Koujaku’s route, or as I like to call it, “don’t mess around with girls it’s very very dangerous you are acting so reckless and strange we have something important to do here come on stop jerking me off bUT hey let me have a drink inside the very suspicious (drug) club where i threw up before with the very suspicious blue kimonoed fox-like dude you clearly didn’t like hearing about bc boohoo i don’t know my best friend anymore”


I was learning about Yōkai monsters, and I came across a demon called Kijo

Kijo is described to be “women who have been transformed from humans into horrible monsters – either out of intense jealousy, wicked crimes committed, or a terrible grudge that twists the soul into pure hatred.” (par. 2) Sound familiar?

According to the website provided, Kijo are also described to have “red or yellow eyes, blue skin, sharp horns, long claws, or other supernatural features. Usually they dress in rags and wear their hair long and unkempt, living like savages far from civilization.” (par. 1) The picture above has a mask including the sharp horns and red eyes, though below I have some sprites from the Re:Connect game (got them from the dmmdresources sprites page).

Again, we see the red/yellow eyes more intensely, then in the game we get a better view of his long “claws.”

Kijo are said to be dedicated to vengeance, and as described above, are corrupted by hatred, a curse, and crime. We all know about Koujaku’s need for revenge against Ryuuhou for the curse of the tattoos placed upon him, which caused Koujaku to commit the wicked crime of murdering his own mother out of hatred.

The only way I can see that would debunk this is that Kijo were once women, but we all know of Koujaku’s issues with women and how he worships and glorifies them. Other than that, do what you will with that last fact.

Feel free to add on to this theory and/or correct me about anything!

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