Because of the genetic disorder I’ve got I have a scar from every cut I’ve ever gotten due to not healing well or at all. Bug bites and holes from tiny cysts take up to a month and a half to heal over, and always leave a large raised scar. pretty much everyone who’s ever known me has at some point or another asked me about them and honestly they make me feel horrible. Especially because of the cysts I often feel like my skin is rotting off. I hate it a lot. But I finally figured out what I want to do. 

I wanna turn my scars into stars. I’ve always had a love of nautical things, and I love the look of old maps, especially star maps and constellations. so the idea is to make them feel special by making my OWN constellations. 

If I got this tattoo I’d finally be able to look at my own arms and not hate my body. It’s definitely a long time off cause I have no idea how much it’s gonna cost and I am extremely very poor and I think I have approximately $2.67 in my bank account until I get another commission and I’ve still got a queue to get through, but maybe one day. Hopefully one day. 

Entertain Me!

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#29. Come over here and make me

#72. You’re competitive and so am I, and it’s going to lead to a fight

#81. I’ll take care of it

Wednesday. There always seemed to be a lull of activity in all of Charming on Wednesdays. This Wednesday was no different and it was getting to Y/N. The garage was closed and almost everyone was gone for the day. “Koz!” Y/n jumped from her seat and jogged back toward the dorms, where she knew Kozik was currently resting.

Y/N and Kozik had been friends for years and she took the chance to get out of Tacoma when he left for Charming. “Oh Kozzy!” Y/N whined loudly as she got closer to his room. She heard a chuckle coming from down the hall and turned to find Tig standing there. “Kozzy? You call him Kozzy?” Y/N smiled wide and opened the door to Kozik’s room, putting a finger to her lips as Tig waved her off. She knew he would use that against Kozik later, but that didn’t matter to Y/N.

“Koz…” she whispered as she looked over to his bed. She knew he was tired; Kozik was sprawled out on the bed, still in his grey work jumpsuit. Slowly she climbed onto the bed and laid next to him, stroking her thumb across his cheek. “Kozik…wake up hun.”

A small groan escaped his lips as he scrunched up his face, “Five more minutes…” he mumbled. Y/N smiled and pulled his arm over her so she could snuggle into his side. “C’mon, I’m bored. Entertain me. Wake up…pretty please?” She pouted and pressed soft kisses to his cheeks and nose. Y/N knew how to get what she wanted from him. For such a big-bad-biker, Herman Kozik was a pushover when it came to Y/N Y/L/N.

“Fine! FINE! Let me shower first. You’re such an ass Y/N, I hope you know that.” Despite his words, Kozik only smiled wide as he pulled Y/N closer to him, wrapping his arms tighter around her before pushing her away so he could get up. “I’ll meet you out there when I’m done.”

“Thank you!” Y/N threw her arms around him and pressed her lips to his cheek before jumping off the bed, “you’re the best Kozzy!”

“Kozik rolled his eyes and groaned at the nickname he hated most, “I told you stop calling me that!”

“Well…why don’t you come over here and make me?”

“I’ll kick your ass later. I need to shower so I can entertain the Princess! Now go figure out what you want to do while I clean up.”

Twenty minutes later, Kozik made his way to the man area of the clubhouse, where he found Y/N sprawled out on one of the couches. “Alright, so what are the plans, oh Royal-pain-in-my-ass?” He picked her legs up and dropped them onto his lap as he sat down.

“Oh, talk dirty to me more Kozzy! You know what I like,” she giggled and winked as she sat up some, pulling Monopoly from behind her back, “Let’s play a game!”

“Oh for fucks sake! Really? You’re competitive and so am I, it’s going to lead to a fight…again! Plus it’s just you and I.”

“You worry too much babe! I’ll take care of it! Set up the game, I’ll be back.”

Y/N returned minutes later, guiding a smiling Tig into the room. He stopped when he spotted Kozik and the game on the table. “When you said you wanted to play, this is NOT what I was expecting Doll.”

“Yea, well your mind needs to get out the gutter old man. Juice and Chibs are on their way with food. And Jax and Opie should be here soon too. So we’ll play when they get here! Now, let’s plot how we’re going to make them suffer in this game!”

Kozik sat back on the couch and pulled Y/N down to sit on his lap. “You’re going to cause so much trouble aren’t you?” 

“Aww! Is Kozzy here afraid of a little old game of Monopoly?” Tig smirked as he dropped down in a seat across from them. 

Y/N winked at both Kozik and Tig before giving a little shrug. “I told you I wanted to be entertained!”

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~So the wedding dress fic inspired me and I wrote a little three parter prequel to it. Hope ya enjoy~

Part 1

Reader’s POV

I was so engrossed in my movie that when I heard the crash from the other room, I screamed. My heart raced as i turned off my movie and went to investigate. I grabbed a bat on my way down the hallway just in case. I opened every door and found nothing until I got to my bedroom. I let out a sigh of relief and frustration as I found that it had just been a couple shelves off of my book case that tumbled to the ground. I quickly got out my phone and picked Kozik’s number. Him and all the Tacoma sons looked after me ever since my dad died. He had been a brother and as the boys put it, I was the Tacoma princess.

“Hey baby girl, what’s up?” Kozik answered.

“Kozzy, I need help.” I pouted as I looked at my bookshelf.

“What’s wrong?” He asked on high alert.

“My book case broke.” I told him. I heard him chuckle at my whine. “Can you come over and help me fix it?”

“You know I would baby girl but I got some errands to run for the club today.” He paused. “Actually, I’ll see if Happy can come help you. He’s transferring from redwood and he’s the only one not doing something today.”

“I’d be really grateful if he could. Tell him I’ll make him brownies!” I said and Kozik laughed.

“Do I get any of those, baby girl?” He asked.

“No you aren’t helping.” I laughed.

“Pleaseeeeee…” He whined.

“Fine, but you are coming to get them yourself.” I told him.

“Deal once everything’s settled for today I’ll come over.” He told me, his voice was all peppy again and I laughed. “Here, I found Hap. Hold on and I’ll ask him.”

“Okay.” I said. I heard muffled talking and started moving books as I waited for Kozik.

“He said he’d be happy to help.” Kozik laughed at his own stupid joke.

“You are a moron.” I shook my head and pinched the bridge of my nose.

“You know you love me.” Kozik said in a sing songy voice.

“Whatever stops the tears, Kozzy.” I smiled.

“Hey!” He said while sounding offended and then he laughed. “I gotta go but Happy will be there soon. Love ya, baby girl.”

“Love you too, Koz.” I replied and hung up. I continued picking books up and placing them on my bed. Once that was finished I went to start on the brownies. Just after I put them in the oven a knock came. I went to open the door and my eyes widened slightly at the man in front of me. He was definitely a Son in every aspect of that word.

“Happy?” I asked just to make sure it was him. He gave a simple nod and I smiled and opened the door. “Come on in!” I told him. He walked through the doorway and I noticed he had a toolbox with him.

“Thank you for doing this.” I said while leading him through my house. “I have brownies in the oven like I promised.” I told him. He wasn’t much of a talker but that was okay I could talk enough for both of us. I stopped at the kitchen doorway and looked at him. “You want a beer or something.” He grunted and gave another nod. I smiled and got us both one before continuing on our way to my room.

He followed and I showed him the broken bookcase. I set the beer down on my dresser. I also pulled my hair up. He went to examine the bookcase.

“How would you like me?” I asked him. He paused and turned towards me with an amused smirk and a raised eyebrow. “To help. Pervert.” I laughed. He chuckled and turned back to look at the bookcase.

“I’ll lift the boards where they need to go and you can screw in the screws.” He finally spoke.

“Ah he speaks!” I giggled. “And okie dokie!” He chuckled again and we set off to work. It took about half hour perfect timing for the brownies to get done. After we finished the bookcase, I got us some brownies and he helped me put my books back.

“I was watching a movie before this. You want to stay and watch it? I can start from the beginning.” I asked him. He shrugged and nodded. I had been watching Pitch Black the first of the Riddick movies. It was a trilogy that I had gotten Kozik into. I figured Happy might like it also.

We settled into the couch together. We watched the whole trilogy and a couple others. Kozik joined us later on and at the end of the night we all fell asleep on the couch. That was the start of Happy and mine’s friendship.

~Let me know what you think and I’ll put out part 2 tomorrow!~


For Favorite Ship Week, Day 4: Therapeutic  (therapeutic massage, that is)

Set in The Doors of Perception-verse.

“Mmm.” Kozzy wiggled his shoulders a little as Sandy rubbed his hands up and down his back in a final effleurage. It had been a while since they’d been able to make time for something like this, and Kozzy was nearing complete bliss. He was warm all through, even to the tips of his fingers and toes. The air was filled with the faint scent of vanilla and almonds that Sandy always put on the warmer when he gave Kozzy a massage.

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Another beautiful sunny day in Charming, California. You enjoyed the weather laying out on the picnic tables right outside the clubhouse with your old man.

“-I know he’s doing it on purpose.”

“Babe, I’m sure Tiggy is just shootin’ the shit with you,” you teased him as you laid across the table top. 

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Imagine you catch Kozik’s attention because of your Chevy Nova and you two fall in love. *SMUT*

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Request: Imagine Kozik meets you cause he notices you drives a Chevy Nova deep blue colored maybe? Or purple? And it gets sweet, than heated than he falls for you?

You drove to a stop, bopping your head to the music as your hand went to your cup of hot chocolate, the air slightly chilly in February “Nice car.” You heard someone say beside your car and you looked to your left, “Oh thanks.” You said to the man with spiky blonde hair, is eyes covered by black shades as he sat on top of a Harley, “Sweet ride.” You smiled back as you leaned further out of the window to examine what he was on, “Really sweet.” You mumbled then smiled, the man held out his hand to you and you shook it, “Y/N.”

“Kozik.” He smirked and you backed into your seat, “Well I’ll see you and the Harley around.” You said before driving away as he made a left, his eyes looking into the mirror to watch your blue 1969 Chevy Nova drive down the road. Kozik hoped that he would be able to see you again, a girl with an old car must be good to keep around.

“Nice car.” You heard someone say as you pumped gas into your car, a smile one your face as you looked over at Kozik, “Hey.” You smiled as you put the pump back, the man looking over your body, “What are you up to?” He asked, and you pointed at the pump, “Gas.” You laughed and he smiled making you heart freeze, “Well, you wanna catch some drinks with me?” Kozik offered as he stepped closer to you, “I can’t today cause I have to work but if you give me your number I can catch you later.” You told him then reached into your purse, handing out your phone, “Alright, call me when you’re free. He said typing his number then handing you his phone and you did the same, “Okay I’ll see you around.” You smiled and he leaned down pressing a kiss to your cheek and you swallowed hard as he winked at you, “See you around doll.” He smirked.

“Hey I was wondering if you were free?” You asked Kozik over the phone, your legs tucked underneath your body, “Always free for a pretty lady.” He grinned as he pushed the crow away that kept trying to sit on him, “What do you have in mind?” Kozik questioned standing up and walking outside. “Well…I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go for a ride?” You offered and Kozik nodded, “Sweet, but we definitely have to take your Nova.” He grinned and you laughed, “Sure.”

“Where should I meet you?” He asked walking to his bike as you gave him your address, “Alright, I’ll see you in ten.” He said then you hung up as you quickly got dressed in some black leggings, knee length brown boots and a crème v neck long sleeve top, finishing it with a dark brown leather jacket. Your hair was already done from earlier, it was straight and you didn’t feel like you needed makeup so you just grabbed your purse and cell phone.

By the time you finished and made your way out to your car, Kozik pulled up, “Hey.” You smiled and he grinned taking in your form, “Hey you look…wow.” He grinned climbing off and walking to you, “Nothing really.” You smiled as you grabbed your keys and went to your car, “Come on, let’s go look at some stars.” You grinned and he went to the passenger side.

You parked at the edge of a mountain, the stars bright in the amazing purple and blue sky, “This is awesome.” Kozik said as you both stepped out of the car, “Hop on.” You told him as you climbed on the hood of your car, “You sure?” Kozik asked and you nodded and he sat on the hood with you, his eyes watching you as you leaned back against the windshield, your eyes up at the stars.

You both sat there for a while looking up into the night, stars twinkling and watching over you, “Kozik.” You called and he hummed, your head looking over to his laying form beside you, “This was nice, thanks for coming with me.”

He looked at you a little shocked by the kindness of your words, “No problem.” He replied and you smiled at him, leaning over and pressing your lips to him and he quickly returned the kiss passionately. Kozik put his hand on your hip as yours went to his cheek pulling him closer as you both kissed under the stars, it was cliché but you liked that about the moment. “Kozik.” You mumbled as he sat up slowly, your body following him, you groaned against his lips, gasping when his hand grasped your hip tightly. Kozik pulled away from your lips as he slide off your car pulling you toward him, your legs went around Kozik and your lips went back to his, both of your tongues dancing under the night.

One hand was in your hair the other wrapping around your waist, yours were wrapped around his neck, your legs pulling his body closer. Kozik pulled back and you tilted your head, letting his lips kiss your kiss and jaw, a moan leaving your lips as he nipped your ear, “You look so beautiful.” his whispered tone sending chills through your body. Kozik grinded his hips into yours and you moaned again as you pushed at his chest, your hands working to remove his belt and pull down his jeans, you bit your lip when you noticed the bulge in his pants. Kozik slide you off the hood and turned you around after kissing you, you bent over your hood and Kozik pushed down your legs and panties, “You sure?”

“Yes do it.” You said as your palms laid flat on the hood, a loud moan leaving you as you felt Kozik push into you, “F-uck.” His moan was low and long as he sank his cock into you, the quietness of the world around you being disturbed by your moans. “Faster, I’m fine.” You told him in a shaky breath and Kozik obeyed as he pulled all the way out to slam back in, a gasp leaving you as he thrusted into you faster. His hands were tightly on your hips pulling your back into him as he thrust into you, you fell down to your elbows as he went faster into you, “Harder! Kozik please!” You moaned as he thrusted harder into you, “Yeah!” You whined as Kozik pounded into you from behind.

“You feel good…so good.” He grunted as he leaned down kissing your neck, his thrusts turning from fast and hard, to slow and very deep. “AH!” You moaned, you turned your head back and Kozik captured your lips hungrily. His thrusts combined with his lips were pushing you closer and you couldn’t take it, “Stop.” You gasped and he stilled after a second, “What’s wrong?” He asked in a worried voice.

You turned to face him and kicked off your boots, then removed your leggings and panties, hoping onto the car with your legs wrapping around Kozik, who grinned before slamming back into you. You arched your back with a loud scream, “KOZIK!” You moaned, “Go slow, yes! Just like that.” You moaned as he slowly rocked his hips, grinding into you deeply as his hand wet to your clit, you both noticed that it was sex anymore it felt like something else and you loved it. “Like that baby?” He asked with a smirk and you nodded biting your lip, “Mhmm, I love it.”

Kozik let his head fall back as he felt you tighten around his cock, “K-Kozik!” You moaned as your back arched, your breath shaking as you came on his cock, Kozik riding out your orgasm. He pulled out of you and you slide down the hood, taking his cock into your mouth, bobbing your head a few times you felt Kozik twitch before coming in your mouth, “Y/N!” His voice was a moan as he held your head thrust into your mouth as you swallowed down his seed, “Shit.” He said when you pulled back and licked your lips.

He fixed his pants and helped you redress, both of you grinning from ear to ear, “Hey…that was um, really really good.” Kozik chuckled and you nodded tucking your hair behind your ear, “Definitely, so you wanna go back to my place…to sleep I mean.” You laughed your cheeks turning a slight pink, he nodded and leaned down giving you a gentle kiss, “Yeah that sounds great.”

The both of you would always drive back to the edge of the mountain, it didn’t always lead to sex, most times it actually was just the two of you looking at the sky, watching the stars, or seeing the sun rise or set, but it was always beautiful. You felt your heart swell and consuming Kozik, you fell and you fell hard, you loved him and he loved you not that you knew that though.

“Hey? You alright?” Kozik asked you and you looked at him, the light of the sun still present, “Nothing um…it’s nothing.” You laughed and he grabbed your hand kissing your knuckles, “Y/N?” Your eyes looked into his the light making them shine, “Yeah?” He leaned over, his hand going on your cheek pulling you close, “I’m in love with you.

“What?” You asked in shock, and he smiled with confidence, “I love you Y/N and I know you love me too.” You nodded and pressed your lips to his, “I love you to Kozzy.” You grinned as the sun set revealing the stars just like the first time you to came here.


his mustache looks like he rimmed his bro LMAOOOOO omg