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Daichi, Ennoshita, Bokuto, Kuroo and Akaashi's reaction to their crush being bilingual (like very fluent in speaking and has no problems reading in both languages, to narrow it down English and Japanese.)

Sawamura: Sawamura would probably be truly proud of the effort his partner would have put into learning a couple of languages. Even though it would be difficult or impossible to understand what they were saying, he would enjoy listening to them whenever they spoke in another language. He would be surprised about the fact that their voice sounded different depending on the language they were speaking. 

Ennoshita: Ennoshita would surely be appreciative if his partner was fluent in several languages. He would certainly want to find out about the cultural differences his significant other would have encountered in their studies, starting to see it as a source of inspiration whenever he tried to think of a new movie idea. Ennoshita would also be interested in conversing with them in another language, seeing it as a great opportunity to brush up on his language skills.

Bokuto: Bokuto would certainly be the type of person to urge his partner to say certain phrases in another language. Seeing how easy it would come to his partner to switch from one language to another, his fascination towards them would surely grow. Even though he would be quite annoying from time to time, he would, without a single doubt, respect his partner deeply, thinking that it surely wasn’t easy to maintain a certain level of knowledge and practice when it came to speaking several languages. 

Kuroo: Kuroo would probably fool around a lot, jokingly trying to impress his partner with his own foreign language skills. He would probably mix up several tongues or mention specific terminologies without really knowing what they meant. Kuroo would certainly love listening to their voice whenever they spoke in another language, although he would feel slightly uncomfortable not being able to fully grasp what they would be taling about. 

Akaashi: It would probably be slightly to recognize, but Akaashi would be amazed by his partner’s ability to speak several languages. He would try to keep up with whatever they were saying when they weren’t talking in Japanese, sometimes realizing that he probably should put in more effort in his own language skills. He would also make sure to ask his partner about foreign terminologies or ask them about a certain meaning of a word Bokuto and Kuroo would have randomly started throwing into conversations. 

Nishiyama: Also, I’m sure some of you have noticed but there are two of us wearing glasses today…

Damassu: Two? Shirai-san normally wears glasses, doesn’t he?

Shirai: Koutaro, it looks like you’ve got two sets of eyebrows.

Nishiyama: No it doesn’t. No it doesn’t.

Everyone: LOL


They say I do...


Koutaro was standing in front of a door, making sure his tie and suit was still looking as ironed and fresh as it ahould be.
There he was, a corsage in his hand to offer it for his date.

He knocked at the door and waited. He was sure Guew or her daughter would open the door soon.

Few weeks ago the coffee shop owner had received an invitation to attend to a wedding. It was from his highschool friend whom he had not heard from a long time, but had always been a good and loyal friend though. For a moment Koutaro had though of refusing to go and send only a monetary gift, just because there was a slight chance for him to meet his ex-wife again.

But he had changed his mind after he had called up to his friend. First he had congratulated the man, then their conversation had turned to Koutaro’s own life and he had shared it without any hesitation. Something in their conversation had made Koutaro realize that he should no longer dwell in the after taste of betrayal but embrace what future would bring.

And that future looked rather bright. He had his cafe, now getting more customers and becoming popular, and he was not lonely anymore either. He had a pretty lady he liked and it seemed that if the cards of the lady luck had been dealt well he would someday gain a family too. But that was still quite far in the future. Nevertheless, he had changed his mind.

So there he was, dressed in his finest, waiting for his avec to the wedding to open the door for him, so the two of them could go and celebrate someone’s union for life.


I ran out of patience with the one with Kuroo, but that one tuned out way better than the other two (ಠ_ಠ)

dafuq… ( •_•)  

… now I wanna draw Kuroo in a black turtleneck ୧། ☉ ౪ ☉ །୨

(Oh my god okay so I found the coolest emoji website ever and I’m having way too much fun already, though I totally look like the parents on those “funny messages your parents send you” post things.  

Anyways in case you are jealous, here: http://japaneseemoticons.net/ )

What your favorite character says about you: Haikyuu!!

Hinata Shouyou: You root for the underdog. Determination, passion, and spirit are all extremely important to you. You are probably a sunshine child, too good for this world.

Kageyama Tobio: You’ve got a soft spot for the “appears cold-hearted but is actually a big dorky baby who is painfully shy and bad with people” character trope. Probably socially awkward. Extreme swag is a bonus.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: You’re probably hilarious. Be my friend.

Sugawara Koushi: You’re the mom friend.

Daichi Sawamura: You like authority figures and guys who probably secretly get off on being called captain.

Nishinoya Yuu: You’ve got good taste.

Azumane Asahi: Beautiful cinnamon roll. Too good for this world. Too pure.

Shimizu Kiyoko: You like strong women. She could probably step on your face and you’d thank her.

Tsukishima Kei: You’re an asshole. That’s it. That’s the only possible explanation. A giant sarcastic asshole with an asshole sense of humor.

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Like with Hinata, only double bonus points for being a super-duper underdog and for freckles.

Oikawa Tooru: ???? You love trash You are willing to LOOK BEYOND apparent flaws to see inner beauty (and also outer beauty because I mean have you SEEN Tooru? Hot damn.)

Iwaizumi Haijime: Two words: Arm. Fetish.

Kuroo Tetsurou: Ohohoho?

Bokuto Kotaro: Ohohoho.

Koizume Kenma: Your level 100 Charizard probably gets all the bitches.

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Tokyo Ghoul (2011)

Tokyo Ghoul (Japanese: 東京喰種) is a manga series by Sui Ishida. It was serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump between September 2011 and September 2014 and has been collected in fourteen volumes as of August 2014.
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