He’s come a long way. :D (The last time Sakuya tried watching the kiddos….lol)

welp took me awhile…. been working on this one whenever I could cause it’s one of the age au comics that’s necessary for the “plot” to continue. One more comic closer to the Kuro and Mahiru confession. EHEHEHEHEEH I can’t wait too. 

Tiny Lily and Sakuya’s friendship comes in handy later I promise. (it’s a part of what helps Kuro and Sakuya get along a little better. Cause trust me they don’t really from what we have seen so far.) Meeting the kiddos a second time he’s figured out how to calm down each one of them, plus they are now used to “Mamahiru’s” weird green friend. ^^ hahaha “Sakkun”….childhood friends like to tease each other. But to be fair Sakuya said “Mahi Mahi” first. 

Stayed tuned for the next one~ ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Also some hints for certain characters we’ll see more of in future comics. wink wonk. 

A fanart based off my favorite arc from @rubyleaf‘s fic; “Guilty Pleasure Friends”– The sports festival arc! It was quite the roller coaster of feelings… what with the fear that Kuro overcame after many struggles, and of course for the Greed pair who’ve been training for their freak attack too! //clutches heart //wipes tears.

So many mistakes for this piece was made though…. Uniforms… characters… perspective too //kicked. I should’ve gone over the fic instead of just drawing something //criesss gomen ne!!! TTATT)