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Kuroo - The Nekoma captain is the type to sprawl over the entirity of the bed and just let Kenma pick wherever it is that he wants to sleep and get comfortable because there was no way in hell anything was going to stop Kuroo from being comfortable

Kenma - Kenma just lies on his side facing towards Kuroo as he tries to nestle himself in to his sides hoping he puts an arm around him to keep him pressed against his warm body. He has a habit of rolling around, often on to his face and waking up looking like a mess. That or he ends up rolling on top of Kuroo for him to wake up and smile at.

Oikawa - Grand King Oikawa is a pushy sleeper. At first he tries snuggling but as soon as he gets in to deep sleep, if Iwaizumi ever tried to get near him, he would probably be on the receiving end of a nudge or a kick and wouldn’t be able to get comfortable as Oikawa controlled the bed.

Iwaizumi - Iwa-chan just takes the best of what he can with Oikawa and faces the edge of the bed while also sleeping on the edge of the bed. Oikawa likes to take advantage of this and sometimes just push him off for fun.

Bokuto - He likes to curl up in to a ball in the top corner of the bed leaving a bunch of legroom for Akaashi that he doesn’t even use. Sometimes he stays totally curled up in a ball but leaves one leg sticking out for some reason.

Akaashi - Somewhat boringly, Akaashi just lies on his back still in bed and doesn’t really do any moving in the night unless Bokuto decides that he wants to move in for the cuddles. When he does, he usually just stays as is on his back while Bokuto crawls over him.

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写真撮るぞ- by papus

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*whisper* the cutest setter is Kageyama 

This thing was my very first fanwork of Haikyuu!! It was so much work that I never finished it, but yesterday I found it in a folder so yeah, here it is, the bad thing is… I forgot the original dialogues *sigh*