” He would moan louder as you make him feel utter bliss again. Kihyun would pant heavily when he’s close to his second release, the overstimulation making him feel overwhelmed, but he can’t help but enjoy the feeling of your lips around his cock.

Originally posted by caratbyheart


Hyungwon would be a lot like Hyunwoo, except he would also gasp. He would stay pretty quiet at first when you keep on jerking him after he cums, not really knowing what to say to you, but he soon gasps and moans as the pleasure builds again. “Y/n!” He moans your name repeatedly as you get him to climax a second time, your overstimulation making his whole body shake.

Originally posted by hoshees


Oh dear lord, this boy would GROWL! He would be so loud when you continue to suck him after he cums. “Y/n, what do you think you’re doing?” Jooheon lets out a low growl followed by a groan, and you know he’s going to punish you for this later. He thoroughly enjoys it though, biting his lip and growling as you overstimulate him and bring him to his second orgasm.

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I.M (Changkyun): 

Changkyun is another growler, but nowhere near as much as Jooheon, and he is also very similar to Hosoek. His eyes would widen when you keep sucking him after his orgasm. “What the hell y/n?” He would say in a startled tone before a light growl escapes his lips as you bob your head. Changkyun would moan softly as you bring him to the edge again, the overstimulation causing his thighs to quiver.

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โ€œ..your little day to day habits brightened my world up. I will miss you, and I love you Kim Woojin.โ€

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Monsta X reaction to when youโ€™re on your first date andโ€ฆ

Mฯƒnั•tฮฑ ั… rั”ฮฑctรญฯƒn tฯƒ when youโ€™re ฯƒn thั” first dฮฑtั” ฮฑnd thั”ั‡ tั”ll ั‡ฯƒu thั”ั‡ ฮฑrั” ฮฑ wั”rั”wฯƒlf/vฮฑmpรญrั”.

โ”Šใ€€ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ใ€€โ”Šใ€€ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ใ€€โ”Šใ€€ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ใ€€โ”Š

โ”Šใ€€ย ย ย ย  ใ€€ย ย ย  โ”Šใ€€ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ใ€€โ”Šใ€€ย ย ย ย ย  ย ย ย  ย ย  โ˜†๏ฝฅ๏พŸ

โ”Šใ€€ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ใ€€โ”Šใ€€ย ย ย ย ย  ใ€€ย ย  โ˜†๏ฝฅ๏พŸ

โ”Šใ€€ ย ย ย ย ย ย ย โ˜†๏ฝฅ๏พŸ



Heโ€™d probably be quite nervous to tell you, youโ€™d been friends for quite a long time and had recently been dipping into the relationship of the river instead which he wanted it to work out so much. So he sucked it up and new her gave to tell you sooner than later. He knew heโ€™d be risking his relationship by telling you but if you found out from someone or something thatโ€™s not him he knew youโ€™d be hurt.

So as the two of you enjoyed your first date together youโ€™d seen a really good film and now were finishing off the date with a walk in the park the stars twinkling brightly in the sky. He would take a deep breath as the two of you walked enjoying the cool breeze going through the air before saying โ€L-look y/n I really want this to work so I have to he one hundred per cent honest with you.โ€

You only hum as you walk looking over at him happy fed finally say it. You were wondering if heโ€™d try to keep it from you forever. Shonwu would quickly say it looking away from you scared of your reaction โ€As crazy as it sounds Iโ€™m aโ€ฆ Werewolf.โ€ waiting for you to tug your hand away or laugh as if it was a joke or cry he was surprised to feel your hand still in his tightly and when he looked at you, you were only smiling.

Turning your head to look up at him he was surprised by your next words โ€I think you forget I was your best friend before we started this whole dating thing besides your mother talked about it a while ago. Iโ€™m not scared if that what you think and I wouldnโ€™t just leave you because of that.โ€ getting over the shock he brought you into a bone-crushing hug thanking you as you just laughed letting his back gently.

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Heโ€™d never seen someone like you before in his whole long life of existence. Humans were soโ€ฆ Selfish and very well human. But you were different when heโ€™d first met you. Youโ€™d been walking in a park at night and when heโ€™d asked you why you were out at this time you only responded with saying โ€I want wanted to watch the sky and look for a shooting star.โ€ with a smile that could melt his un-beating heart.

After that, heโ€™d shown up a lot to that park watching you patiently wait for the day youโ€™d see a shooting stat not giving up hope. Heโ€™d asked you what youโ€™d do when you saw it and what youโ€™d wish for your response made taken aback. He didnโ€™t think someone would wish on someone else before it was different. You never did see a shooting star at least when he was around to watch you. Sometimes he stays in the dark not making himself know over data her talk. Other days he wonโ€™t be there too busy.

After a long time, he somehow had fallen for the human that was you. And your first date together would be in the same place you always do at night, the park. Both of you sat together with you laying against his chest as you both watch the stars together. With a little sigh, he says โ€I have to tell you something you may be annoyed or angry and Iโ€™d understand if you didnโ€™t want to meet up again.โ€ you only scoffed and asked him what was wrong.

He said bluntly like he usually did with his words when it came to serious chats โ€Iโ€™m a vampire Y/n.โ€ biting his lip before being confused by you not straight up winning away. He felt a shrug from you against his chest as you said teasingly โ€That explains why youโ€™re so cold then huh?โ€ with a little laugh that caused him to grin. Before you gasped looking up at a shooting star pointing at it before your next words made him melt. โ€I wish for us to have a relationship forever and always no matter the troubles or rocks on the road.โ€

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Youโ€™d meet in a nightclub both of you on opposite sides of the club. You were dancing with your friends laughing happily with alcohol running through you. Minhyuk was sitting down entertaining his guests/ other vampire friends. It would be cliche but heโ€™d look around the room before seeing you. It was like time slowed down and all he could do was watch you with his mouth wide open.

After a couple minutes, he quickly strides over dancing his way towards you to make it look like he wasnโ€™t intentionally coming to you and it was an accident they met up. Before long youโ€™d both frequently go to the same club and dance and talk to each other having fun. Minhyuk could resist you and before long youโ€™d both agreed to go on a date but he felt bad that you did not know about what and who he was.

When you two had finished going to the movies and were walking to the car he stopped you looking at you with the most serious face youโ€™d ever seen on him as he says โ€Iโ€™m just going to say it, Iโ€™m a vampire.โ€ you only nodded shrugging saying โ€okay just donโ€™t suck my blood or whatever and weโ€™re cool, mm and donโ€™t hurt others intentionally.โ€ with a quick hug he reassures you he only drank blood bags and then asked how you were so okay with it. Your reply had his heart racing even if it couldnโ€™t. โ€because I like you for you not because of what you look like or are perceived as bad or scary.โ€

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Heโ€™d go out to the hospital to steal more blood bags seeing as he needed it to survive. Thatโ€™s when he bumped into you, a nurse. He quickly pulled it off as being confused asking where the nearest bathroom was which you kindly gave him the directions before saying you hoped he was alright in general not knowing if he was here as a patient or had loved ones here. Kihyun admired that for a split second before thanking you and trailing off in the direction youโ€™d mention and when you were out of sight he changed direction going towards the blood bank.

After a while, heโ€™d frequently go back even when he didnโ€™t need to do a bag blood run as he wanted to see you. You two quickly became friends despite Kihyun promising he wouldnโ€™t get close to you. You never asked why he came so much to hospital but he was happy you didnโ€™t since he didnโ€™t have a good excuse.

When it came time to go on your first date he stopped you before you could walk into the cinema blurting it out after thinking too hard about it accidentally โ€Iโ€™m a vampire y/n and I really want out relationship to work out so thatโ€™s why I know I should tell you.โ€ you shocked him when you laughed causing him to think you didnโ€™t believe him until your next words.

โ€Yeah, I kind of guessed that already by how everytime you show up our blood bags go missing Iโ€™ve been saving your ass from being caught for a while now. Itโ€™s good to know youโ€™re not just some insane person now can we go watch that movie?โ€ With a grin, he nodded as you rugged him into the cinema theatre thinking this just be a dream.

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He would grow up with you since the two of you were in diapers. Quickly the two of you would be inseparable and out of the two of you, you were the one who stood up to people picking on you or hyungwon. As the two of you grew older Hyungwon wanted to start being the protector not liking how he the werewolf was being protected by his best friend who he thought he should be protecting. So the tables turned fairly quickly and surprisingly enough you let him.

The two of you were out of high school for a while now and in college. Enjoying your youth while it lasted. He didnโ€™t know how it happened but he knew he liked you more than a best friend and found out soon it was a mutual liking. He felt bad heโ€™d never told you about who he was and all that so when the two of you went on your first date and were eating ice cream he says as had looked down at his ice-cream. โ€Iโ€™m a werewolf.โ€ short and sweet.

โ€I know stupid.โ€ snapping his head up shocked to see you smiling amused before explaining how you figured out ages ago since you grew up together and had asked Hyungwonโ€™s parents about it when they were like ten. So, of course, you werenโ€™t surprised or scared or anything like that. With a smile, the two of you continued a normal conversation after that while eating your ice-creams.

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The two of you would meet in college when you have the same major and you were late to it so you quietly sat down next to him worldly trying to catch up on the notes. Heโ€™d smile and chuckle before passing you his notes and you thanked him for saying he was a life saver. After the lecture ended you asked if he wanted to go to the study hall with you. He agreed not because he wanted to to get ahead on his major but because he was interested in you and your characteristics.

Before long the both if you had become close friends doing most things together you were definitely that stereotypical meme like college best friends duo. After a while, the two of you started to get closer and both realised how much the two of you liked each other so you both were going on your first date.

Jooheon has thought about it a lot and decided before anything went further he wanted to tell y/n fully about who he was knowing it wasnโ€™t right to keep you in the dark about his identity. So as the two of you were sitting down unpacking the picnic youโ€™d made and weโ€™re in a park Jooheon sighed. Looking up at you as you took a bit out of your sandwich he says โ€This is going to be hard to believe, butโ€ฆ Iโ€™m a werewolf y/n.โ€ chewing your sandwich you watched him knowing he was serious as you swallowed saying โ€alright, just donโ€™t go peeing in my dorm or like eating dog treats I donโ€™t think theyโ€™d be good for you too eat.โ€

Blinking confused he says โ€wait did you actually understand what I said it do you think Iโ€™m joking?โ€ you roll your eyes smiling before saying โ€no I get what youโ€™re saying I mean if your appetite doesnโ€™t give it away I donโ€™t know what does.โ€ Jooheon grinned knowing you were trying to keep the conversation light for him not to get him stressed and he knew you really were okay with it.

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The fact that Changkyun was sitting there in your dorm room playing with a random fidgety object while you study was a normal occurrence. The two of you were dormmates and did a lot together you were good friends. The tap of you was currently studying, well you were. Changkyun watched you before randomly saying โ€maybe we should like fate I mean we are practically soulmates.โ€ the two were closer than close so Changkyun wasnโ€™t scared to talk about his feelings for you.

With a nod as you highlighted a sentence in your book, you said โ€sure but first take me on a date then you can ask me again.โ€ with a grin he asked โ€really?โ€ only getting a nod out of you. So that brings the two to the present as the two walked hand in hand like usual except now as a โ€™coupleโ€™. Looking at all the street food excited as Changkyun sighed quietly having his thoughts on how he was going to break the news to you he was a fucking werewolf.

Funny enough youโ€™d bought a dog plush that you saw, well Changkyun bought it for you as you teased him saying โ€look itโ€™s you!โ€ before Changkyun confused said, โ€how?โ€ you simply responded with since he was a werewolf before saying nervously โ€you know?!โ€ before you hum saying โ€ah so my guess was right.โ€ making Changkyun slap his forehead in fooling for your trick. Before he could back himself up to say he was harmless and it wasnโ€™t his choice you reassured him it was okay and that you knew he wouldnโ€™t lose control and such on purpose. He was much happier and calm as you continued your date after that.

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Hello, anon I hope that was to your liking! And that I wrote it the way you thought it was going to turn out.

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