“Sometimes I feel slightly embarrassed or even awkward when the script demands that I seduce a woman who is fit to be my daughter. This feeling did not come often during shooting but with regard to some actresses it was pronounced. For example, it happened during “Koyla” when I marry Madhuri Dixit. Being a rich man, I send a marriage proposal to her family and my henchmen arrange it through deception. So this aged man with grey hair had to enter the room where she was sleeping. In the last moment Madhuri had to open her eyes and get frightened of me but while we were shooting the scene, Madhuri was in splits. When I lean over her, trying to kiss her, she couldn’t pull herself together for some time, so Rakesh Roshan got angry. I had to perform this scene as convincingly as possible. If I didn’t, the scene would have been lost. After the shooting Madhuri came up to me, laughed again remembering this moment, and said, Amrish-ji, you were so convincing that emotions got the better of me and I couldn’t help laughing, forgive me. To which I replied: “It’s all right, it means I was good and can still seduce someone”… and we laughed again at this. Regardless of embarrassing factors, you should switch off the superfluous feelings and act as convincingly as possible. However, when you play a role, the unconscious always weighs on you, no matter what you play. I always said that Madhuri Dixit is very talented and completely devoted to her work. Besides, she is very easy to communicate with on the set, she’s full of positivity, humor and at the same time, is a very modest girl. I was always glad to work with her, we joked and talked a lot. I have a very warm and respectful impression of her. I love this actress and always considered her a daughter.” - The Act of Life - An Autobiography by Amrish Puri

(Our sincere THANK YOU to “starrysky” from our Madhuri Magic discussion forum for translating this from Russian!)