She made Noiz a Bavarian… She made Noiz a Bavarian… She made Noiz a Bavarian… *unbelieving mantra echoing in her head*
Of all the places Noiz could have come from… she chose THAT part of Germany with THAT kind of accent and THAT kind of cultural history… I’m so dead… (laughing by the way, but still… I think I’m crying a litte bit, too.)

I know… I KNOW, Munich is the centre of where most of the super rich people in Germany live, and she explained why she chose that city very well, but still…! Bavaria…! *cringes* Noes…! *stupid fangirl is acting stupid*

On a completely different note: I love this story so much…! Shit, I shouldn’t have looked, now I have to read it to the end…

  • a ship:*exists*
  • me:haha look at that nerd ship it's so crack
  • a ship:*is cute*
  • me:ok
  • a ship:*has wonderful fanart*
  • me:*sweats* i just like to look at them from time to time ok?
  • a ship:*has cute fluffy fanfics, heartbreaking angst fanfics and interesting headcanons*
  • me:no
  • a ship:*has actually a lot of moments in canon*
  • me:NO
  • a ship:*makes my heart clench every time i see it*
  • me:
  • me: