Uraraka and Enma have similar quirks! Enma can mold solid objects using air — in actuality he does this using gravity and air pressure. (In Canon!KHR he can even create blackholes like No. 13).

Erm… Gokudera and Bakugou have a sort of rivalry (but not really?) since Bakugou has similar quirks (appearance-wise) to Tsuna and he fucking hates being compared to him. Gokudera of course had to step up for Jyuudaime.

I have nothing to say for the 3rd picture. I am sorry.

I do have a possible quirk for Lambo!


Quirk: Bottomless Hair - can store lots of things inside his hair. It’s like an entire universe on its own!
Cons: Can be hard to find objects in a short amount of time because of the vast space.
Pros: Has fluffy hair forever (?). Can store his favorite 10-Year-Bazooka in a safe place!

I guess this explains where he puts all those grenades and candies.

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